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November 14 2006
November 14, 2006
November 13, 2006
November 11, 2006
November 10, 2006
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14 November 2006
US military vehicles patrol in Baghdad
Gunmen abduct more than 100 men from a research institute belonging to Iraq's higher education ministry.

A lawyers' group asks Germany to sue former US defence chief Donald Rumsfeld over alleged prisoner abuse.
Japan approves a ban on the export of luxury goods to North Korea, in line with UN sanctions agreed last month.
14 November 2006
US patrol outside Samarra, Iraq
The US and UK indicate no softening of their stance on Iran despite calls to use Tehran to help pacify Iraq.

20 euro note Disintegration of euro banknotes 'caused by drug use'
Flash floods near Mombasa in Kenya leave 21 dead and thousands homeless, with bridges washed away.


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