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July 19, 2006
July 19, 2006
July 18, 2006
July 17, 2006
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July 19, 2006

North halts inter-Korean reunions / Dozens die in fresh Lebanon raids

This is bbc world. I'm matt frye in washington. 300 are dead in Lebanon after Israel rains its fire on what it says is a Hezbollah target.

>> The country has been torn to shreds.

>>> Lebanon says half a million are displaced by the violence as eight agencies warn of humanitarian catastrophe

>>> I'm mike embley in washington-- in london. We have a special report on Hezbollah. And a moral boundary too far says president bush, using his veto for the first time on stem cell research.

>> Welcome. The Lebanese prime minister has appealed for an immediate appeal for the end of the Hezbollah and guerrilla movement saying his country is being destroyed saying more than 300 people have been killed and half a million others displaced in the week of of Israeli attacks. First tonight our correspondent jim muir reports from of of tair in southern Lebanon. All

>> All parts of Lebanon have been hit but nowhere battered like the south where, despite everything, Hezbollah continues to fire rockets into Israel. The biggest towne in the border zone, tair has taken its share of punishment. P this story was reduced to eight. At least 20 people died. Carol anmani was staying this the towne's christian border thinking it would be safer. They didn't find it easy trying to get nine-month-old melody home and out of harm's way.

>> We're stuck and depending on the good will of the family we are staying with. We're doing the best we can.

>> Reporter: This greek catholic cathedral has been overrun by refugees seeking sanctuary by Israel's wrong. Well south of Lebanon, people have fled the region villages through the hills. What's soerd many p now is that Israel may be left with an even more free hand to punish them further. Chaotic scenes and of evacuations. We came here and we get over here and it's an absolute mess. Really disappointing.

>> Reporter: So dashed hopes, another night in the combat zone with nowhere to stay. Anxiety and uncertainty lie as head for those lucky enough to be leaving. Those who remain face something much worse. The evacuation of thousands in way route. P gavin hewitt witnessed some of the day's key events therement

>> Reporter: For british passport holders today, it was a comforting site, landing close by, raf chinooks. They brought in troops to help with the evacuation. This is turning out to be a major operation but among those stranded in a dangerous city, there was still a lot of frustration.

>> Everybody is getting stressed

the Israelis have spared Beirut yesterday. This morning they were back. Here they struck at a truck and container depo. Everything around was destroyed, trees sledded. Tlooed slooeded. This was an attempt to prevent Hezbollah from moving rockets but it was adjacent to a residential neighbourhood: Mid-morning, one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city came under fire. We were taking cover in a basement garage when an Israeli missile landed 50 metres away. We have taken shelter in the garage. These people don't have any connection with Hezbollah at all. They're christians and this is the first time the Israelis have bombed their area. Undergroundwe saw the terror of

neighbourhood not attacked before. "I'm ver yraid of the bombings" this woman told us. "This is the first time I've heard them. Eye want to leave here. No ship will be coming to evacuate her. When we left the garage, we discovered the Israeli target was a drilling rig from a truck. From the air it may have looked like a moscow launcher. Less than half a mile away, groups of people with foreign passports were gathering on the streets waiting to be evaluated, these were australians. Another day in Beirut. Well, bbc's ben brown is also there and a short time ago i asked him how the people left behind in Lebanon were faring.

>> I think the foreign nationals still here are pretty petrified to be honest, matt, and desperate to get out. It has been eight days of of pretty much constant Israeli bombardment bombardment. The sooner they can get out, the better. Hundreds of thousands are on the move. The gone anywhere they think is safer. They've left the south of Lebanon where the bombardment is the most ferocious. That's where some foreign nationals are still trappedtrapped. The problem is they dote dare use the roads to get to Beirut which is where the ships and ferries are leaving from.

>> Reporter: Are ordinary Lebanese blaming Hezbollah for the plight or the Israeli armenty?

>> Both. In public they tend to blame the Israelis. The Israelis are being totally disproportionate with this bombing campaign. Okay, they say to Israeli two Israeli soldiers were captured bring but does that merit the eight-day bombardment they've had destroying Lebanon's infrastructure. They said they wanted to knock Lebanon's infrastructure back 20 years.

>>> My colleague with the latest from Beirut but now to mike and developments across the border in Israel.

>>> When the crisis erupted eight days ago, Israel was trying to capture the soldiers but now they want to eradicate the threat from Hezbollah once and for all changing the rules of the game in the region

quick reaction is the only way to win this. The conflict today claim the lives of two Israeli soldiers during a battle with Hezbollah government. Nine injured were air lifted to hospital. They continue to pound Lebanon from the air, land and sea. Beirut lies less than 100 miles up the road behind me but for now, Israel's military commanders say there are no plans send any troops across the border as a land invasion force. So the plan is to continue hitting what they believe are Hezbollah targets and the united states is giving Israel the time to do what it says it needs to do. Today the european union head of foreign policy policy javier solana met and was told they will not stop. But he is pushing for an end of the fighting and an international force along the Israeli-Lebanese border. It has to be a force with a mandate that has to be much more robust than exists tod aay it has to be of a different dimension with a different mandate. For now there is the question as to whether the force alone can hit Hezbollah. Israel says they're fighting for their people and modern democratic values against the forces of Israel. This is looking like the latest battleground in what the west calls the war on terror. It may have started with the capture of the Israeli saudis but for Israel, it is much more than that and it is the Hezbollah fighters and syria and iran. Western allies agree they've given Israel the diplomatic room to keep going and this is why. Israel, like the americans believe that an axis of evil of terrorists and their sponsors runs across middle east from hamas in gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and syria and iraq and iran. Israelis under attack want to hit back hard. They like their leader's message and this is a chan to score a clear-cut victory in the war on terror.

>> We cannot allow ourselves to be in a situation that condones the process of Hezbollah over there as a power. That should be uprooted.

>> Reporter: But on this side of the border in Lebanon, the flaws in Israel's military strategy are showing. As Israel does massive damage to infrastructure that doesn't have an obvious military use and as more Lebanese civilians are killed even the americans won't want to provide diplomatic cover indefinitely. Even after weeks of fighting, it is not clear that Hezbollah has even been damaged. It is clear the organization is still standing. Far away from the white house in washington, they're saying and this is a quote, that a cease-fire that attack with an in tact terrorist structure would be unacceptable. That suggests a long war. In the 15 minutes we have been working here, we have been approached five times by Hezbollah security patrols. That suggests that here in the southern suburbs of Beirut, their infrastructure is very much in tact. Jeremy bowen, bbc news, Beirut.

>>> Still to come on this programme, george bush puts his mark on the row over stem cell research by using the first veto of of his presidency.

>> Business news from new york and tanya becket.

>> The shares of search engine yahoo fell dramatically on wednesday. The company said it is delaying the launch of its new search system. Google comes out with its figures on thursday. Google has a 44% share the search engine on wednesday inflation pressure in the U.S. Could ease in the coming months. But nike kept the door open for the august meeting

>> In the absence of of significant unforeseen developments, the economy should continue to expand at a solid and sustainable pace and core inflation should decline at its recent level over the medium term

>> It wasn't just the comments driving up the market but earnings news as companies continue to report second quarter ruts. After the bell it wasn't good. Intel, the world's largest chip maker posted a sharply lower second quarter market

taking a look at dow jones, 1 by the close at 11,011. The nasdaq gains seven points to close at 2080 and the markets look and decide it was a good day.

>> You're watching bbc world. Our main headlines.

>> 00 are dead as Israel continues to attack what it says are Hezbollah targets. President bush says tonight no plans to spend american money on embryonic stem cell research. He did it by using his veto. Earlier I went along to the white house.

>> Babies and toddlers in the east room of the white house. What is going on they would not be alive today if the embryos from which they came were used for medical research.

>> These boys and girls are not spare parts. They remind us (applause) he remind us of what is lost when embryos are destroyed in the name of research. They remind us that we begin our lives as a small collection of of cells and they remind us that in our zeal for new treatments and cures, America must never abandon our fundamental morals.

>> Reporter: But if one-year-old tray grows up with diabetes or parkinson's and if stem cell research could muster a cure,

>> Most people agree eggs fertilized in a dish through in vitro fertilization and which will be discarded do not have the same moral standing as a 12-year-old child with juvenile diabetes

>> So the president has used his precious veto to torpedo a law in congress including many republicans and the marmots of the public. To him it is a matter of of faith. To the rest, it is a principle of common sense.

>>> Our correspondent has been following the debate and joins me now. Thanks for coming. The question on my mind is why has bush done this?

>> I suppose he didn't have a choice. What you can't accuse the president of is being inconsistent of in had issue. His first televised address on this was on stem cell research. He has time and again said he would veto this bill. He couldn't do anything else. It does have the support of those on his base, the evangelical supporters, the head of the southern Baptist convention tonight 80% of the from vengeance side had to do this.

>> It has divided the republican party. Nancy Reagan is against it. So why did he risk dividing his party in an election year?

>> That's a good question. He and his supporters have made the calculation that this will play well in mid-term elections as we look ahead to november but it's not as clear-cut as you point out. It does divide the party even those with staunch staunchly anti-abortion. They've supported the bill. It is not clear how it will play out but president bush believed he had to follow through with his threat

>> Is it possible that in some of key constituencies. This kind policy, you lose of election or

>> It hopes it can win them. But there is a very close race from the senate in which the republican candidates opposition could be decisive. It is not a clear-cut issue but one that will play a number of states as you suggest.

>> Thank you very much for coming. And still to come on this programme. Rescuers trying to find survivors under needs a collapsed building. We get this report from seoul

>> Reporter: The smiles wearing thin at the latest rounds of interkorean talks. After two days, the north koreans walked out warning of disastrous disastrous consequences. The head of the country's red cross has announced a suspension of of talks and any further meetings of divided families. Reunions have been one of the symbols of improved relation over the the years. Thousands of of south koreans have been allowed brief heavily controlled family members family meetings with family meetings they have not seen since the war several years ago years ago. They like to shut off their population from the outside world and is now cutting off these contacts as well and blaming the south from for criticizing humanitarian issues. North korea has been kunting on the south for half a million tonne rice this year but the badly needed aid was suspended because of the launch of the seven ballistic missiles this month. The south is warning against an over reaction to the missile tests. Talks on the north must not be used to isolate or put more pressure on north koreakorea, warned the foreign minister. South korea worries that tough singses could provoke a violent reaction from its northern abe. Even maybe the test of a nuclear weapon if the north is pushed into a corner. Charles scanlon, bbc news, seoul.

>> Nigeria's main commercial centre are working to free 100 people trapped in a collapsed building. 20 have been killed and 50 injured. They've heard trapped people crying out for help. Others have been calling on mobile phones. No heavy lifting equipment. People are using their bare hands to reach those inside. Poland's new leader has won a vote of confidence that will confirm him as prime minister. His conservative coalition the prime minister's brother is the polish president. Now a reminder of our main story. Lebanon's prime minister said more than 300 people have been killed and 1,000 yoird in eight days of of military operations by Israel. The united nations and the red cross have confirmed the that half a million people are now displaced. That's all we have time for. I'm matt frye in washington. Matt embley in london. Thanks for being with us.

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19 July 2006
Bombed suburb of Beirut
At least 40 civilians are killed in the latest Israeli air strikes in the south and east of Lebanon.

The death toll in the Java tsunami rises to at least 520, as questions grow over why no warning was given.
A plan to create rapid reaction border guard teams is put forward by the European Commission.

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