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The particularity of the Church


Cross-cultural insight helps us to understand what Newbigin mean by "the particularity of the Church."   One cannot assume that the audience from Christendom is the same with those from a gentile culture.  A preacher or an evangelist will need a different approach to Christian witness for those whose worldviews and assumptions are totally different. This can be explained also from the perspective of Christian communication theory.   The size of audience determines the communication environment (although it is more about communication mode).  Thus, the particularity of a small group cannot be the same with that of a larger congregation.  

Hunsberger comments that preaching that approaches its task in this way will model the sense that in any preaching—in sermon, conversation, demonstration or deed—the calling of the Church is to give the gospel away and to expect wonderful new flowerings of its expression in the message’s recipients (Hunsberger 1998 c:12).  Confident witness by the whole community is best nourished when that is the case.    And it is from this observation that Hunsberger believes that particular witness in Newbigin’s missiology of preaching has implications for gospel witness to people in a postmodern world.





  © This draft was a piece of Dae Ryeong Kim's research note.