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June 13, 2006
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Bush makes surprise trip to Iraq
An Israeli inquiry into the deaths of seven Palestinians on a Gaza beach says Israel was not to blame.
June 13, 2006

Our correspondent in gaza says at least 8 people have been killed including one child. The car was killing militants to launch rocket the at southern israel. Our correspondent is on the line. This is the worse attack for sometime?

>> Itis, indeed, one of the heaviest deal tolls. The israels strike at a mini-bus on the main road running through north earn gaza. The target was a group of militants who were on their way to launch a rocket into southern israel. Jihad said if five of its members are among the dead. There were initially two missiles fired at the vehicle and a little delay for a third to come in. Rescuers arrived at the site and they got caught up in that last blast. It seems that there were two teenagers described as children among those who died. And there were scenes of grief and anger as bloodied survivors are brought to gaza main hospitals. It some are being treated on the bloodied floors

>> Israel of course maintains this was a preemptive strike

>> Certainly they say over the past few days there have been a hundred missiles fired across the border the palestinians recently stepd up their rate of these firing of crudely made missiles. And it was after he ath of the family on the beach after it was picnicking. The israelis blame that on a shell caused by the israeli army. They are retaliating against those deaths on the beach this cross boarder rocket and israel attacks have been going on for a long-time now. And tensions between the two sides are worse than ever, particularly in the aftermat of th incident i told you about on the beach. And this large number of deaths in gaza city in the past hour is only going to add to the anger and fuel that kind of hostility.

>> In gaza, thanks very much, indeed.

>> Now meltdown, but it's not looking good for the international business scene

>> Its not looking good at all. Japan's stock market has plunged 4% over the outlet for the U.S. Economy which is japan's biggest export market. The index there has now dumbbelled 111.75 percent since the beginning of this year. They dumped stocks with the speculation that the U.S. Federal reserves will race interest rates further. At the close the trading today nikkei down the biggest one day loss in two years. And in south korea, the kosp ifell three%. And in hong kong, the hang seng plummeted 2.4%. Jim fish has more.

>> After a gradual slide in global markets, the news from japan took a turn for the worse. The nikkei fell more than 4% its biggest loss in over two years, it was a case of global jitters, essentially unrelated to japan's solid economic prospect s prospects.

>> Various economic indices shows that our country is continuing the economic recovery, and the signs are that future prospects are also good. We will continue to monitor stock prices.

>> Shares are falling worldwide mainly due to fears that central banks will race interest rates in order to tame inflation. That will have the effect of squeezing the supply of cheap money and thereby deterring investors

>> Officially what is happening we have had some data that makes the market concern over global growth and global inflation. The ferris that central banks will have come and tighten further reduce the global economic outlook and obviously that's bad for being tos. We have seen significant weakness against global markets a lot of in certainty into immerging markets

>> Economists have mixed feelings about the consumer boom in america. As long as americans continue to import goods, the rest of the world will prosper. But while stock markets rose towards new peaks, inflation also began to raise its head. The strict for central bankers will be to bear down on inflation without causing the stock markets to loose their nerve all together. Jim fish, bbc news

>> Here are the numbers. India still trading, heavy selling all across the board. It slashed its edespite the world cup the fact that soany m people are selling those television. I spoke to chris ease in tokyo. I asked him what the send meant was in japan

>> Encouraging figure about japan's economy. There seems to be a sense what is smoking the market is a concern about slow down in the U.S. The only thing you have to remember is that the tokyo index has risen far higher than other interest desks in the last year. When you see interest desks starting to fall across the world, basically, the tokyo market has further to fall. You have a much steeper decline going upon here.

>> And chris, pointing out what is happening across the world. Let's cheque in with the london stock exchange what is happening in europe?

>> A similar storey here in europe. The stock has been taking a trashing. Major markets touching six months lows. The capitalize down 2%. A 11.75 percent loss for the cac in germany. Inflation remains a central concern here in europe. Central banks might resort to hike in interest rates. Key information will be out in just over a couple of hours producer prices data from the U.S. We already heard some bull-ish sounding cments from the federal reserve about the need for rm vigilance against inflation. Any signs of inflation in those figures could actually point to another rise in U.S. Interest rates.

>> Thanks for that. We will be getting some analyze for you from the U.S. A little bit later today. More coming up in the next hour in the next update on the market

>> Diplomatic pressure is growing on the guantanamo bay detention centre. The european parliament is voting on a resolution demanding its closure. The international committee of the red cross is making an unscheduled visit to the camp, that follows the suicide of three inmates on saturday. Its representative says they are not investigating those deaths.

>> As you know the international committee of the red cross is not in charge of formal investigation, we have visited guantanamo since 2002 and still visit regularly at guantanamo. On obviously, when there is such an incident as the suf sides, we would make a special visit as we have planned to do

>> Those who died have actually had contact with the red cross before?

>> Well, the three sides that are reported to have committed suicide were, indeed, registered by the international committee of the red cross, and we have been able to see them at some point during the time that they were at guantanamo.

>> Are there concerns that although they were registered with you, they found it necessary to take this drastic step?

>> We're extremely concerned about these deaths at guantanamo. And we are concerned about the fact that indefinite detention without clear fate leads to their strain.

>> At least two people died in clashes on monday and hundreds of gunmen went on a rampage in ramallah. They put their security forces on maximum alert.

>> Settlers stormd the palestinian neighborhood. Security forces had to remove ab t 50 demonstrators who reportedly broken into a palestinian shop

>> President bush says the new leader in iraq are on a list of those who were to be brought to justice. Mr. Bush will have talks in camp david about future policies in iraq.

>> Terror suspects in canada say they can no longer expect a fair child. They criticize the media black out of pretrial hearings. They accused of plotting attacks throughout the province of ontario.

>> One bomb went off in a popular market area and the police were also targeted in kirkuk. The attack might have been an al qaeda response to the death of its former leader.

>> It is a sectorian mix. This is going to be the concern that this is a series of attacks aimed at showing discord in this, very, very sensitive place. The kurds, in particular, have long seen kirkuk as a place of violence. It is to be a major sticking point in talks that are still due to happen on the constitution on resolving certain issues that were left unresolved in the contusion. The concern is going to be that this is some kind of attack that al-qaeda have been promising in response to the death of their leader. We were told by police that there have been at least five separate incidents, four bombs went off, a 5th one was apparently foiled after police fired at the driver. But a mixture of police and civilians have been targeted in these attacks today in kirkuk.

>> Bbc world and still to come we look back on the the life of one of ireland's most controversial politicians.

>> In belgium, the authorities are continuing to search for two young girls who went missing on the weekend. They are sister they disappeared after a street party. Posters have been distributed.

>> Step sisters, age 7 and 10. 30,000 of these posters have been distributed across belgium. A massive search operation has been underway. Officers concentrated on dense wood land near the centre. They haven't been seen since early on saturday when they were at a stleet party with their parents. Haunting people's memory is this man, a convicted killer. Two of his victims disappear a decade ago. Police said they want to speak to a paroled sex offender seen in a cafe the family had visited. They have little choice but to wait for news. After three days the police have now suspended their search as belgium prosecutors appeal for any witnesses to come forward. Bbc news.

>> The authorities in peru have been evacuating residents from the base of the volcano. Some 294 people have been taken to a temporary camp and given food and shelter. They have been spewing gases and ash since early april. Protesters have clashed with police in the democratic publ

of the congo. They are calling for next month's election to be postponed. The protesters say that more work is needed on the country's peace process before electiones can be free and fair. The vote scheduled for july the 30 will be the first multi party elections in four decades in the count trieve.Ry country.

>> Bbc world. Our main headlines now. Nine people have been killed in an israel air strike on gaza city, including two children. Defending an inmate in guantanamo bay has told the bbc ease involved in nothing but a show trial.

>> Authorities say one man has been killed after an american military truck hit a motor bike in kabul. Our correspondents in kabul says official are keen to assure us.

>> They were pulling on the road south through the outskirts of kabul when it hit this motorcycle and flipped over. It crashed into an imbankment. But they say the truck actually went into a house in the air a ya. One person has been killed and another injured and the americans saying that the initial reports suggested possibly a childay ve m been killed and they regret any death or in jury caused by this accident. Obviously very, very sensitive because of where this happened d wh happened last time there was an accident two weeks ago

>> Nothing like the reaction like two weeks ago

>> It is calm at the moment. They are trying to piece together exactly what happened. The americans say the motorcycle slowed down in front of their vehicle unexpectedly. They rushed down to the scene of the crash when it happened. It was the same area where the crash happened two weeks ago and caused this rioting. They went down to make sure there wasn't that kind of protest or angry reaction, and so far that has been successful.

>> The prime minister of ireland died at the age of 80. He whats a controversial figure that served four terms as prime ied his home with his family at his bedside. Our correspond department looks back on his life.

>> Even as it all ended, humiliation and disgrace, it was the style to him. The last act in a life was played out before tribunals inquiring into corruption during the years in power. The main question why he had given more than 8 million pounds during that time, was never answered.

>> I would greatly wish to have an opportunity to hear it firsthand from the representatives of the union tradition-

>> In his time he was the dominant figure in irish politics. His track record of winning three elections and losing two, suggests he was liked and disliked in equal measure by the voters. Still no one was ever indifferent to the man supporters simply called the boss. It was against the backdrop of the worsening troubles in ireland in 1970 where much of his career was set. The finance minister was accused of struggling weapons to ira. He was cleared at a sensational trial. The fall kinds war damaged his standing in britain. A few latters later he joined margaret thatcher in the agreement. There was to be no peaceful rerement. Including one set up to probe the many gifts from wealthy friends began to close in. The evidence was overwhelming. One storey how he spent 16,000 pounds of taxpayers money on handmade shirts in paris. At the end this is how he will be remembered. The politicians whose determination to do well for the country he loved was tainted by his determination to do well out of it.

>> Bbc world still to come on this programme, berlin. The world cup final

>> The corporation on line news site was choices by judges and an on line poll as the oscars of the international. Prince got the main lifetime achievement award. Our correspondent was there to see the bbc pick up its on line award.

>> They can't match the profile and glamour of the oscars, but they tried. And when it comes to welt, talent and cray tift, the web is ten years on and on firm ground

>> Every year we add new categories. This year we have 69. That shows you the breadth of the way of people usinghe t

>> The bbc got the best news web site. Other awards when to music, politics, and what they call weird.

>> It is a great collection of ridiculously cute things.

>> The golden rule here which would be welcomed at every worlds is that they limit speeches to just five words

>> Good night and good luck.

>> Please obey all speed limits.

>> Fight hiv with your heart. Thank you.

>> England team bring back trophy.

>> The lifetime achievement award went to prince for pine engineering use of the internet to promote music.

>> They launched 16 million people used the internet. They use it in so many different ways which is use tonight there is confidence, diversity and energy of an industry that is growing debut day. Bbc bbc b bshgs oh

>> The authorities say the trolly slammed into the rear of another tram in the north earn area of the japanese capital. 36 people were on board at the time, none seriously hurt. The cause of the accident was not immediately known.

>> Te sr spimts now. Here is sarah

>> Hello. Defending championships brazil make their first appearance to the world cup finals on tuesday. Before that tokyo will be hoping the return when they make their final dedebut. Brazil versus croatia. They will be under the spotlight in the build up to their opener. Unlike most teams, a final training session was opened for the world media. He has promised a lineup on tuesday. Brazil are needless to say the overwhelming favourites to win a 6th world cup but the coach has been busy trying to fade out all of the talk

>> We will have to play with every game. We have to consider the competition step by step. We know the favourites in world cup fails. Fail they didn't succeed. So we're not considering this. I said before in portuguese. It comes from outside to inside. It doesn't come from brazil saying we are favourites. It's game from the outside world. So i can tell you it didn't hurt us.

>> By contrast croatia build up has gone almost unnoticed. They may well challenging the brazilian fans. They are starting with their toughest match first. There is no room fo error in the next two days.

>> We know the next two games with japan are going take us to the next round.

>> Cricket now and the west indies have a decline in the second test in saint lou sha. The homicide skid willed out for 215 on day three, meaning they have been forced to follow on. India have already made a strike. Chris gail went in the first over for just two. At close which came early, due to satellite and rain the independent disease were 43 to 1, with 215 runs behind with nine wickets in end. The former world number was was seated 12 at the championship at the queens club in london. Specifically, missing the clay court season in order to prepare for wimbledon. But he came up against the brit who was unseeded for this event for the first time in a decade and he demonstrated, that he, too has wimbledon in its site beating beating beating beating agassi.

>> Playing in canada, it was the oilers who scored first, sending the home fans into a fran see. It didn't last long, 29 seconds to be precise. They level for the hurricane s hurricanes. And the winner in the second period, edmonton failed to clear it. They win game 5.

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14 June 2006
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