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July 12, 2006
July 10, 2006
July 7, 2006
July 6, 2006
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July 12, 2006

Israel in fresh Lebanon strikes

This is bbc world. I'm kat khy in washington. Israel's cabinet blames the lebanese government for hezbollah's capture of of two soldiers and authorizes further strikes. In gaza, israeli military operations leave 23 palestinians, militants and civilians dead.

>> Mike embley in london, indian police believe the blasts were not suicide attacks. Sue, and "I'm sorrysorry" for the head-butt he-butthat got him kicked out of the world cup and why he did it. The abduction of two israeli soldiers by hezbollah. After a day air strikes and a ground incursion into lebanon, the israeli cabinet has now agreed on what it's calling a response. The israel said the lebanese government is directly responsible for the kidnapping and the soldier's safe return. Eight israeli soldiers have been killed if the fighting so far. Today, in an already tense middle east, a new front line opened up. Israel hit lebanon from the land, the air and the sea. Lebanon was reeling from the seizures of of one of its soldiers in gaza. Now this is how they're trying to get two lebanon. This is what provoked israel's anger. These are the remains of israeli armoured vehicles attacked by the lebanese islamic movement hezbollah. The israeli prime minister ehud olmert called it a murderous ak, an act of war from the state of lebanon against the state of isel. But on hezbollah's television station, they celebrated the capture. Oud side, some supporters took to the streets. Here hezbollah is seen as a liberation movement credited with driving israel's army out of of lebanon after an 18-year occupation. And this afternoon, hezbollah's lebanon's leader said the only way to get israel's saudis back is to swap them for palestinian and lebanese soldiers. Israel is not in the mood for negotiation. At the moment israel is pressing pressing pressing pressure on the hezbollah group. The stakes could hardly be higher.


An israeli soldier just a couple weeks ago was captured by palestinian militants and he is still being held captive in gaza. The israeli military is still continuing on offensives in gaza just on tuesday two to leave territory, I.E.Parts of the west bank, found himself sending troops into gaza and into southern lebanon.

>>> A severe reaction but how much appetite is there amongst the israeli population for this kind of military entanglement? This is what pushed the israelis out of lebanon in 2,000.

>> Reporter: Absolutely. Israel had that 1-year occupation in southern lebanon, lasted from 1982 to thou when when whenny barak decided to bring the troops back to israel. Hezbollah claimed victory for that. I think to actually look at israeli public opinion, at the moment, people in israel are confused because on the one hand what is the one crucial thing they want to happen in they want thetwo ptive saudis by hezbollah to be brought home safe and well and that is a major, major priority. Israel and rlz ever absolutely furious about what has happened but at the same time because of israel's history in southern lebanon, would I not have thought there was much appetite within the israeli public as a whole for its army to get endangled in lebanon any major way once again.

>>> Matthew price from the israeli-lebanese border. Here in washington I'm joined with a middle east expert. How serious than escalation is this in swl more intense version of what happened in 199. Israeli operation, grapes of wrath wrath. Immediate reaction would be target of lebanese infrastructure, power plants, targeting of watatio. But also this time I'm hearing hat lebanon's only international airport could be on the list of targets

>> Reporter: Lebanese government said it knew nothing about this. Israel said they're holding the lebanese government directly responsible. Is that fair? Fair? To the extent that the two hezbollah ministers in the government had to object to the statement. The white house also pointing the finger at syria and iran. Does this cause aproblem?

>> There is a possibility of a strike now. What we are seeing from the american position is i think they want want to alleviate the problem as much as

possible go g in the cabinet meeting, people expected a much harsher statement coming out. You didn't see that because i think of of U.S. Pressure on restraint and pointing the finger towards damascus.

>> Thank you very much for that.

>> We'll be back later on in the programme. First though let's go to mike in london. You've got all the latest on the investigation into the bombay-mumbai train bombing.

>> In india's financial capital, biggest city, of course, police investigating tuesday's multiple train bombings down doubt they were suicide attacks. They say time devices were planted. More00 injured by seven near simultaneous explosions on the main north-south commuter lines. He lost his only son today and was cremated. He lost his wife and only son. Allover tonight there are scenes like this. Family members saying farewell. Mumbai today is a resilient city, commuteers rode the train through the very stations that were bombed yesterday. The prime minister said no one would make india kneel. Passengers look down at the sand als and clothing, tom traces remaining of the00 lives. This is what it was like inside the trains, all seven carriages have been removed for forensic xhangs. It's hard to imagine but yesterday afternoon this was packed with commuteers. A huge hole has been ripped in the ceiling of the carriage and the rest of it is completely mangled. The police lieve these attacks were coordinated. They all happened within 12 minutes. They also believe a high explosive was used here. They believe rdx was used and it was timed, not suicide bombers. Outside the hospitals, family members searched for the missing. Some relatives scanned the list of the dead and injured and some discover what had they feared mo. A woman sees her brother's name . "My father went to collect his salary but he never came back." He said. Inside the hospital, hundreds of injured people like this man.

>> I saw a lot of bleeding from my forearm and then i realized that this forearm is seriously injured injured. In this bustling city, it had been feared that these attacks would stoke up tensions between hindus and muslims. So far that hasn't happened. Iran is to be referred back to the U.N. Security council. American defence secretaries made a surprise secretary to iraq. Donald rumsfeld met the country's new government for talks on the increasing sectarian violence. Told a news conference political reconciliation is crucial to security in iraq.

>> We make a mistake if we take the security question and think of of it as separate from everything else. It isn'T. The political process is critical to success on the security side. The prime minister's effort with respect to reconciliation will be critical critically important in achieving better success with respect to security. The people of the country will have to feel that they have a stake in the country in the success of the country and that the people who are violent and terrorize the population are against the iraqi people, they're against the iraqi government, and it's up to the iraqi people to see that there isrogrs, p politically, economically as well as from a security standpoint.

>>> U.S. Defence secretary donald rumsfeld speakg iin iraq. Still to come on bbc world, the face making the headlines in america's rural montana. Let's get the th business news now with tanya becket

>> The markets end the day weaker on wall street. The numbers ahead. First the chinese company to make cars in americay americaned on wednesday. The najing group wants to build vehicles in the united states to sell to americas. They control U.K.'S recovery and wants to relafrn the famous mg brand after it was discontinued

>> Nanjing is the oldest car company in america. They have a joint ventureventure. They understand how to work with western partners.

>> The european union has slapped microsoft with another hefty fine wednesday and threatening more to come. The E.U. Competition said microsoft has failed to obey its 2004 ruling to share information about its software. Microsoft said it will appeal the fine of $253 million. The 90 daily newspapers in cities across the U.S. Including including "usa today." And america's trade gap with the rest of the worldwideenned slightly in may to $63.8 billion. Record oil prices increased the cost of increase. It's not as bad as had been expected by wall street. We saw the markets a little bit weaker on wednesday. Worried about the the oil price seem to be the culprit. So the dow was down just about 12 is points -- 121 points. Nasdaq was down but european markets managed modest gains.

>> This is bbc world news. A quick look at the headlines again. Israel promises a severe spns to capturing of two israeli saudis by hezbollah. Eight israeli troops have so far died fighting militants on the lebanese border. Indian place say the mumbai train bombs is not the work of suicide bombS. The number killed has risen above00. It's cheap and made from household ingredients but highly addictive and its effects can be devastating. In parts of the united states, the use of crystal-meth is getting out of in state of montana, dealers portray the drug as a diet aid for adolescents and escape from boredom and we have a report on the madness of crystal-meth

>> Reporter: The rest of the world may be obssedes with football but here in montana young people do rodeo. The next corn fed generation of cowboys and cowgirls learn how to tame a variety of four-legged beasts. The face of of young rural montana. Healthy, wholesome and on horse back. But the face in the headlines couldn't be more different they call it meth mouth. The disfiguring decay of montana's drug of choice. Mretsdz amphetamine, che, easy and made from ingredients from your home. It has ravaged one of the most prtinecorns of america.

>> It's horrible and my teeth never get better they just keep rotting

>> The teeth we see now?

>> It's a denture

>> Reporter: A few months ago bridges et stopped taking meth after 20 years of addiction. It does much more than ruin teeth. It destroys lives.

>> I lost my job. I almost lost my home. I almost lost my. I tried to kill myself.

>> Going to steal just once.

>> It went to thethe. I had stitches inside and then these stitches.

>> Going to sleep with him for meth just once.

>> Reporter: And just once the television campaign is as grimace the real thing as grim as the real thing ment everyone here could recognize themselves in the tv ad. These are teenage addicts in a halfway house. They come from homes broken by meth and we're not allowed to show their faces because they're all too young.

>> I was 14 then and like the past couple of months I've had a couple near death experience type things.

>> I just turned 12.

>> Turned 12 really?

>> Pretty young.

>> You were seven did you say?

>> I was eight.

>> Reporter: It almost sounds like bragging. But the fact is that five in six will return to a life of addiction. In a pressing statistic, montana's governor calls this the biggest crisis in his state.

>> We hear a lot about cocaine, a lot about heroin, a lot about dope, but not about meth

>> This is something thaps happening in montana, nebraska, south dakota. This is not a designer drug for los angeles and new york. This is the kind of drug that real kids are using and we've got to stop it now.

>> Bridget had a lucky escape. Meth has produced a crime wave that has filled montana's jails. She has escaped the prison of her addiction but even she wonders for how long. Matt frye, bbc news, montana.

>> Still to come on this programme, why things should go swimmingly in paris this summer. Of fraud in mexico. It is announced obrador is going on a nationwide victory tour

>> Reporter: More than a week than a week after the election, mr. Lopez obrador has refused to accept his loss. At his campaign headquarters, he produced amateur video footage of a man allegedly stuffing a ballot box with votes. He said it had been sent in by his supporters. The mexican electoral authorities say all the tape shows is a poll worker moving votes that had been placed in the wrong box to the right one. The winning candidate, felipe calderon has announced plans for a victory tour through mexico and has begun moves to reach out to other political parties. This has angered mr. Lopez obrador who has said no new government can be formed until there is a full recount. He's gone to court to demand this and the current president has said he won't recognize either man as his successour until the court has ruled on his legal challenge. But mr. Lopez obrador is also using street protests to try to overturn the result in the closest presidential race in history. His first rally attracted 100. But critics say he hasn't produced any firm evidence and risks urpd mining mexico's new democratic institutions.

>> A banker with links links involving enron has been found dead in a london park. His apparent suicide emerged today before extradition with two others. P zadan has publicly apo jiezed for head putting. He said heoesn degret his actions. He admitted there was no excuse for his behaviour and he and appeared to forgive him. But he was provoked by consistently insulting his mother and his sir ter. Caroline wyatt saw the interview tonight.

>> He didn't make exact words clear. He said these insults were very personal, very serious. These were very personal they touched on my mother, my sister, so these were very harsh warheads. He heard them once and i tried to walk away. That's what i wanted to do and i was retiring after this match but then you hear it twice, a third time. What else can I do. His only apology is that he said to the children who may have been watching. He said two or three million people may have been watching for whom he is a role model. He awill po jiezed for the violence of his action but said he shoud not be blamed, he had been provoked but the person punished should be the person who provoked him.

>>> Not content with the riverside beach, there isis. A swimming pool floating on the river. For the mayor, the 25 metre pool is a fitting replacement for the structure used in the 1924 olympic games. That pool sank in the early 1990S.

>> For the first time you can actually bates in the water of the siennes.

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