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July 13, 2006
July 12, 2006
July 10, 2006
July 7, 2006
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July 13, 2006

Israel pursues strikes on Lebanon

This is bbc world. I'm kathy kay in washinon. Gt israeli forces launch a ferocious attack on lebanon. Hezbollah retaliates firing rockets deep into israel hitting its third large et city. World leaders call for calm fearing war between israel and lebanon

>> British coalition forces have responsibility r anraqi force to the first time. And police in mumbai name two suspects in the train bombings. The world has reacted with alarm. The escalating crisis in the middle east. Israel has launched its biggest air attacks against lebanon in 20 years; vowing to brakt militant group Hezbollah. In his first comments, iranian president mahmoud amin jad said it would be an attack on the whole islamicic world. This follows the capture of two israeli saudis by Hezbollah. All day civilians have been fleeing the border between israel and leb lebanon. Fuel tanks were bombed this evening, the second attack in on an airport in 24 hours. From lebanon, rockets have been fired in israel's third largest city, high fa haifa,

>> Reporter: Israel threatened to turn the clock back in lebanon by 20 years. This is how they planned to do it. Tonight they hit a fuel store at the airport. The second strike in less than a day. Part of the massive military response to the capture of of two israeli soldiers. Attacks started at suction clock this morning. Firstly they came from the air. They awoke to the sounds of explosions. Israeli jets were over the airport. They fired a series of missiles, the authorities had no choice but to suspend all flights indefinitely. The the war planes moved on to their next target, a tv station connected to the militant group Hezbollah creating panic and chaos on the ground. A strike across the border area, towns and villageses hit. Many people died today, including children. P in one case, ten members of one family were killed in their hope. Home. P you don't have to search too hard to find grim reminders of the past. Today at least there is no common ground. The israeli prime minister has threatened a painful response. And the people lebanon know only too well what that really means. The government has held an maintain in the capture of the israeli soldiers. Nooeb's main request is a complete and immediate cease-fire and stop this open aggression. Until now this is no rut we have to mobilize all our efforts to stop this aggression.

>> Reporter: The group which captured the israeli soldiers is Hezbollah. This is one of its strong holds where it's politician and fighters examine strike. It is now a prime isreali target israel are people are doing what they haven't had to do in p years. They're packing up their homes and leaving the city.

>> Reporter: Israel is engaged in all sorts of maintain action. As the defence minister has said, they want to try to break Hezbollah. They want to try to break the Hezbollah infrastructure but the problem they may face is that Hezbollah is deeply embedded in lebanon. It has members of parliament, social programmes, deep support among the shiite nation and therefore trying to break it militarily may prove a very difficult prospect for israel no matter what kind of tactic military tactic it chooses to exercise. Glrt there is a fear that there is almost a full scale middle east war. Is that accurate

>> Israel's defence in in lebanon is the worst in years. The last full scale war was in 1973. Even israel's attack in lebanon, there is know immediate sign that arab states want to engage israel directly in a military fashion. Also we are seeing more and more mediators willing to set forth are forth. There's jordan and egypt. They're interested that it not escalate and condoleezza rice urged israel to surgery strant and requiria if condoleezza rice is saying in nub they are urging reflict, she is huffer in private. Will the israelis listen to that?

>> The israelis feel they're very close friends with the bush administrationment so when condoleezza rice offers some public advice or crit circumstance, I think had the had understood for the sake of republic opinion, it cannot let the matter lie. There are two still cup turred turred israeli soldiers is the israel feels it cannot stop its offensive until it resolves the fate of the soldiers missing two

>> The vision is very who are very fast. While'y back with more. First to length necessity london. It doesn't happen very often but there seems to be positive news from iraq.

>> Thank you very much indeed. British-led coalition forces have formally hand over control to it is the time time it problem returned

>> It's time to go. British, australian and japanese troops are pulling out the this corner of iraq is completely under iraqi control. Everything now depends on these men, iraq's new security forces, marching past at the and overver known. This is the first another on on in order to take care of the broith calling this a mile town to. Even the local and put on a celebratory show. This prove is supposed to be the step blit for all iraq a template for all iraq.

>> It is a significant step. The we always believe that as one gets through the door, it will in fact encourage.

>> Reporter: About the the truth is that it is not basra or baghdad. Cry it's quiet here, the surnt british troops will deploy elsewhere in southern iraq but they'll they theyy but it will be a hard time to match across the country

>> Increasing pressure on brit ab's tone blair, tone than piss is constant fridayfriday,friday. There's growing speculation that the prime minister himself could be questioned by detectives. Bbc has learned that the the perfection prosecution is ordered wens bra siian neck tryst was he hoots he is is hostage, they'll announce a decision on monday.

>> Stay with us. City to come on this programme unprecedented decision from a european union court overturned the european commission ruling that ruling gave the go ahead to the merger which created the company

two years ago. Fighting between israel and lebanon on top of explosions at nigerian oil plants and iran's nuclear programme are concerns. Three former bankers have arrived in houston on thursday to face seven counties of fraud related to the enron connell. The three were extradited to america for the first time farm sis p this is bbc world news. Israel attacked hundreds of targets in lebanon bombing beirut's airports and Hezbollah locations. Rockets fired from lebanon have hit the israeli city of haifa. And as israel the U.N. Expresses high alarm. More now on that story. The escalating tension in the middle east. It's six years since rooly troops left leg onafter two decade occupation. Hezbollah climbed it as aforl tack take of armed pdz we'll look at what has turned lebanon into a key pot it's population a mix of muslims, christians and drews, tibder box made worse by the arrival of tens thousands of refugees from what is now israel. 1975 rng us tensions erupted into a bloody civil war that claimed 150,000 lives over 15 years. Syrian forces arrived shortly after the conflict started and stayed for the next 30 years. In 178, israel intervened from palestinians palestinians. In 198. The Hezbollah group backed by syria and iran was formed for the aim of removing the israel from syria. There was pressure on Hezbollah to disarm and merge with the lebanese army but it has not happened. It is part of the government in two cabinet posts. It's leader said the capture two israeli soldiers was aimed at freeing two. It has resulted in a major escalation of the crisis and once again the looebs population is paying the rice. Michael voss, bbc news the joining me in studio, mr. Shalom. Thank you very much for coming out. The concern about Hezbollah is that it has very powerful friends

>> This is now a regional conflict. This fighting on on the palestinian front. There is verbal fighting from the iranians and the syrians in many p and with these two fighting, these two project the ability to deter israel in a way that no other country or leader has done before and no arab leader has said that we will hit haifa if israelis hit us. The these two actours supported by would states in the region who have problems with their neighbours, neighbours,n't

>> When hamas abducted the, now the iranians have said, iranian president has said if there is in i attack on syria, it will be an attack against the than tire middle east. What are chances the israelis will make a strike against syria 1234.

>> Valentine, valentine. The israelis by visiting bashar were giving him another reminder that they whowho, that the israeli air force can knock down israel's short bound and is prls they know had and trying to support their friday. I don't think will will involved in a war from fromn't

>> You cover the white house and washington. If we had a white house that had been less distrblth-- distracted by iraq, more engaged in the middle east process over last six years, would we be in this position tonight is this

>> Not necessarily. The iranian ss, such a position in lebanon, the same thing with hamas. Islamists are throughout the refugee p p so-- how long will it escalate. If you sh a problem focussed on the situation, more the united states should speak longy ps they're maying into the lands egg who aphotos the two beered men have been released. They say more than 300 people have been que daned over night bbc explains why investigation is likely to be a slow process but has produced what appears to be the first clear leads.

>> Very slowly in painstaking fashion, the investigation is continuing. . 00 people and only a few arrests and releasing what, at least one news agency is reporting that there are two photographs that have been identified as two possible suspects. The and from another source based on sources, sketches of three possible people who could have been involved in the blast. So all very nebulous. Nothing confirmed yet and all the while the accusations continue, particularly across the border of of iraqi and yoernd yoernd. But it could have been the work of a militant group lang bn involved in the fight and we believe is backed by pakistan it is called a barbaric act. There has been a report from the kashmir news service from a man speaking in the main language in pakistan praising the bombing said it was abthan expression of anchor. He said with the al queda in jabu or kashmir. The first indication that the al qaeda manage apt nothing firm on the bombings. It has to be said for are the the them was convicted on onny to one cares who carries still to come on the programme, a multibalanced pipeline has opened in turkey has oil prices hit record high topping $76 a birl. A supersized x-ray machine is taking place in the U.K.


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14 July 2006
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