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June 30, 2006
June 29, 2006
June 28, 2006
June 27, 2006
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June 30, 2006

this is bbc news from bbc world. My name is mike embley with the latest international headlines. Israel is trying to bring wndo hamas government. A bosnian muslim gets two years for war crimes and walks freement in football's world cup, germany beat argentina, the favourites for first quarter final.

>> The palestinian prime minister called israel's action as premeditated action of bringing down the government using the abduction of one of of their soldiers by palestinian militants as an execution. Aircraft struck a car in northern gaza. We know there were casualties, no more details at the moment. Last night saw a series of air raids throughout gaza, a campaign to free the missing corporal. The palestinian prime minister said he is working to end the crisis. Trying to get israel to stop its offensive. Speaking at friday prayers at a mosque in gaza city, this was his first address since israel began its offensive.

>>> We have impact on, egyptian brothers and presidency to bring an end to the situation in a satisfactory way. However, the present israeli military escalation comply kalts maerlts matters.

>> Our correspondent james reynolds is in gaza city

>> Reporter: Here in gaza city, people don't have electricity. I'm standing on the rooftop in the centre of towne. I'm looking around, i can see some neighbourhoods that are in the dark, completely black. There are street lights behind me, some buildings which have generators. I can see dots of light all around here but i think it is clear that a the lot of buildings have no electricity. People have problem sleepings sleeping without electricity in the hot weather and the israeli air force is continuing aerial activity three or four times today and more. These are incredibly loud sonic booms that sound like bombs but turn out to be aircraft simply making noise. Palestinians say they're pretty defiant. They've seen all this before from israel. It doesn't make them scared. They're willing to try to put up with it. They feel that israel is trying to bring down the hamas government, the government they elected in free and fair elections earlier this year. P there is the important matter for israel of the fate of its soldier. In public at least, we don't know anything more about the condition, whereabouts and the fate of the captive corporal. P there are hints of indirect contacts. The iraq prime minister in a sermon said there are contacts to go on but israel has denied there are any negotiations. It's making its military presence felt on the bored are and in the sky and on the mediterranean sea a few miles away

>>> A former muslim commander in the bosnian war has been sentenced to two years in jail. The international war crimes tribunal in the hague found him guilty of failing to prevent the killing and cruel treatment o serbs in the war.

>> Prosecutors asked for an 18-year sentence, the court decided on two years. Many bosnian muslims regard him as a war hero who defended the bosnian muslimy clave of srebrenica. But they're outraged at the leniency of of his judgment. The judge said the ruling made allowances for his remorse, his voluntary surrender to the tribunal and his cooperation with the prosecution. The court acquitted him of direct involvement in the crime and of the the wan tonne destruction of of villages. But the judge said he could have helped to prevent some of it. Nasser has spent more than three years in detention. After completing the formalities at the war crimes tribunal, he was free to go.

>>> A spanish court has jailed two members of the basque organization etta for years. They were found guilty of of kidnapping and killing in 1997, seen as a turning point in the long conflict between etta and the spanish authorities. It brought hundreds of thousands of spaniards on to the streets in protest. The prime minister of spain wants to hold peace talks with etta.

>> The government stepped down as the ruling coalition fell apart over the controversial threat to strip a somali mp of her duj citizenship. Elections are being brought forward from next may

>> The united states military said five are under, in the region south of of baghdad. Adam brooks who is in the' capital said t substance is clea

>> It is at this point sketchy. We know the U.S. Army has ordered a criminal investigation inveigatn. That's the official statement. As it stands, the investigation is just getting under way. We don't kw theno substance of the allegations for sure. However, the associated mess, are reporting that five five srdz are un un! That they murdered members of her family and her and buried her body. We can't independent independently confirm that those are the the aelths against the the saudis yet. The U.S. Military is very, very careful about giving out details of investigations while they're still going on. All we can confirm is that another investigation is under way into alleged atrocities by U.S. Troops in iraq.

>> Five am brooks in the iraqi capital. These are desperate times for the 235r78erred india's cotton belt. Thousands have killed themselves unable to cope with recent droughts. It is expected while he there is to announce an economic relief package worth more than $800 million.

>> It is hugely important. You may not see the plight of the india farmers here on the streets but they make up two-thirds of india's population and they depend on farming for their livelihood. Now we visited the district where the indian prime minister and hundreds of farmers have complete the suicide. P farmers there told us they would be willing to stand their land and move to the city because they fear there is no future in it this group of people that have helped and he needs to give them some support and bridge the economic grip which has been added on by strong economic growth

>> Still to come on business about world... nine years on and more twists and turns in east timor, the former prime minister fail to turn up on for questioning of alleges he was involved in armsing of the is

>> Reporter: After enduring weeks of hostile hostile they poured in from outside the capital. He may be down but his party still dominates parliament and should choose his successour.

>> Reporter: So to his supporters he offered an upbeat message but even without him in charge, they can still retain power after next year's election, then a surprise guest at the rally. East timor's president, the man who demanded al qatari's resignation he was guaranteed a hearing

>> He told them to be patient the U.N. Inquiry for the the past two months. He is prepared to go to jail himself, he said, if found guiltiy. P it is the former prime minister who is under suspicion of wrongdoing and at the moment he is refusing to be questioned by the country's prosecutor.

>> He is still waiting for the arrival of his lawyer who is coming from abroad?

>> Reporter: Even after his resignation, he remains defiant. This country is still dangerous. You're watching bbc world. Good to have you with us. The main headlines this hour. Palestinian prime minister said israel's military operation are premeditated attempt to bring down his government. The former muslim commander veb leeza has been sentenced to two years in jail. Nine years after hong kong returned to chinese rule, the british economy is booming. So much for progress towards democracy. Something has changed in hong kong. After check and political crisis, the city on the pearl river is fighting back. This is heart of hong kong. You can buy ythian here from snake meat to school books. If you want to measure the new prosperity, look at the life of this man. At the handover dickie ho owned one restaurant. Now he owns four. It's a better business today than it was, he told me. People are more willing to spend. They also have higher demands for quality. This has always confidence is very much back. And you see it in a whole range of indicators whether you are looking at office rent, a number of of visitor arrivals arrivals is hong kong, a tremendous level of free speech and democracy. Here hong kong's people achieve the democratic fight back and economic resurgence have gone land in hand. At president hurricane katrina the the rest are chosen for them. Tucked are p cardinal zen is head of the catholic in... in deciding are some piece the cardinal always told me he be wouldn't they be priet then ins to should they be brighten in?


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1 July, 2006
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