LIBYE : UN AVENIR INCERTAIN Compte-rendu de mission d’évaluation auprès des belligérants libyens

Former CIA Officer indicates that many of rebel fighters are from al Qaeda fighters

Read Libyan bombing alone will not budge Gaddafi, UK officials warn by Richard Norton-Taylor and Chris Stephen in Misrata, Tuesday 14 June 2011

Key Point Analysis:

Bombs Raining down over Rebel Units from NATO Apache Helicopters

It has emerged that Nato has been dropping leaflets threatening Apache air strikes against government forces. The leaflets – each featuring a picture of an Apache helicopter and a burning tank along with the words: "If you go on killing the children and families you will be destroyed" – were sprinkled from a bomb that detonated above no-man's land east of Misrata, raining down over rebel units who had advanced beyond the frontline without telling Nato.

The Risk of Civilian Casualties by NATO's Bombing Campaign

There is concern, meanwhile, that the longer the conflict goes on, the greater the risk of civilian casualties as Nato commanders succumb to political pressure to step up the bombing campaign. "The longer the war goes on the greater the chance of a blunder resulting in significant civilian casualties," warns the IISS in its latest Strategic Comments. It adds: "The risks also increase of both the government and rebels becoming more radicalised and perpetrating war crimes."

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