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October 23 2006
October 23, 2006
October 20, 2006
October 19, 2006
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23 October 2006
British troops in Iraq
Britain will "hold its nerve" in Iraq, Tony Blair tells Iraq's deputy leader in a Downing Street meeting.

A Soviet tank in the streets of Budapest Soviet control
How the 1956 Hungary uprising set limits on Western power
Hungarian police break up protests ahead of ceremonies to mark 50 years since the anti-Soviet uprising.
23 October 2006
Iraqi soldiers
The Iraqi government must "step forward" on security and political issues, a key White House official says.

The 4,200-year-old tomb of a dentist, found by the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, Egypt Grave robbers lead archaeologists to Egypt's royal dentists
North Korean food shortages have worsened since its recent nuclear test led donors to withdraw aid, the UN says.


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