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July 10, 2006
July 7, 2006
July 6, 2006
July 6, 2006
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July 10, 2006

UN delays N Korea sanctions vote   (06:23--08:30 on left video)

2002 picture of Taepodong-type missile
The Taepodong-2 test-flight failed shortly after take-off

>> If the international community had stayed focussed on afghanistan, rather than sending large numbers of forces to iraq, would we be seeing a very different country now or not?

>> I think so. I think the two issues are the following: First that the focus, the political focus and attention obviously was diverted to afghanistan and fewer resorts were available. Second, there was a decision de very early on that because of that, there be a lightfoot print and that they would essentially attempt to do it on the cheap, both in terms of the numbers of international forces coming into afghanistan and the amount of of money initially that would beprovid. Had you not had iraq siphoning off resources, there is no question that there would have been additional international support which is very important at the beginning of a process

>>> How much popular support is there now for the taliban insurgents in the south?

>> I still don't think that they really are supportive by the population. There is frustration at the failure of the international community to bring the reconstruction that was promised and that the karzai government also promised. I think the people in the afghanistan generally do not want to see a return to taliban, what they want is to see security that they hoped the international community would provide itnd they also, i think, wanted to see an oppounity to do something other than unfortunately be forced into the drug trade. As you now,

>> M k sceider joining us from new york. Ank you very much for that. I'll be back later on in the prograe withll themm latest from gaza. First let's go to mike in london. The only place to be tonight, rome.

>> In the circu maximus, kathy, yes. See you in a moment. The world cupital football 'sworld cup return home after their triumph in germany. Hundreds of thousands of of fans have gathered to meet the scene after circus maximus for the celebration. Loosely speaking about 100,000. The latest estimate is 600,000 in that stium. Ad somewhere among them, david east if we can reach him. Can you hear us?

>> You were never very good at math, mate. M re. What a time we've had here. The the crescendo has followed the route of the italian team through rome past the prime minister's residence, quick stop over there and ultimately following its way up to the circus maximus. You can imagine every time on the giant screen we saw the coach getting that move closer, a huge roar would go up. Nothing compared to the roar that to greet the players themselves, the captain of course who hoisted that trophy up high. It really has been a fabulous homecoming for a nation who

are problems with scandals, et cetera but not for the next day or two.

>> And the arenas are thousands of years old.

>> They'll take everything they can, every opportunity. But, yeah, they do really feel themselves to be the european emperors of football; with some justification in history. This is the fourth time they've won the world cup. Only brazil has won it more often but they're ahead of germany now, ahead of the rest of europe, and they are crowing about it.

>>> Thank you very much, indeed. And those people are very likely looking like ty're gheng to carry on for a while. Thanks a lot.

>>> That's the place to be tonight, rome. Still to come on the programme, an exchange nowhere in sight for the israe solerli captured by the palestinians. An israeli prime minisrte rejected a hamas call t release palestinian prisoners first. Let's look at the business now is new from new york. Tanya becket is there

>> Kathy, thank you very much. Step up to the plate. The world bank chief tells negotiator s it is a global trade deal and the markets have a lackluster da the numbers for that just ahead. The head of the world bank has warned the united states, the E.U. And five developing nations that they must make concessions to ensure a new deal on world trad the so-called head trade round was meant to lift millions of people out of poverty. N't it is virtually at a stand still. Paul wolfowitz said a collective pledgey t b U.S. To reduce agriltural subsidy by the E.U. To improve market access, add five members and limit tariffs on manufacturers could help seal deal. A the president bush saw the new secretary of treasury. He will act as chief cheerleader for america's economy. There is an administration shakeup with bush trying to boost lack ago professional ratings and boost confidence in the america economy. The near battle will, the homeowners homeowners saithey wd e rejected saying it was flooding rather than wind not covered by the policy. The case could set important precedents for other claims

>> Boeing is said to come out of its, t first time the americans could beat the europeans. It is bad news for junction difficulty requests its flagship project jumbo jet. Taking a look at what happens this. The nasdaq was down 13 and european markets were a touch stronger. Business about world news, a quick reminder of the headlines here. Conflicting reports on how exactly russia'osts wanted man chechen rebel leader was killed. And italy partied through the night to celebrate its all conquering world cup heroes.

>> One of the closest associates of the late yugoslav president slobodan milosevic has gone on trial at the international war crimes tribunal at the haig. The president, all depend the charges. Four months after the former yugoslav president slobodan milosevic milosevic's death in the hague. The highly unusual unusual what, if any of of move. 4e game his brother the job after the reprevious prime minister minister. He broke a P.M. During last years' positive usual especially that the polish weem people would not president up with sup a sibling act.

>> Cat left about 80 people said. P ole forever frjt survivored are speaking executions and systematic raids by rebels.

>> The israeli prime minister ehud olmert has once again ruled out the release of palestinian riser ins in the exchange of of a an israeli soldier but the permit says the soldiers would not be set fee you from the a bethany bell reports from jerusalem.

>> Israel is pressing on its with withy and until palestinian mill at that particular times stop firing rockets into israel. Prime minister olmert has rejected international commit simple that the army is using excessive force and ree fueled out any negotiates with thets off or. We have no partilar desire to talk with the ham governnt.

Have a particular dire to stop tear fts fnflictg rror otheisraeli people and

>> But an exileas leader sa the iseli kd was note seizure of of the accus israel speaking to escalate the tuion. E pastiniais are united that the soldier shoul not be eed wiout thingor the palestinians. The sution is simple. Let'have a but israel efuses

th'reey trying to find a gotiatedituati to the crisis. But for neither side appears wling tstop. Bethanbell, news, jerusam. Stil to come on bbc world, a rocket carryin heaviest sae llitbrp in a ba of flame. How big a setback for india's ace prramme?

>> Northkorea's monli llars testing is probay new tim tperatuems. Bay has asked japano push for nction

>> The americans came tookyo U.S. Envoy christopher hill said he eoysonwith the japanese and they're strgling to find away to rejoin the six-pay talk negotiions supto deal with pyongyang's nuclear programme.

>> We want make itond antly clear nee th what didas really acceptle. High mean tore upon boy contracting this is firing off missiles, costing millions of dollars while it cannot provide electricity for its people, while it cannot find enough food for its people. While it depends on foreign assistance for food and fuel. We want to keep very much focussed on the failures of nia.

T>> North korean million dollars test seems to have written a wedge japan is being criticized for pushing for sanctions. The government sin advertises the united nations pruitt is the one that should be taken.

>> It's important to show the will of the international society and the U.N. Security council resolution is effective.

>> Reporter: Tonight the timing of any vote on this matter is in doubt. The japanese prime minisr haste said his diplomats won't push for a monday vote although he would like to see a decision on sanctions made as early as possible. It is a decision of how in had how difficult this is turning out to be.

>>> India has suffered two disappointments in two days in it's spate and international ramment on sunday a milt miltic moscows pest went withinn't the country's heaviest satellite is prepared for lunch in the presence of senior space is at signist scientist.

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10 July 2006
Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev (1999 file pic)
The most wanted Chechen rebel warlord, Shamil Basayev, is killed as a lorry laden with explosives blows up.

Nearly 900 extra military personnel are to be sent to Afghanistan, says Defence Secretary Des Browne.
Scientists have proved for the first time that sperm grown from embryonic stem cells can be used to produce offspring.

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