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Education Resources


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Top Educational Software
Education & Reference Software has Education & Reference software for students of all ages. Highlight areas of weakness, take advantage of hints and tips on effective revision planning and exam technique, and make use of past papers to get real exam practice.

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Publisher Recommendation
Letts has teamed up with to bring you the perfect one-stop shelf for all your revision needs from Pre-School through Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 to GCSE. For trainee teachers, we also have titles from Letts' highly-regarded Qualified Teaching Status list.
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New & Used Textbooks
New & Used Textbooks
Finding the book you want at couldn't be easier with our huge selection of New & Used Textbooks. Whatever you're studying, wherever you are, we can deliver to your home, hall of residence or department, for your convenience.

Software for Students
Why pay more than you have to for software? Eligible students qualify for a special low-price on leading has your Student Licence software needs covered, as well as student software essentials to make university life easier. Plus our encyclopedia buying guide recommends the best multimedia encyclopedias available on CD-ROM and DVD.
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