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June 20, 2006
June 15, 2006
June 14, 2006
June 13, 2006
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Bush makes surprise trip to Iraq
An Israeli inquiry into the deaths of seven Palestinians on a Gaza beach says Israel was not to blame.

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June 15, 2006/ UN group backs Somalia cabinet
June 14, 2006/ UN told of mass Darfur killings
June 13, 2006/ Bush makes surprise trip to Iraq
June 20, 2006

This is bbc world. Liberia's form are president charles taylor arrives in europe to be tried for war crimes. Missing U.S. Soldiers found dead in iraq. Al qaeda says it was responsible for the killing.

>> Mike embley in london. Sudan's president said no U.S. Troops will be allowed in darfur while he is in power. And sweet success for germany in the world cup. Now the host nation will play sweden in finals. Years ago he emerged as a west african warlord plunging liberia into years of of civil war. Elected as president in 19seven, he ruled for six years before heading into exile. But tonight charles taylor is in an international criminal court in the netherlands awaiting trial on 11 charges of war crimes and cruise missiles against humanity. They relate to his aeged role in the brutal civil war in sierra leone in the 1990s

>> Reporter: Three years after a warrant for his arrest, charles taylor arrives in the netherlands to face trial. The former wliebian president is widely believed to have plundered the neighbouring wealth of sierra leone funding a rebel army. Sending child soldiers into bat, killing, mutilating and raping civilians. In his own country liberia, charles taylor eventually bap sworn in as president in 19 19seven. That's before allies took up arms against him. Six years later he took refuge in liberia. He was deported to liberia. Taylor was brought before the sierra leone war crimes tribunal where he remains defiant

>> He is entering a plea because he doesnot recognize the jurisdiction of of this court. Swl he is popular in liberia and there were worries that there would be problems. The trial will be unusual with sierra leone sierra leonian officials operating in a dutch court. If p guilty, charles taylor would be imprisoned. Just outside haug, he will be housed in had a maximum security prison also used for former serb leader slobodan milosevic who suddenly died in captivity. Many hope that this time justice system will be allowed to run is course. Private tucker and menchucka have been tortured and the the new chief leader leader insurgent leader in iraq was responsible for the the death

>> In a small towne in oregon, a community left waiting and praying. This morning the the grim news that one of their own was among two soldiers found dead.

>>> There are reports that two soldiers were missing...

>> Reporter: Grief shared by an entire nation. The death of chuck and taylor, probably kidnapped and tortured has shocked america. ,000 iraqi and U.S. Troops had launched a massive man hunt but last night the confirmation that their mutilated bodies had been found, grief has given way to anger.

>> I think U.S. Government was too slow to react to this. P they should have had a plan in place and because the U.S. Government did not have a plan in place, he paid for it with his life.

>> The two soldiers have been part of a squad manning a checkpoint on friday south of baghdadment iraqi eyewitnesses said they were ambushed by insurgents. One humvee was left isolated. The driver was killed; the two remaining soldiers kidnapped and driven away. Iraq's defence ministry said they were tortured in a barbaric fashion. The U.S. Commander filled in the details this

>> The bodies were not by natural cause of death or that they had been wounded mortally and moved to a location and diedment

>> Reporter: A web site this one week after president bush was in iraq highlighting political progress and the killing of al qaeda's former head musab al zarqawi

>> He cannot tush around public opinion. He may be able to stabilize public opinion and that may be sufficient to get him through the fall election

>> Reporter: But in the home towne, he released a message left on the phone.

>> Reporter: Week provided the a bounce in the polls the sudanese president said he will not allow U.S. Troops to be in darfur as long as he is in power. The violence in the region will continue. Mr. Bashir's comments coincide with a visit by the sou african president who is expected to press for peacekeepers to be allowed in. U.N. Aid workers in sudan say they're being obstructed by the government, unable to get into darfur. The U.N. Mission says a quarter of a million people remain beyond their reach.

>> Reporter: Attempting to bring a semblance of normal life to the the displacement camps of darfur. Last month, the main rebel fax in darfur signed a peace accord with the sudanese government, but the violence continues. For manymany, 2000000 people forced to flee their home, there is little sign of imimprovement on the ground. Now the united nations's most senior humanitarian official in sudan has publicly complained that the governor is obstructing aid operations in the region.

>> At least 50,000 people cannot reach we had access before and we are not having access now. We are pudz willed and disappointed a differentdifferent-- are trying to patrol an area of size of france the united nations wants the government to allow a larger U.N. Force to take over in darfur. There has been no move to disarm the pro-government jooeb G.H.B. Janjaweed. Only one of the rebel factions signed the peace deal and there are reports of daily demonstrations in some camps against the accord. The the U.N. Says this is forced an end the

>> And now to nochl, chris-- and now to new york. If president bashir means what he says, is that it for a U.N. Force in darfur?

>> I think theage that we are getting-- the message that we are getting from the united nations is let's wait and see if the president means what he says. He made these very strong points that he wouldn't let U.N. Forces come into the country. He said that sudan had been the first sub15 hair angola country to to colonize and that they wouldn't be colonized againment but what the united nations is saying is let's see over the coming days if he means what he says. We've got the under undersecretary-general of peacekeeping, the head of peacekeeping who is in khartoum at the moment leading a team in darfur, to work out what the united nations needs to do to send a force to darfur. He is to meet the sudanese president in the coming days. The message we are getting in new york is let's see how the meting goes

>> To some extent this really shows the limitations of the organization, doesn't it? Even now that they have agreed to send a U.N. Peacekeeping force, they are so-so dependent on the sudanese government to allow them in.

>> United nations stressed the african union, one diplomat said they wanted to stress that they came in at the request of the african union that they request there be a lot of african soldiers in the force tbues it shows difficulties within the security council. There is no not complete consensus on this issue and certainly you've got people like americans today who were speaking very songly against the sued niece president's comments to see a force go in and there are other members of the security council to are less keen to see a force go in. With the five permanent members being able to vote any, there is bound to be compromise.

>> I'll be back in a moment and looking ahead to mexico's elections next month

>> But now to mike, president bush has met into austria for summer talks with european union leaders. Austria has made it clear that it will press mr. Bush over the the guantanamo bay detention centre

>> Again, anger and grief fill streets of gaza. Israelis have struckstruck-- had struck at the car from the air. They say i was carrying militants from the al aqsa martyr's brigade. The air force often targets groups that fire missiles from gaza into neighbouring israel. But this time the militantsy skwaped unyou are the. It seems they jumped clear moments before the israeli plane attack. It was children playing on their street who caught the the cost of the blast. Doctors did their best but there were some who they couldn't help. A by aged five and a six-year-old girl were kill add long with a teenagers. Otr chil en were among about a dodds children injured. The little

>> We have millions is flying on them. The boy is woman i could see him from the balcony playing with his cousins. His uncle wills are injured and cuss min injured and some people playing.

>> Seven mbers oemthe family were killed in an explosion just over a week ago. Israel suggests a palestinian mine may have been to blame. Alan johnston, bbc news.

>> The chinese prime minister is are china has been drawn to invest in africa because it is an abundant source of minerals and energy. Wlets get to the business news now and tanya becket is in new york with that.

>> The numbers ahead. Demand for oil will increase by nearly 50% by 2030 according to the U.S. Government's top energy forecasting agency. It's thought the energy administration information say it will hit 118000000 compared to today's 86000000. It predicts opecopec's share will. Of course p of of that high demand is toesed spo to come from asia. Sony released the first films the blue ray are

>> That's the H.D. D.V.D. Which water music has signed a deal to sell music to chinese wireless users. Second only to china mobile with 1.4 inhabitants. Robert

>> We spen a lot time focussed on the chinese market and especially the chinese market because we think the future music business is really over the the mobile platform. The carriers have a huge base of of p they have a secure channel, a digital con10 delivery

>> Irp is in europe, the positive spirit seemed to follow through and the market ended the day a little bit higher. You're watching bbc word, let's look at the headlines again. Charles taylor lo and missing U.S. Saudis found dead in iraq. Al qaeda said it was responsible for killings. Mexicans are to vote on their new president in less than a fort night and one of the hopefuled, mr. Lopez of the leftist democratic revolution party is four points of. Mr. Calderone has been presenting his plan of of action for the first 100 days will

>> I'm joined in the studio by pamela star how significant is it?

>> Quite significant. It's not in the bag by any stretch of the voters in mekts coare still extremely volatile changing their minds daily. So it stills depends on the campaign. The 1111 say it's trending up and felipe calderone is trending towne. P there is very little in common between two. His objectives is to think in terms of bill clinton when he ran for president presidently he really doesn't care about the rest of the world which. He is not a radical like chavez but even if he were, he is 60 rather it's virtually bankrupt. He has a treaty, free trade treaty with united states he must respect. Here and had a strong judiciary. Things are things that chavez do have toley deal with. How stable is mexican democracy? I think its untear to mexico has developed a number of stable democratic institutioned it has a very aeffect y it hats a very effective tore all politicians have accepted the the rulings in the past.

>> If he cuss not win, you expect you don't expect him to swim were A. He uses most strategies that are most effective on get where he wants to be. He has no desire if he cant could be. There will be protest fiscal he were to prerd owe "my sense is that panel will vote against him and he will accept that ruling.

>> Still to come on bns world, all the latest from the world cup. In the shadow of the eiffel tower, this is president jacques chirac's legacy. This morning the president himself came to unveil the the artifacts. Have been ka, asia and other asia playing playing

>> For france, purpose of this museum is to pay homage who be people whose very existence is still threatened by the advanced of of modern it this mayors president jacques sir rack. But like so much else mr. Chirac has done, his heart attack museum perpetuates a colonial way of of thinking. Thinking. S are were artifacts from many interest did continents even though this thissy have thissy haver all this reflects the current debate in france over diversity and integration. One interest more than 700,000 gathered to watch and they watched the the top scorer in the tournament with four. Germany top group A. 3-nil to end it and 100% record after the group sage.


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20 June 2006
Kristian Menchaca, one of two US soldiers missing in Iraq whose body has been found
Two US soldiers missing in Iraq since Friday are found dead south of Baghdad, the US military says.

Ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor is flown out of Sierra Leone to face trial in The Hague on war crimes charges.
French President Jacques Chirac opens a museum of tribal art in Paris - his legacy to the nation.

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