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June 28, 2006
June 27, 2006
June 26, 2006
June 23, 2006
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June 28, 2006

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>> Bbc world news and I'm kathy can washington. Israel racks up pressure on gaza for kidnap soldier. Contrary to all the evidence the remember uganda's north resistance hiram 45es innocence of war crimes. Hello from london ail star yates. Fine of bodies 2 murders school girls a pedophile is in custody for suspicion for united states won't give up the fight against terrorism.

>> There are reports that israeli tank are shelling gaza the soldier captured sunday continues his israeli war plains over flown the syrian president. It's all part of the mounting military pressure on hamas. It's the first major incursion since israel withdrew from gaza last year. Overnight they targeted key bridges and power station. F-16 fighters jets dropping weapons knocked on you bridges lyle helicopters armed with rockets were used to destroy a power station in gaza city itself. Elsewhere israeli ground armour throughing tanks poised on southern area of gaza. Well correspondent james reynolds is in gaza

>> Tonight in the center of fwas awe have heard some israeli shelling and just a few miles away those shrill hiram has leaf less warning of further military activity and here in gaza city many parts are instill in bark door israel's first over night raid. Somewhere in gaza amidst the flames and the dark there is a kidnapped israeli soldier. With bombs and shells israel is trying to get him back. From the sky over gaza israeli war planes have picked out their targets. Overnight they hit gaza's only power plant. They've also destroyed a number of bridges. This afternoon palestinians inside gaza have their first real look at israel's bombing work this used to main coastal road it connected to the north part of gaza to the southern part which is down there. As you can see the damage from tease israeli bomb is extensive. Israel's aim behind bottoming this bridge to slow down movement and gaza and in particular it's to try stop the kidnappers to hostage to gaza t another. He's the man israel is trying to fine. Corporal shel techlt. His country and his family wants him back

>> The family is really believing and expecting that whoever deals with it will not do mistakes and will not do any kind of wrong decisions. Lot of fear, lot of lots of help we need right now.

>> Israeli tanks and bulldozers have taken positions on the fringes of southern gaza. Finds himself on the front line he's evacuated his bif and children his elderly woman refuses to leave.

>> From his bedroom window you can see gaza's airport which is occupied by israeli forces. Israeli orm is outside your window there are sonic booms during last night. You lost electricity bridges have been bombed and the palestinians to release this hostage. Good question. He says. But remember, israel has been killing palestinians so what should they expect. Everything needs to come down then perhaps he can be released. But that may depend on these men, pal stan 81 mill stunts. Thoughing off their strength on the streets of refuge camp. They promise to fight if israel comes in to rescue the soldier. They'll remember what happened fwelf years rescue cap heard is this the west bank of serviceman was killed. So this time any raids would be would need to be well planned

>> Information is number one. Where is he? Who is holding him and even then it won't an easy operation it will be a very risky one for the soldier, for those who're going to rescue him, and for those who're around him. Israel has the most powerful in the middle east it's working in the crowded places on earth. If it kills palestinians endanger the life of the soldier it's trying to save. And in the last couple of hours the hamas prime minister has said he hopes there can be some way out of this crisis. But israel hold him and his movement directly responsible for the fate of the missing soldier. And that was on middle east james reynolds report from gaza. Well in a related development we have just learned for the palestinian labour minister has been arrested by israeli troops. He will stopped on his way to village north ofarama nah. I'm joined by isaac israeli tourist minister. Thanks for minister. This is an extremely difficult military mission. Are you confident that you can get the corporal back?

>> We're doing our best. We're putting all efforts. We're trying to show restraint in the last few days much we're operating throughout the world well as in region, and we have no choice since there was no response on paf the palestinians no information only talk by some of them. We had no choice but to enter in a restrictive way in a focused way to rye to identify where the soldier is, and trying to put pressure to prevent his transferring from the area and to locate him and bring him back.

>> How are you going to avoid killing pal stin juns civilians in the process of this military operation because if you do still many palestinians you are risking the life of your soldier

>> We are first of all, fearful of hurting any innocent civilians. We're trying our best as much as possible not to hurt civilians. Situation however, is extremely complex. Since there is a clear mix of tourists and innocent civilians all the time together the terrorists are hiding amidst and amongst the silt son's and the government the palestinian government president as well as prime minister a-nia simply are not doing to prevent that. Under such circumstances we have no choice. Our soldier was kidnapping on slael swale. We have withdrawn from gaza a year ago so that there would be peace, and with a we are getting in return for the last few weeks is shelling and baum barredment and kidnapping. We will have to put an end to it. That's what we plan to do.

>> Minister hurt sauing. Thanks for joining us

>> Thank you so much for. Very past 20 years the law of resistance conducted a ruthless insurgency in northern uganda and maiming sit civilians and killing thousands of children and is wanted for war crimes. He's a man who's rarely seen and who has given an interview to a journalist until now his insurgency began in the noempbt region. It's spilled across the borders into saw dawn and congo. And the bbc world news bbc world news c attracts to mr. Kony after a trek of thousands of miles.

>> For the last 10 days weaver cubahe capital of southern sedan waiting for a phone number that I can meet mr. Kony. Finally some progress. We were summoned to vyings president of saw done. He kony. As we waited outside his office our lra were quickly attese.

>> They're well-known to ma shaw and bush fighter.

>> Hello.

>> Despite international ma shaw has lra trucks of food and $20,000. He's leading the effort eak an end to the conflict. We were finally on our way. Dozens of sudanese toops join us on the trip to meet kony. I was told he was across the border in the republic of congo in the potential meeting place is found. We wait. And there he was, man I'd been chasing for a year manny luted the ugandan government for years. I am also I have brain. I have

>> Describe yourself to me. Tell me who you are.

>> I'm a military position who is fighting in a manner. I'm freedom if i if you are who's fighting for freedoms ennui began dau, and but I'm not a terrorist.

>> You have been accused of terrible crimes people having their ears cut-off leaderships cut out. That one not true. Pass propaganda. I've seen the photos of no lips.

>> That is propaganda. I'll make it all clear

>> Nothing happened ennui began dau. Cut the ear of the boy telling the people that he was done by lra

>> Which is not true. I cannot cut a ear of my brother. I cannot kill the eye of my brother. I cannot kill my brother. That is not true for a war in the bush out of sight of cameras the truth is hard to establish.

>> Definitely.

>> Rick ma shaw has taken of both sides for peace talks it's going to be extremely complicated. Joseph kony and 4 of senior commanders are the first people to have a arrest warns by international criminal court. Kony alone is accused of 33 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity

>> I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty.

>> Kony is accused of controlling his forces with a mixture of distorted christianity and brutality. Their ideology they say comes from the bible.

>> Has god told you to fight this war?

>> No, no, no. It's not like that. God did not tell me to fight this war

>> Houp spirits speak to you?

>> I don't know. They speak to me, they talk to me. You know we are grau reconcilable A. We are rebel. We don'tdon'T. They will tell us things such as this and take this thing and that thing.

>> Joseph kony has been elusive for so many years that he's achieved an almost mythical status. Both among his supporters and his enemies.

>> And report is the ugandan to london she joins me from london. What do you make high commissioner of joseph kony saying he wants peace?

>> First of all, i would like to say that what has been shown after the reported interview with kony is conferirmation that he has been fighting a senseless and brutal war which has a brought of lot of suffering to the people of northern uganda and in particular women and children. And there has been international arrest warrants for his arrest and his four alleged so-called commanders so he can be brought to justice and held accountable for his heinous crimes against

>> High commissioner, some human rights groups are saying you should negotiate peace at the same time as the legal proceedings unfold at the hague.

>> Of course they are approach of the government or the uganda has always been throughout this senseless war has been that of dialogue. So why all this the option and the collective initiatives both the international and regional area are gone. The other options of die dialogue are kun sill tree effort are left to go on. Of course it's not to kony and his four so-called commanders who have been involved. There are abducted young children whom he has disoriented who need to come to terms with the reality this is a brutal and senseless war lay down and start a new life.

>> High commission customer I want to ask you about the effortwar. President has blamed many people congo saw dawn the un for the failure to wipeout the lra. Has the uganda army done all it could?

>> Yes. Yew gone done army first of all has the capacity to continue dealing with this problem. It is because of the commitment and the discussion of the yew gone done army that we have had 20,000 abducted children rescued. It is largely due to their commitment and capability that we have had

>> Okay. High commissioner.

>> The rebel some of the rebels

>> High commissioner we'll have to leave it there. Thank you for joining us from london

>> Stay with bbc bchlt crchltbc still to come on the gaza for the very latest on the developments there.

>> Now let's get with the business news from new york the taun yao beckett. Refusing to go for a song emi raw jecs overtures under warmer music and the markets even the day a little bit higher after tuesday's fall the number just ahead. Emi music of locked a feud will take over the other. On wednesday e mechlt i warmer e $4.6 billion. E mechlt i for offer for refuse refusal roughly the same amount of for and for numerous since the year 2001. Together they wo create the world's second largest music company. Shares in j crew hit the market for wednesday. The flow third of a billion to a clothing retailer the third of the publicly owned. Vests on the new york stock exchange like the stock and it goes for $25$25. Nike profits fell by 3% and the cost of marketing for the world cup in germany were way on this quarter profits. Nike swoosh lo e go shab spawning ring the event. Fallen profit margins for nike. Customers have been moving less footwear unlikehe t U.S. Where the nike remains currently on top. Sales of soccer products 1$1 and a half billion thanks to booming sales of jerseys at the world cup. A record of more than 3 million jersey have been sold including 1 and a half million for the hose host team germany. Well, the market looking at that ipe from j crew they that but they don't won't that interstate that coming later in the end.. Crew they that but they don't won't that interstate that coming later in the end. Quick reminder of the main news. Israel racks up pressure on gaza as it continues to hunt for its kidnapped soldier. We can cross lines too to gaza, and our correspondent alan johnston. Thank you for joining us. What's happening at the moment in gaza.

>> Well of course everybody here in gaza very much braced for israel to significantly expand it's military operation here as it has threatened to do and attention being just a second up again tonight when israeli air force dropped lef let's over one in north and one in the south and the leaf let's warned that army would be coming to hunt for this missing soldier the leaf let's warned people to stay in doors and said they wouldn't harmed if they did so they shouldn't try in any way to obstruct the tanks and israeli armour when it comes. But so far tonight no sign of fresh movement across the border by the veil army. It's a mere of six kilometers here in the gaza city.

>> Alan johnston. Thank you very much for update.

>> And I'll be back later in the bull ton. First alastair in london.

>> Belgium have gel jum two school girls reported missing 3 weeks ago the prosecutor in thehe easternly obviouslying seven-year-old stacy lemons and 10 year natalie were murdered. The nationwide hunt for that after they disappeared from a late night street party. Russian president put ton has russian secret service those responsible for the deaths of four russian embassy workers that hostage in iraq. The deaths of a four diplomats were confirmed early in week. Insurgents to al-qaeda in iraq release a video showing 3 of the four captives either dead or being killed.


>> Stay with us still could dumb bbc world news common ae secretary of is afghanistan she says that U.S. Won't give up the fight against millitantsmilitants.

>> A south korean believes to be north korea 30 years ago has en aowed to meat his mother for the first time since his abduction. The tearful reyun kim nam took place in north korea. It was one of 3 days of divided families from sooleoul he has been unable to contact the outside world for 3 decades. He asked about his father. He was told he died five years ago.

>> Why you crying this is a happy day. Kim is bieveto have been kidnapped by north korean agents. North koreans vau vealed his whereabouts in april of this year after an investigation by japanese oicia. Fffamily is allowed three days of meetings thr the watchful eye of the authorities. Nam he has been expected to tell his true story. It's believed to be married the japanese during his years of captivity. She was also abducted by north korean agents at the age of 13. The relatives and sympathetic politicians have been attending the screening of a new documentary about him in tokyo. Parents don't north korea's that she committed sued side that they're desperate fro her december former husband. The couple 18-year-old was present at the meeting i north korea the first time she's permitted to see her south korean grandmother. The japanese turned down an offer to see her. She accused political games. The kidnap dispute has poisoned relations between the two nations. The american secretary of secretary rice on a visit to afghanistan has insisted that the united states will not abandon itsig ainst taliban and al-qaeda mill stunts in afghanistan. Her visit with the show of support as president karzai and say the tal bon every recessing the joum joined totioned more on the visit second jones of he afghanistan and pakistan for the rand corporation. How em embattled karzai

>> He is em embattled has been some public opinion polls showing that karzai's support was in afghanistan is decreasing. That's a very significant downturn in afghanistan.

>> How much can rice's support he him

>> It can help them to some degree. Part of taliban here has focused on is what appears to be dwindling support by the united states which is particularly evident of the decline of U.S. Forces like the south of afghanistan. So what the visit can sort of do is show that the U.S. Is committed for both the short and long run

>> It says it's committed. It's going to be increase a significant increase in U.S. Fors into afghanistan givenow overstretched the millitary is there

>> Clearly we will see more violence. Nato forces may be stabilize and may be increase the numbers but I think based on the trends we see including the suicide attacks and the number of attacks against coalition of a gone forces which is the largest number of at least the six years

>> The taliban with any success beyond the pockets of we're seeing

>> What they've been able to maintain control for various periods of time some territory south and east of country. That is a change from four or 5 months when they were mostly hole holed up in mountains. They are beginning to reach into viage an they have been in past.


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28 June 2006
Israeli troops along the border with Gaza
Israeli forces reportedly enter northern Gaza, intensifying an assault after a soldier was captured by militants.

At least nine people are killed and hundreds of thousands evacuated as floods hit north-east US.
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