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October 27, 2006
October 26 2006
October 25, 2006
October 24, 2006
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27 October 2006
Bangladeshi premier Khaleda Zia
The swearing-in of an interim government in Bangladesh is postponed as opposing factions clash.

The next UN chief, South Korea's Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon, visits China for talks on the North Korea crisis.
A show case of counterfeit US dollar bills North Korea jointly tops list of US fake banknote producers
26 October 2006
Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali
Australia's top Muslim cleric apologises after comparing women who do not wear the hijab to "uncovered meat".

US President George W Bush says he shares the dissatisfaction of many Americans at the war in Iraq.
South Korea reveals the sanctions it will take against the North, despite a recent threat from Pyongyang.


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