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July 3, 2006
June 30, 2006
June 29, 2006
June 28, 2006
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July 3, 2006

Israel launches a new incursion incursion after an ultimatum over an israeli soldier. Who won in mexico? The outcome of the presidential elections is too close to caw. Live from mexico city

>> I'm jonathan charles in london. A train hurdles off the tracks. And a rare view of one of the most violent countries on earth. U.N. Meet somalians. Obrador we start with developments in middle easter to. We are getting reports an israeli aircraft has fired a missile into the northern gaza strip that comes just hours ahead of a deadline from palestinian mill at that particular times believed to be holding an israeli soldier in gaza. They've demanded the release of palestinians held in israeli jails, a demand that israel has rejected. Within the past hour, israeli tanks have been moving into the north of gaza. Israel has been building up its forces tre thrheghout the day for a possible extension of of its offensive. Jas renlts reports now there gaza

>> Reporter: Israeli forces crossed over the border but didn't go any further. At r after a few hours, they headed back home. This was the result of a raid. This afternoon palestinians buried a palestinian during the incursion. Many communicate with the outside world by fax and is calling on israel to begin releasing palestinian prisoners by the morning. If not, it says the zionist enemy will have to face all consequences. It doesn't say what the consequences might be.

>> From here, palestinians believe it's simple. Israel's actions are making things much worse for the captured soldier. Th is is a

>> By this action, you make the life of the soldier in danger because if you think you can exert prsurees on gaza and this won't get back the soldier

>> Reporter: Israel thinks other cries and dismissed the palestinian deadline

>> (Voice of translator): We will not give in to any blackmail or ult you mate ums of any terrorist organizations, including hamas. All those who hold him are responsible for his safety." Israel is keeping its forces busy and preparing its country and its army to get ready for a long military campaign. James reynolds, bbc news, gaza

>>> News from the united states now. The latest allegationed atrocity to taint the image of of american troops in iraq. A former U.S. Soldier has been charged with raping a young iraqi woman then killing her and her family to cover up the crime. The brutal murders are alleged to have tak pceen in the towne south of baghdad. It's claimed former private steven green and three other soldiers entered the home near the traffic checkpoint they were manning. Afterwards, it is alleged they burned the the house to disguise the evidence.

>>> Islamic militia who seized parts of somalia are holding their first talks with the united nations. For years, somalia has been one of the most violent places on earth. A failed state with tens of thousands have been killed. Now the capital mogadishu and surrounding areas are experiencing their first weeks of relative peace. But the united states accused the islamists of having links with al qaeda. We get this report.

>> Reporter: The most astonishing of sights for somalia. The men are not fighting but building. Filmed by a free-lance cameraman working for the bbc. Recruiting from a generation that's known nothing but war, the militia made them a promise of peace. And support for the islamist is strong. In a place where child soldiers had the power of of life and death and islamists are seen as saviours

>> We have five or six beds in here. I can show you if you like. Warlords are murderers, the killers. They don't care for nobody.

>> Reporter: And as mogadishu's only hospital, unprecedented calm. These are the victims of the most recent fighting. As ever in somalia, most were civilians. P

>> This guy was gunshot. This is from explosion.

>> Reporter: The country is still awash with guns. With the warlords defeated now, the numerous gunmen could be the next target.

>> Reporter: The question now is what kind of islamic state the militia has in md. It's the memory of the taliban who came to power under similar circumstances which has america uneasy. But one of the senior islamic leaders said his forces have no ties to groups like al qaeda

>> (Voice of translator): What they say about somalia is totally false. We are are a country whosewhose-- we are a people whose untr isco destroyed by civil war who wants hope, not war

>> Reporter: The next few months will test those assurances. Perhaps the best guarantee against groups like al qaeda is the nature of somalians themselves, weary as fighters and fiercely independent.

>>> Mexicomexico's presidential election was 24 hours ago but there is still no clear result. I'll have the latest on that story later on in the programme. First let's go to jonathan in london and you have the news from spain and this deadly train crash

>>> One of the worst railway accidents in 30 years. 40 injured and 70 were killed as the train ran off the rails in valencia. Two train carriages are thought to have overturned outside the metro station. A combination of excessive speed and a broken wheel, as danny wood reports.

>> Reporter: Emergency services were alerted to the crash by desperate calls by passengers on their mobile phones. Led the accident as the train was entering the the metro system. 150 commuters were evacuate the the-- were vaukd.

>> There are no wounded left underground. The bodies of the dead are still down there until police, the forensic and the investigators identify the bodies.

>> Reporter: Paramedics treated people at the scene transferred the wounded to local hospitals. The virginia lensian government government-- valenciavalencian governor two h govenernmtaid t s excessive speed of the train and collapse of one of the wheels could be the cause of the accident. The tragedy comes days before.

>>> Still to cup, britain's internal security agency reveal that al qaeda sympathizers have been trying to infiltrate its organization. Let's get the business news from new york now.

>> It's open to a partnership with general motors if america's struggling car giant makes the first move: It will hold talks if G.M. Extends an invitationinvitation. Nissan has given the go ahead to start negotiating. If the three-way tie-up takes place, it will create a $100 billion global car business. Staying with car sales in america, they're sticking to a silar pattern. All the auto makersnnoued falling sales. Japan said the overall number it solde ros by 14.4%. G.M. Ford and chrysler all revealed falling sales

>> And the election in mexico is so close, a winner won't be declared until wednesday. The markets think they know the result. Stocks, bonds and mexico's peso surred higher on monday. Investors are off the he will be before better news for business than it was a quiet day, a shortenned trading day. The markets closed three hours before their usual time. They managed some rises. The first trading day of the quarter and that means an influx of cash into the market. On that news falling sales, G.M. And ford both slipped as did daimlerchrysler. Also wall mt fell 1.25%. In the end the dow jones was up 77 points, the nasdaq was up 18 points. In europe, the markets were also higher. Sglshgsz al qaeda sympathizers are trying to infiltrate british groups mi-five. They can the terror threat is as real now as it was when london was attacked a year ago. Our security correspondent frank gardner has the story.

>> Reporter: Guarding mi-five from the outside is one thing but how about guarding from the inside. Recruiting is happening and some of those are al qaeda sympathizeers. It is part of a wider picture?

>> We have seen an unrelenting unremitting streams of of intelligence which demand investigation in the anti-terrorist branch alone, we are running seven investigation an40 people have been charged in united kingdom with terror-relled offenses. An enormous amount of activity.

>> In the lake of london bombing, investigators were trying to figure out how they were marginalized. 1200 are said to be connected to terrorist activity.

>> Let me assure everyone that 9.9% of the british muslims are very peace loving british citizens. There is a small percentage and I'm not denying that those that are resorting to violence or supporting some kind of violence, we are concerned as a muslim community, too

>> Reporter: To counter the threat, west yorkshire is one location where field offices will be set up in britain. 12 offices in each including eavesdroppers and runners. Not to spy on the islam community, only the extremists. They use jihadist videos like this to attract recruits. He is a muslim

>> Extremists use hanger and hatred to get people into their line of thinking. At hpens nins, in railroad or israel or lestine, it is a way toey reinforce it.

>> Timing is crucial. Usual stajs of of an attack attack plan, sorting out the logistics, then raenz of the target followed by the attack itself. There these days and intelligence services are planning to disrupt because they cannot afford the risk to public safety. It is clear that despite everyone's best efforts, another attack remains a distint possibility. A look at our headlines. 37 dead in spain after a rail goes off the tracks.

>> In mexico, the conservative candidate felipe calderon has declared himself the winner but his left-wing challenger said he needsproo before he will accept defeat. Jeremy cook is in america co

>> -- Americas cocity

>> Reporter: Business as usual, the day after millions voted for a new president, there is no result. It looks like a dead heat. So it will be days, perhaps weeks before every vote is counted. A winner finally declared. Great strain on the confidence in this country's emerging democracy.

>> (Voice of translator): I don't trt thus system 100%. There could have been some manipulation by the parties.

>> Reporter: The chief election commissioner has asked for calm and restraint. But within minutes, they were both on air, each claiming victory. First andreas manuel obrador who told supporters he would be americas co's first ever left-wing president had succeeded, then fipe calderon, former energy minister claiming to have come from behind to win the presidency. The millions of of mexicans who lined up to vote are hoping for a more clear-cuttcom

emerged fm years of one-party rule. The last thing they need here is confused contentious contentious results

>> I have condencfin the voters who came out to vote. But I have less

>> They came out and said they both won and creating confrontation and great uncertainty after they were asked to refrain.

>> Reporter: The result when it finally comes, likely to be the closest in the country's history. Jeremy cook, bbc news. Mexico, city.

>>> Fresh doubts about the already delayed launch of the space shuttle can take place. A crack has been found on the fuel tank. It was the foam caused disaster. This is a further setback for nasa after the original launch scheduled for sunday was postponed due to bad weather. Officials said they hoped they could resolve this latest difficulty in time for tuesday liftoff.

>> We believe that we are getting much more comfortable with the ability to potentially fly as we are right now. But the team is still looking at that. We want to make sure that we understand all of the the considerations that could cause this foam to be lost, that we went through with the detanking, and then make sure, given that, that we can withstand the retanking environments so that's the work going on from the tank perspective right now and the real consideration is do we nd to take the time to go back at that or do we feel comfortable with all the evidence that we have, with our analytical models, photographic data that we're okay right now. That's what the team is studying as we speak

>>> Still to come on bbc world. The the long wait for justice after a quarter century. A symbolic start to the trial of pol pot's surviving henchmen in cambodia.

>> Johnny depp is in london for the caribbean movie black caribbean two: Black they think' unevered black beard struck terror into sailors hearts until he was finally killed by the british navy but his legend lives on, especially in wol high wood he has unterred swashbuckling hero.

>> I like wave as thems ty a bass by. Now mode earn-- modern day bounty hunters are searching not for treasure, but for truth. They believe this they've found the real black bla ship. But bringing it up is won't be'sy.

Where it ran around smashesed to pieces. The wreck is only feet underwater but it's painstaking work,ofte in vezio visibility. Each piece of the wreck has to be clear of sand and like this, hef it can be ever since black beard eats shep shepper the the coast, his ledge end has horrified and fascinated. These tresh russ waters are finally fielding up his secrets. Foe far chef even that all amounts of gold gusts toly part of of a treasure. James west head norse the north caulk. -- Coast. Almost two million people died at the hands of of cambria's bloody rouge. The quarter of a century after what has been called the caling fields, pol potpot's baes are they've been sworn in had for long awaded general sigh side.

>> Quarter of a century later, that up tri has not seen justice for the genocide: The day of reckoning came one step closer with the swearing in of prosecutors and judges. After years of will wrangling between the united nations and the supreme court, the court is finally taking place

>> They've signed an agreement with the nation which he if they did not want to have billion status, they would not have invited the billion community to participate.

>> Reporter: The xher rusche seized power in 1975 and pol pot ordered that the city b etied and it was turned into a vast collective farm as the regime tried to create an aquarian utopia. Instead they bim the killing fields to which no one has been poutedment in the end he died jus at this time and today just two farmer leaders are in had jail on charges of genocide. Many others live freely legal some say they are praer paired to the face the cost.

>> I will be glad to go so people in my country and other countries will know about what. P the first trial,s are not due until next timer in.

>>> One of the world's most famous jockeys is being charged as part an volcano was charged with conspiracy to the the result of of more than 80 horse races are under investigation.

>> Daniel reports. Whyly acknowledge acknowledge as one of the mostful he this morning, hispanic after being charged with conspiracy to defraud the betting pug h&r in002-004. Something he has cot goer the, all the same, he issy have ept than are it is said to remain focus. It hassic innis and psent it for their advice and direction.

>> Reporter: The allegations all relate to wages placed with bet fair, a betting exchanges which allows customers to bet against each other.

>> He is a world class jockey and he always does his best for me

>> Repter:Orlso argetay, miles rogers, former syndicate manager accused of race fixing and money laundering. Two more jockeys, and seven other people connected with racing are also charged. But is the charging of the favourite that will send shock waves throughracing.

>>> That was danlsanford reporting there. Ten people were injured when a car ploughed through a crowd of speed boat racing fans andnto the ohio river in the united states. Police say the 18-year-old driver appeared to be slufrmed at the wheel when he drove through the the crowd, hit a golf cart that officials used for cover and then became airborne. A quick reminder of the israeli soldiers fired missile is. Are are are this is bbc world news.

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4 July, 2006
Israeli tanks prepare to move towards the Gaza Strip
A deadline set by Palestinian militants holding an Israeli soldier in Gaza passes with no word on his condition.

Authorities in Valencia announce three days of mourning after a train crash kills at least 41 people.
The space shuttle Discovery will launch on Tuesday as all safety criteria have been met, Nasa confirms.

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