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June 28, 2007
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Headline News of June 28, 2007
International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Olli Heinonen en route to Yongbyon
A team of UN inspectors sets off for the first visit to North Korea's main nuclear reactor in four years.

Former Japanese Prime Minister and veteran lawmaker Kiichi Miyazawa dies at the age of 87.
Salvage teams hope to refloat a freighter stranded on the Australian seaboard for almost three weeks.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of June 28, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

Let's get some other stories now as the U.N. weapons inspectors are making their first trip to North Korea's main nuclear reactor since being thrown out of the country four years ago. They'll tour the facility at Yongbyon which produces plutonium. North Korea has promised to end its nuclear programme in exchange for international aid. What it hasn't yet said is that when Youngbyun will close.  Pakistan Flights to a province to a halt. Relief officials say 20,000 homes were destroyed there or damaged. A suicide bomber if afghanistan has attacked a convoy of foreign troops in kabul. At least two people were killed, a number of others injured. This attack taking place in the east of the city. Now, the man convicted of blowing up an american jumbo jet over the scottish town of lockerbie 19 years ago is hoping he may get another chance to appeal. 270 people were killed in the bombing of pan am flight 103. The bombing was sent to prison for life. He has always claimed he's innocent. There are now some doubts about the case against him. Andrew castle has more. 4683A42E.JPG

>> It became an iconic image of international terrorism, an when a bomb blew apart an american jumbo jet over a scottish towN. In the field where the jumbo's cockpit came to rest, there was little obvious sign of the events which happened here nearly 20 years ago. Lockerbie, like the rest of the world, moved on, safe in the knowledge that the bomber had been tried and convicted, that justice at least had been done. Secret service agent was the man held responsible. He was convicted during a unique legal process in which scottish judges sat in a courtroom in the netherlands. But six years on, campaigners claim he never receive trial.

>> The verdict reached is unsafe and ought to be looked at again. There were so many things to explain. 4683A468.JPG

>> The case with circumstantial and relied heavily on forensic evidence gleaned from the wreckage of the pan am jet. A fragment of a timing device was found in the shirt from the seed to this shop in malta where the owner identified magrhi as the man who bought them. A body of lawyers have been reviewing the case as af>> Although the commission can point to one particular thing, his lawyers are not restricted to that one particular thing. When they lodge an appeal, they can bring all sorts of matters to life.

>> He has been serving his 27-year sentence in a jail near glasgow, and that's where he'll remain even if the case goes to a second appeal. Andrew castle, bbc news,assrual assault charges against the country's outgoing president. Moshe katsaV. In return he'll admit to lesser offences. Mr. Katsav has always protested 4683A4B4.JPG

jerusalem are our correspondent. Perhaps you can enlighten us on the swaight katsav finds himselfin earlier a scandal that has been rumbling along in israel for about a year now. Earlier this year israel's hat

p charges against the outgoing president for rape and sexual harassment. Now today he says they have entered a plea bargain and the big charges of rape have been dropped. Now, he said also the attorney general today that the president would resign and in any case they have -- there have already been election in israel for a new president, shimon peres, who is due to take office early next month.

>> Ultimately this does amount to an admission ofhoor offences. 4683A4EF.JPG

>> That appears to be the situation at the moment. And certainly there's a number of questions bei ahe israeli media as to whether or not justice has been done, as to whether there is, you know, if you are in a position of power, you get more favourable treatment, but the attorney general... these are the questions being asked in israeli media at the moment, but certainly for now it looks as to think the president has esdhaipd big charge of rape drks escaped this big charge of rape which could have seen him facing a bill jail term. He will be stepping down, making way for the new president. Shimon peres.

>> Thanks very much for that. Juliet is here now with the latest business newS. A bit of a dispute over who would correspondentser the world cup. That's come to an end.

>> Correct. It revolves around visa, the world's biggest credit card network. It's going to stump up around $170 million to correspondentser the 2010 and 2014 football world cups. The tournament sponsorship had been rather confused. It seemed that both visa and master card had agreements with fee have a. A judge that ruled that master hard should win the H.A. Contract should revisit her decision. This deal come at week after fifa agreed a settlement of $90 million with mastercarD. We'll have more on analysis on that deal in our world business report in under 20 minutes' time. The troubled retail chain has released its annual results this thursday. The company has been struggling to turn around its business which is suffering from falling music sales. H.M.V. Says it made a netf what it minin the company also announced that they're in talks with their japanese decision. The sale could boost its share price, which has fallen by 06% since 2005. Spanish airline iberia is expected to reject a takeover offer from british airways. They're meeting to discuss theit's believed by offer the board is hoping that a third party will offer a higher price. And a court in australia has cleared the world's biggest investment bank of insider trading. Financial regulators said that citigroup broke the law when it bought and sold shares it was advising another company about taking over. Actionsring a cigarette break on the street amounted to insider traigd. The case has been closely watched around the world. Back to you.

>> Juliet, thank you. D the banks of the river tigris just south of baghdad. Police have yet to identify anyms. Inn killed by this bomb explosion. The explosives were hidden in a car and detonated at a bus stop as people were going to work. Poliabout 40 vehicles, t set alight by that blast. The bbc's been told that u.S. Forces in iraq killed 11 men andn were attacked by U.S. Helicopters in a village north of baghdad. Local people and a survivor said they were not al qaeda. They were, in fact, locally recruited gs whovehdad and correspondent jim muiR. Jim, another howler potentially here for the americans to deal with. 4683A5CE.JPG

>> Well, certainly lis perhaps an understandable one, but the americans said at the time, and this incident happened in the early hours of the morning last friday, is that they spotted a group of ar mnla the north of baghdad, engaged them and killed 17. They called them al qaeda fighters. Well, the villagers are disputing that version of events. They say those who died were in fa known to the local police and indeed had been working with the local police only minutes before the attack took place because they were doing a joint raid suspected insurgent or al qaeda hideout. The police heard the american raid was coming and the raid, in fact, then hit these local guards accordire investigating this incident further on the ground.

>> And they do seem to be rolling back, jim. I suppose it gives some suprt an argument for compensation.

>> Well, certainly that's what the villagers want to havE. They want compensation, but they're alsodse these fwawrdz -- guards were guarding precisely against those attacks. It is in an adjacent l this village. They are guarding against exactly the kind of attack the americans said they were planning when they hit the guards. The people do want compensation, but they also want that label of al qaeda terrorists taking off their local people who dieD.Oufficult ones to deal with.Th us here on bbc ilis progr repte duncan k mexic migran aise

you can see, there are hundreds of thell this tegal migran heading to thetask with their liv

>> Police o de janeiro haved at lstuspeeds gre10

been t office wereeli

>> This is a war oneraneople, they the fightto theanpolice had moved into this area

shoorce. 1 officerser involved, many drawn from an elite national force.Rm

for confrontati it's in this group known as t german complex that the have gangs, trying to s flow arms into the arebr weaponS. Poli hounding the complex sin mand overewkse died and over 60 haveen injured. The authoritiesn rio insist the operation is justified, they say all thoinlatest raid were suspected drug but this dis local peoplE. Say ted rifles and dynamite.Ale d gangs lefttrarantee righte have ai price, but theru traffickers been allowed to stay there and build up their heavy guns.

>> The bate this group lasted five hours, but the power ofgextends other areanar that iar

duffy, bbc n,

watching bbc world. Main news: Britain's nns unvegabinet. Mill band he named as foren the bbc h I 11 a wounded eight others last week after wrongly identifying them as al qaeda militants. Well, as congress in the united states battles away with a new immigration bill, illegal migrants in their thousands carry on leaving their homes in central ame. Passed, they will continue to seek a better life in america. Our correspondent duncan kennedy joined migrants on the border between guatemala and southern mexico as they made the perilous journey north.

>> The jou guatemala. The people-movers on inflated innertubes illegally ferrying people to mexicO. Across the far-flowing waters, you can're the one small bags. One of them 19-year-old rosa tells me she's not frightened ofca i now in mexico after the raft comes the train, singing about life in america helps pass the time waiting for oneive.Re a targeT. This man had a knife held to his throat and all his possessions taken. That's why some take no chances. Theynof a journ te signs of desperation are everywhere. We came across a 12-month-old rl she tells me the food is better, the education and the jobs are better in amee risk. Hours later the train arrives, around 1,000 migrants are waiting. Watch what happens next. Chaos and the danger could hardly be greater. This train won't stop. They might have to wait another 24 hours for the next one. For some that make it, exhaustion sets in, just inches from the track. Others just cling oN. None of them knows whenttr by daylight the sheer numbers of illegal migrants becomes clear, this just one train on one linE. About every mile or kilometre of track, peril await those. It'syeight tn are. There are hundreds travelling on this train, all illegal migrants, all heading to the united states and all prepared to take a risk with their livesto ds changing its -- most noaaway is changing its -- most know washington is c they can't wait.

>> The people walking around, they know this.

>> American border patrols are getting better at catching thedoes, these people won't stop the journey to their more promising land. Duncan kennedy, bbc new stay with us here on bbc world. Still to come in the programme, harry potter, harry potter, harry potter, he's wherever you go and the japanese can't get enough of him. Now, when it comes to the water quality of lakes and river, ecologists are usually concerned about fighting pliews, yet in the case of lake constance which t switzerland and austria, it's

just not enough plankton. That mean the lake's fish don't have enough food to groW.

>> It may sound odd, but here in lake constance, fishermen are complaining the water is too cleaN. Thanks to measures aimed at fighting pollution, there's now a shortage of plankton, the tiny organisms which fish eat in order to survive and groW. The fishermen say they've suffered heavy losseS.

>> ( Translated ): It's become a disaster. In may, for example, we only caught 15 kilograms a day. This business isn't profitable any longer.

>> At restaurants here, they specialise in local seafood, and white fish is the most popular choice. Dks, cooks are now only able to serve fillets.

>> ( Translated ): In recent years we used to offer whole fish on the menu, but the fish have become too small, so I have to take the fld complaiN.

>> Scientists are warning that climate change has shifted current and it's had a mor p the german authorities have adopted stronger pollution controls, but these fishermen say that's upset the delicate balance in the ecosystem, and they believe their livelihood is now under threa tristana moore, bbc news, berlin.

>> Well, from berlin to sydney as the opera house there has been declared a world heritage sind of 20th century architecture. That decision taken by unesco. It was designed by denmark's jan utzen and opened in 1973. The japanese will be the first to see the latest installment ofotter filmS. It's harry potter and the order of phoenix which is being premiered in tokyo five dayser london. Journalists are not allowed in for fear of passing along too many secrets. He has met some of the potterait, but it's finally here, the world's ready, and this is where it all starts. Meet japan's potter mania. Harry's their hero, and they want to be the first to see his new adventure, so we showed them the trailer, a sneak preview. (Screaming).

>> Have opinion told that a certain dark wizard is at large once again.

>> Harry.

>> Harry potter's big herE. The last movie made more money in japan than any other film last year, so will this one do as well?

>> We have replaced albert dumbledore as head of hogwartS.

>> BlimeY. A year and half for this," one girl tells me. "I can't believe the premier is in tokyo." "It's like what harry said," this girl explainS. "I was so quieted when i heard the film was coming here first i was in tears."T places, the girls set off early, hoping for a chance to meetat this morning, still hours to go before the premier, just look at the't believe their lucK. Harry and his hogwarts power here in toangned to do all they can to catch his eye.

>> Well, harry potter will be everywhere around the whole world world very soon with his new book and that film. You can get more details on this programme by logging oncn that are going to be just about everywhere. You would expect to see them. It's the spice girls.G in thewi <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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