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July 17, 2006
July 14, 2006
July 13, 2006
July 12, 2006
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July 17, 2006

Hundreds flee Lebanon bombing

This is bbc world. I'm tanya becket in new york. Israel says attacks will go on until the soldiers are freed and Hezbollah is disarmed. Thousands free their homes in fear of Israeli air strikes.

>> Welcome from london. I'm alistair yates. More than 100 dead as the tsunami hits java. And the space shuttle "discovery" returns home safely. P

welcome. The streets of of Beirut are once again empty tonight after another day of of violence in both Lebanon and Israel. The Israelis prime minister ehud olmert said it will continue until Lebanon stop its attacks and release the saudis captured last week. They've hit targets in and around Beirut includinghe t airport and Hezbollah office. Hezbollah fired more rockets into the city of haifa. Gavin hewitt reports on the thousands of of service fleeing attacks in southern rebounds on the latest on the attacks in hive

>> Reporter: Israel's enemy is finding its target again and again. At 2:30 in the after into, Hezbollah's rockets hit this apartment block had the haifa neighbourhoods. Israel's third city now feels very vulnerable. Hours later, the man who ever only served as an army luftenant delivered his first speech as a war time leader.

>> We can see the international community is supporting this threat against terrorism.

>> Reporter: There was a sudden warning of more attack moscow hive A. This is what life is like now in haifa. The siren is going off. Policemen on the corners here. This sort of thing happens several times a day. Sometimes Hezbollah's rockets land. Sometimes it's a false alarm, but sometimes you every time you see people taking cover.

>> He heard it hit a few doors down. If they were lin, we had nowhere to go here. They want our lace, aupd land. They want our place. They want our land

>> Israel promises to carry on until Hezbollah is beaten. But tonight the lebanese militia has fired another volley of of rockets into Israel. Israel is a country whose entire entire entire has only known conflict and war.

>>> Southern Lebanon is being punished. This morning we found ts factory burning. Thul it made was paper fish ewes but the Israelis destroyed it. In some areas, morning sky was your honoring the coast road south of sidon was eerily empty. In the distance, nelling. Shelling. Residents told us it was too dangerous to go further. Hundreds of of vehicles were beginning to go north. Cars crowded with families. Some people were frightened but raged against the Israelis.

>> This is not fair! People are dying!

>> Reporter: What about the people dying on the other side, the rockets and people dying?

>> I don't care about the other people. The i ire ka bur happy people.

>> Reporter: Do you agree with Hezbollah

>> We will destroy.

>> Reporter: When they paused on the journey, you could see what this conflict was doing to families. Urging them to flee in order to put pressure on Hezbollah. There is an exodus but it's also true that many people are remaining behind. This is what people are running from. The after math of of an Israeli missile strike in the centre of the port city of of tiare. Buildings destroyed. There are 60 people still trapped after one attack, but the rescue equipment can't make it through. And each day the casualties grow. In the towne of rijak, a young girl is admitted with shrapnel wounds. Some while the violence contins, tseue these have people looking for safety.

>> Reporter: Hezbollah's videos play out from the tvs, promoting their people as fighters. That may have been true outside outside lebanese's south, this unit was disbursing after an air strikes at the dance of offeth death. Israel says it's because the lebanese army wouldn't are continue.

>> This army is a reflection of our society. And in this army you have muslims. And by these muslims you have 60% shiite. These shi'a has right to resist Israel. The

>> Reporter: Hezbollah has taken some heavy blows from Israel this week. But with support from iran and syria, criticism in Lebanon isn't much of a problem. Plenty of lebanese think this is not their war and that their country is being used again as somebody's battle field. Which is why it has inflicted so much pain on until in the past. That whatever it on it can do so again.

>> A tsunami at the indian island of java. Causing a two-metre high wave.

>> Crammed in, they are the displaced, the victims of this late et tsunami. Indonesia has been again the tide pounded the southern coastline. Shelters quickly filled up. Many here on there are

>>> 80 people are known to have been killed in the we've reported on that for you let's move on to other stories. In iraq, 48 people have been killed and more than 40 others injured in an attack south of the capital baghdad. Reports say dozens of of gunmen stormed a busy maurp british prosecutor is over the shooting of an sherpdz still to come, are Israel says attacks will go on until the soldiers are freed and Hezbollah is disarmed. Thousands free their homes in fear of Israeli air strikes. In mid-phone call, italian prime minister and having a private chat about condi rice's travel plans and how to put pressure on the syrians, the american president and tony blair. It's not as private as they think. They need to get serious and stop doing this (ai >> Mr. Blair realized the microphone was live and hurried to shut it off the.

 >> It will continue its pressure tests in defiance of the resolution, normally it's a product of of the is are. They fear the original resolution broadcasted by jap and the rest all eye are.


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18 July 2006
Lebanese soldier fights flames in Beirut
Israel's PM says attacks on Lebanon will go on until two captured soldiers are freed and Hezbollah is disarmed.
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More than 100 people are thought to have died in the tsunami triggered by an earthquake off Java.
The space shuttle Discovery touches down safely at the Kennedy Space Center after a 13-day mission.

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