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September 7, 2007
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Headline News of September 7, 2007
South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and US President George W Bush shake hands on sidelines of Apec - 07/09/07
President Bush says a peace treaty with North Korea is possible - in an odd exchange with South Korea's Roh.

A crew from a TV comedy show, one dressed as Osama Bin Laden, breaches Sydney's tight security for Apec.
Doctors find 26 needles in a woman's body, possibly inserted by grandparents upset she was not a boy.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of September 7, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  


>> Thanks very much for joining us. The top U.S. Envoy for North Korea, Christopher Hill, says experts from china, Russia and the united states have all accepted an invitation from North Korea to go there this month to study hownuled. President bush has said a new security arrangement can be achieved on the peninsula when North Korea scraps its weapons programme. Mr. Bush was speaking in Sydney. He's attending the APEC summit. He also made a call for the strengthening of democracy across the continent. I asked our correspondent in Sydney, Nick Bryant, whether the invitation from North Korea is being seen by Christopher Hill as a significant one.

>> Yeah, he says it's a very significant step. The foal is the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. What he's announced in the past hour sore is nuclear experts from three countries, china, russia and america, have been invited to North Korea by Pyongyang to take a look at the nuclear facilities that it plans to disable by the end of the year. He's saying that visit will take place next weeK. The sooner the better, as he put it, and they're hoped to have looked at all of North Korea's nuclear facilities by the end of december. As i say, Christopher Hill saying this is a very significant development as far as he and the bush administration is concerned in their goal of denuclear tiegz Korean peninsula. 46E14BF1.JPG

>> Obviously that goal, nick, a long-term E. There will still be some caution attached to this until it happens.

>> Yeah because as the americans and indeed the other members of the talks have seen before, North Korea has been known to renege on some of the deals that it has made. I mean, there were promises to shut down its main nuclear plant earlier in the year and then when the deadline came, they simply ignored it. So pyongyang can't always be taken at face value, but Christopher Hill did point out that this idea and this invitation had come from the North Koreans. He's clearly taking it at face value and he says that team of experts, not just from america but russia and china, as well, will be heading to North Korea within the next few days. 46E14C23.JPG

>> And in terms of the summitk, i welcome good news because bush had been pretty critical even today about North Korea and issues of democracy.

>> Yes, he had. He gave a keynote speech earlier on at the Sydney opera house. He spoke about the need to boost democracy across the asia pacific region. He had quite pointed words for vladimir putin of russia and indeed president hu jintao of china, saying they should adhere to democratic principles, but his strongest condemnation was reserved for not just North Korea but burma, as welL. That speech was intended to show that washington is still very much engaged in the asia pacific region but it's fought preoccupied with the problems of iraq. There was one big problem, george bush spoke with the most passion during that speech about iraq. It was definitely the sectionwh c APEC forum the opec forum. 46E14C5C.JPG

>> Slip of the talk there no doubt. The human cost of hurricanes s of central america where more bodies have been recovered along the coast. Nearly 100 people have thought to have been killed by these storms. A similar number still mintzing, though, andy gallagher has more.

>>Ixave subside, but as mak tragua war, the human cost of this storm is emerginG.

>> Nobody can be prepared for a hurricane of ha magnitude, even if it's in the centre of theashat.

>> Tens of thousands of people have been left homeless as aid agencies struggle to teach affected areas and more than 100 people are still missing.Araguan soldiers distributed food to remote villages where residents had been sure surviving on nothing but coconuts. 46E14C9C.JPG

>> ( Translated ): We're transporght rice, bean, milk, sugar and coffee.

>> The authorities in both countries are coping with the aftermath of a hurricane that hit land with winds of around 260mph.

>> ( Translated ): I don't know where to get anything now. I'm here with my family and i don't have anything.

>> In mexico, 5,000 people are still being housed in shelters as more flood warnings have been put in place. A U.S. Warship has been sent in nicaragua to help coordinate the relief effort, and millions of dollars in aid has been promised to help rebuild tin fracturesme miami.

>> A typhoon in japan has swept away an unknown number of homeless people sleeping bay bank. Shea slept if shacks in southern tokyo. One man was winched to safetY. Another w r this typhoon hit the capital region before dawn. Heavy downpours and very strong winds with it. Now, kate mccann, the mother of the missing four-year-old madeleine mccann is to be declared a suspect by the portuguese police the bbc has learned. The mccann family spokeswoman reveals that mrs. Mccann will today be declared an an arguida or formal suspect. We have live pictures from outside the police state in port amaL. Under the arguida position, kate mccann can remain silent if she chooses. This case has become part of life for people living in the 46E14D1A.JPGarea to the extent it almost no longer affected them on daily basiS. But they're out in their droves in what is seen as a veryatic development.Te mccanN. 11 hours she spent with the police yesterday being questioned. It's been made clear in the course of this morning she will today be told she's been considered a formal suspect or as we said arguida. This will be more questioning for kate mccann. A number of very specific questions the portuguese police have said they would like to put to her. Her husband also gerry mccann is expecting questions, as welL. So she's back in the police station for a further session of questioning. That's kate mccann arriving in port amal. Let's moving on now as pope benedict is on a three-day pilgrimage to awe trea were the roman catholic church has lost something like one-third of its members. After an opening ceremony in vienna's main square, the pope will join the city's chief rabbi for the silent tribute for the 65,000 austrian jews who perished in nazi death camps. David willey is on line now track pope benedict. In terms of numbers of catholics, it's an uphill task for the pope. I don't suppose he's seeing it particularly as a sales pitch. 46E14D73.JPG

>> The pope is very conscious of the growing secularization of europe, and he's very worried about iT. But really there's nothing much he can do. This visit he was telling us on the plane coming from rome is in his eyes mainly a pilgrimagE. He said he hopes that will create a sense of greater unity among the peoples of central europe. He was asked also about recent scandals which have affected the catholic church in austria, but he admitted these are what he called difficult times. He thanked all those that remain faithful to the church. The fact is there has been a terrific falling away of catholics in this country. It's still going on. The church here takes some comfort that fewer catholics defected last year than in previous years. But that's pretty scant comfort when you consider that this used to be one of the great catholic centres of europe. 46E14DAF.JPG

>> He's there for three day, david. What else is he going to be doing?

>> Well, he's going to a shrine southwest of vienna where they're celebrating the 850th anniversary of this particular shrine, which is dedicated to the virgin mary. I think the pope will have an uphill task here. The visit has aroused great interest. The church, the local church is putting on a big publicity shoW. They've got posters. They've got flyerS. They're bussing people around so that the pope feels he has good congregations at his rather limited number of engagements, but the fact remains that this, like other countries in europe, is becoming more and more secular all the time. The only thing that united states catholics i would say here is a fear of islam. That is palpable, but to say that there's going to be any big renaissance in the catholic church as a result of the pope's visit seems to me wishful thinking. 46E14DF2.JPG

>> David, thanks very much indeed for that. Back here juliet has the latest news. There is a bit of number crunching to be done from the U.S. Figures.

>> I can say i won't be doing the number crunching thank goodness because given the recent turmoil on the world's financial markets, it's hardly surprising that today's U.S. Jobs figures are attract more attention than usual. Everyone is watching for signs that the downturn in the housing market is affecting the economy. If the numbers coming lower than expected, it might influence the federal reserve to cut rates. Analysts are expected that 100,000 jobs were created in august. That's what we'll be looking out for. That will impact the way the financial markets themselveses will react. More on that later. On the corporate front, steve jobs, the boss of apple, has apologised to customers who missed out on the $200 price cut of the iphone. Instead he's often them $100 in credit. It's likely that wall street analysts won't be impressed. Many have downgradeed apple shares. Vodafone is making a move to supply six-line broadband internet to its customers. It's believed assets in italy and spain could be worth $547 and $684 million collectivelY. America's motorola is being sued by japan's fuji. It's criming several of the models infringe on patents. 46E14E62.JPGFuji says poet row la has made unlawful gains and profiT. Motorola has refused to comment on the case. And zimbabwe has devalued its currency by more than 100fold in a battle on hyperinflation. Analysts fear the move may increase production costs because it still trails behind the rate on the black market. That's the latest business news for now. More on these stories in world business report in just under 20 im

>> I think it will be.

>> Stay with us here on bbc world. Still to come, a test case for political islam. This as morocco goes to the an islamist web site has said it will soon carry a new vid of osama bin laden. Following the report, the white house homeland security adviser, francis townsend said capturing and killing bin laden remained a huge priority for the U.S. 46E14EA9.JPG

>> The web site advertising the en ars have aged compared the previous pictures with his beard now looking black rather than graying. There are no details of the content of the video or any ly it sixth anniversary of the september 11th attacks, which comes next tuesday.

>> We absolutely have all the signatures and indicators that we look for upon a video release from al qaeda that is legitimate have been met. So we have i coming out as much as it possibly can and it will be a credible message.

>> Osama bin laden has not been seen in the videotape fortober 2004 in a message on the eve of the last american presidential election. Although an audiope january0eo, indeed appear, would be a surprise and would also serve to disspell persistent rumours thata died.B has killed at least 15 people and injured more than 70 others in theian south of algiers. The bomb exploded in a crowd ofopedul president. Mission in thdeof congo says it's not very optimistic about the ceasefire that the the country agreed on thursday. A spokesman said the truce was very fragile and u.N.Gion. Fighting has forced over 10,000 people from their homes. There are about 250,000 displaced. You're watching bbc world. Let me remind you of the main news. As president bush called for greater democracy in asia, North Korea says it will open up its nuclear facility to international inspectors.

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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