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April 20, 2007
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Headline News of April 20, 2007
Paramedics at Johnson Space Centre
A gunman kills a hostage and himself during a stand-off with police at Nasa's Johnson Space Center in Texas.

Cuba's Fidel Castro meets a Chinese delegate in what is thought to be his first official act since illness.
The family of the Virginia Tech gunman say they are "living a nightmare" after his murderous rampage.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of April 20, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

Now we can bring you news of a developing story. Nasa has evacuated a building at the johnson space station in houston. After reports of a gunman was seen and the sound of gunshot was hearD. The space centre was locked down. It's not clear if there are any in the last few minutes houston police have been giving reporters are the latest details. 462955CD.JPG

>> Yes, we can cun fwurm that at least from there were according to one employee here at nasa, he actually saw the suspect. That's why i can give you information on that and he indicated that he heard two shots and actually saw the gun in the and the suspect.

>> No, I cannot whether as bee ty nybywa

>> We can go live toasaokrineid t have crm tee suspect with a handgun.

Man between 50 and 60 years old. And he was spotted with a handgun in building 44 on johnson space centre's campus. Right now the police are working ncurity tound hopefully get the situation under controL.

>> Can you tell us whether there are any hostages.

>> As a police mentioned in their press conference they cannot confirm whether there are any hostages oravshed ac a sensE. I would imagine nasa security is pretty tight. How did this man get in 46295624.JPG

>> Security is very tight and we are certainly going to use this incident tot what pe you ur gateii acre campus does have security on site.

>> Thank you very much. Well the family of the student who killed 32 people at Virginia tech say they never thought he was capable of such violence.  Cho Seung Hee's relatives say they feel helpless, hopeless and lost in a very sorry for his unspeakable actions.

>> The state of Virginia have been observing a day of mourning at noon local time, and vigils and prayers have been organized across the country.

>> Meanwhile friends and relatives of an Israeli professor killed in a Virginia shootings have paid their final respect at his funeral service.  The 76-year-old died trying to shield his students. We have this report from Jerusalem.

>> He was given a hero's funeral one of the victims of the Virginia tech killings, a 76-years he barricaded the door to his classroom with his body. This allowed his students to jump out of the window to safety. Hundreds gathered to pay their last respects.

>> We would like to thank you Professor Liveresko, many other people.

>> He was family said they were proud of him.


>> He was passionate about life. A holocaust survivor turned teacher he worked at Virginia tech well beyond the normal retirement age. He believed in his students. Ultimately he gave up his life for them. The Israel government presented his widow with a letter of honour.

>> I'll be back in a few minutes with the sto ond an abandoned ship that's battleing aus traltralian sea and air rescuers.Tial election is set for tomorrow. 

>> On the eve that the presidential election the hide of nigeria's electoral commission balancelot papers he arrive. In a televised president obasanjo to prevent vote rigging rigginging on saturday. Finally the wait is pa nooige nigeria is about that to get a new presndcontenderS. This man yar'adua the candidate of theY. He's obasanjo. 46295705.JPG

>> But there is political turmoil here. Theo b ahe elections. Polling stations opened late or not at all. On governingr followed. Nigerian observers said that should be null. We've asked action. Don't put a crediblyly lex out there won't be secure elections and there could be resulting violence

>> Despite the country's huge overty without basic amenities. Whoever wins will want that to change.

>> This government has no electricity, no water, no security, no anything so need change.

>> Talkingut and water supply, i'm talking about observation people are wanting to go forwarD.Igeria isafrica's most populist nation and it one of the biggest oil producers in the so it's really does matter who runs this place and key is a cred elections simply nigeria further down the road to 46295786.JPG

>> Stay with bbc news, still on comeis the disappearance that's baffle baffling australian sea and air rescuers. Three men are missing from this boat.>> From new york. Here's michelle.

>> The bowls are in friday as stocks leapt higheR. A dow setting another record day for the d earningspo propelled further into record territory and closer to the 13,000 mark. Investors anxious about first quarter results have dispelled by a number of stronger than expected earnings reports. While the nine economic data that concerns about the strength of U.S. Economy were on the back burner at least for now. And one of those companies serving up a healthy profits was profits were largest food fast rose to $762 million in first quarter up $137 million on the previous year. I focus on breakfast, and new healthier items helped deliver the improved performance, and the u.S. Treasurer secretary says china must move faster to


>> They recognized a principle of currency flexibility which is very, very and they're moving but they're not moving in my judgment quickly enough.

>> U.S.He committee of 100. A group promoting better chinese relations. On the markets the dowe 12,963, and nasdaq third straight week of gain 21 points at 2526.

>> You're watching bbc news. The main own to the wire but millions of voters

>> Now emergency services inhed a searcthree man crew of a yacht found drifting off the north quens lund coasT. Vessel was found in with engine running and table laid for dinner but there was no one on board. An this has the makings of a d coloto the great barrier reef where virtually everything appearedheterious disappearance ofi.The 12 meter cat moran was spotted on wednesdaY. It wasn't rescue teams managed to clam burr on bober on board. I had a good search of the boat and just you could see three people had been staying in those 46295867.JPG

>> A radiowop computer. The in scbrun was running and the yacht sails were up so one was bad's shredded.

>> The only sign ofe raftS. Thy e find the crew

>> Now the 200 volunteers involved in a huge medical experiment have arrived at base camp ate the body copes with a lack of oxygen.

>> It's an unusuallalt but everest has been transformed into a giant science lab. This exercise bike is just of scos testing equipment hauled up the mountain. All 200h their paceS. Patient in intensive care struggle with low oxygen levels. This is minimum iked in the thin air at high alt toad. The aim to understand theicse oxygen more efficientlY. We would hope to look into a few years time to developing treatment that allow critically I will to use oxygen more efficiently

>> The 200 trekkers be making their base kafr at everesT. A smaller of 15 doctors and scientists are carry the medical ero hear the south call at 26,000 feetlaboratory. And in the coming weeks several wio mored>> Being a ouhere. Several climbers perish on everest each year and crossing aicallengE. Long way from any hospital but these ctidoctors wha months i for patients they see in intenseive care. Stay with bbc news. Still to come in this programme. They married on film and now it's for real. Bollywood's most famous couple are tying the knot todaY.

>> Canada has condemned the authorities in china for sentencing a canadian legal rights activityist activist to life in prison on charges of separate tism and terrorisM. Nothing especially unusual about this that except thisn canada and he's a canadian citizen. Amid allegations that he's been tortured in custody the canadian government is fewerurious about his treatment. This is a very tragic case. Some 8 million ethnic live in western chinese. Most of them are muslimS. Say thousands of people have

relentless campaign against militant groups. But the chinese authorities remain defiant and they say thatassiness.

>> I think canada is well aware of china's views o t ichhe canadian side has no right to interferE. We hope that canada can take the ributisn brewing for some time. And it will he says says an impact on canada's relatio

>> Residents of a small town in western newfoundland in canada watched helplessly ass theirdestroyeD. A ore imminent danger of falling into the sea

>> The american embassy in berlin says that united states is stepping up security at all of its diplomatic fit acro aerican citizens in germany to be vigeilantvigilant. It gave no information about any new specific threat. The german government warned of increased threat of violence.

>> Bollywood's rich and glamourous, and successful as iscpying thautousands of fans have gathered in mombai to celebrate the wedding.UmbaI to celebrate the wedding.

>> The screen idles try to keep the celebrations under wraps but thousands of fans blocked strehthem. Most horseback. This one is to come with armed ntry movie stars are royalty. The bride rai is a i most beautiful women in the worlD. Together they're estimated to ke a hindi film it's all about family. Both

>> Alwayshe would me.Sh i was the luckyguy. Today's sellcelebrations were to be hush-hush. The couple will have to fight hard to keep their off screen romance privatE.

>> Just trim to bring breaking N. Latest reports from a local television in houston say the who fired shots at the nasa complex has killed himself and a hostagE. We will bring you more on that of course in washington. I'm jonathan beale, andscpand from london I'm alistair yates. Thanks for being with us. <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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