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April 19, 2007
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Headline News of April 19, 2007
Virginia Police chief Steve Flaherty - 19/4/07
Officers probing the shootings at Virginia Tech say footage of killer Cho Seung-hui should not have been broadcast.

An anti-Castro Cuban militant in the US is released on bail ahead of his trial on immigration fraud charges.
Google has seen quarterly profits soar 69%, beating expectations, boosted by strong advertising revenue.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of April 19, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

There's growing criticism that the material was made public. 462802E9.JPG

>> This is the riddle behind this massacre, what turns an awkward smile into a grimace of death. Is the subject of this cho's multimedia manifestO.


>> He's actions couldn't been less religious but his video is littered with reference to religion. He rails against christianity but also compares himself to chrisT.

>> Yes, he clearly identifies with jesus christ as somebody who is persecuted. The comparisons to jesus will strike many offense you have there shouldn't surprise anyone. According to glenn wilson the psychiatrist who helped us to analyse the tape.

>> He mentions christs on a few occasions paranoid patients. But where they personality disorder or paranoid psychosis he's an extremely disturbed individual. I would expect that there is some kind of bio chemical or even anton muscle basis to this. 4628036F.JPG

>> These are that part of the and that for and aid from the film from violence. This pose bears a remarkable violence to old boy a south korean which is part of a vengeance trilogy. He cast himself as man.

>> It's a case of the small man wanting to be big, the ram bow noticed, wanting to be a super hero, and in fact, he knew he was none of these things and andy warhol talked about 15 minutes of fame. He certainly achieved his

>> There's his obvioussession with the student who barely spoke otherS.

>> The mood is beginning to change here on campus, on intrusion into their grief is being re-sunday the media focus in recent days has been on the killer the motives behind his momentous crime and his legacy on video. Time to refocus on the people who matter most the victims and the ones they leave behind. 462803CA.JPG

>> Matt frei reporting therE. Cho ranted against his fellow students before he went on the rampage. How they responded to the video tirade. Our correspondent jeremy cooke ha


>> A badut also caused more pain for a community already in agony.

>> When nbs news seung-hui students across this and took in every detail.

>> It's really disturbing. I definitely think at some point it should have been that aire time for the cho video have provoked a mixed reaction. For eense of what happened. For others it focus from their loss and on to the killer

>> His videos and other material have been handed over to t f whoayhre disappointed in the editorial decision to broadcast these disturbing f the past few days many students have left and gone home. A sprawling virginia tech campus feels empty and subdued. The grieving here has barely gun. Jeremy cooke, bbc news, virnge tech. Virginia tech 46280436.JPG

>> H t managed to s t preoccupying washington tonight. After he appeared before a senate commits's to defend the dismissal of eightutor accusations that the sackings were politically motivated.

>> Were you prepared for the press kmps where you said there weio esk were you prepared?

>> You interjected you're always prepared. I prepared for every hearinG.

>> Well i'm asking you do you prepare for your press

wfor the press conference

>> Were you prepared when you said weren't involved in any deliberation?

>> Senator, i've already conceded i misspoke at that press ionaL. I dot

your atadam brooks which has been described as his last chance. How did he perform 46280486.JPG

>> He stuck to his guns throughout the day.Improper had i eight u.S. Attorneys. He said he had never sought to and the american people, and he said very importantly he said he eight attorneys fireD. He felt that the process that led up to thef ju .Tmtely tom coburn came in very hard, and called for his reeds youing nation. It's been enough to save his job.

>> So he has been what are the chances that he can save his job?

>> The white house is s sayingt i the seinably doesn't count very much. We've spoken to a number ofmonth. It's really a question they say that the president's confide in gonzalez is based on a relationship of personal trusT. Will president bush remain as loyal tos bly not longeR. 462804DF.JPG

>> Thank you very much.

>> The unrsudaN. First let's go to alistair. The first round of the french is the finalhas be t thweekend's first round of presidential election. Wyattmazing about this that it feels as though it's been going on fhe fncot candidae

>> That for one the francis's win back hearts and minds of the suburbsorn 2005 heul. Rebel from the streets of the suburbs. Trailing behind him at this stage the latest the poll the al she's holding herly in the held his final rally. Highly symbolic for her. She has a lot of super swayinged to do. Th seriously presidential candidate which is made onluster.

Baou the far le pen for the polling extremely high between 30 and and he'spses for t you might be in the second round again. Palestinian president abbas has said that his intelligence services have cun fumed the missinging correspondent alan johnston is alive. Alan was kis napped in the espons welcome tlan's family want more than anything is firm evidence that his well-being and his immediate relseolee used tear gas to disperse crowds of the president. They accuse him of not trying to combat corruption. 4628058E.JPG

>> They threaten to boycott the polls and the election of h the alistair from more in longer. Do stay with us. Still to come, it's often dry and hot in australia. It's really bad this year. It's the worst drought in a century.


>> Let's get all of the business from new york. And they weren't disappointed. The internet that profits were up 69%. Ceo submit that the global growth of our core search and our focus on building our partnerships droveff ress story for microdynamics. Losses has widened to $611 million. That has revenue fell more than 7%.

>> Moving on and the head of the world bank paul wolfowitz canceled a public appearance. As the board met to discuss his future. The bank may not announce the decision yet. Some experts wolfowitz can stay as long as the white house co and that he unfairly pro 462805F6.JPG

world social networking sites myspace is launching a new service in a bid to boost advertising revenue.

>> That contrasts with google's which uses an automated system. The news core that will allow news services to target its user. The dow for record high that fres china's continued to grow rapidlY. The reason easy corporate earningS. Dow was 4 points. The nasdaq down five and over in europe it was a different day pressure is being stepped up yet again on the sudanese government over its policy in the violence region of darfur. The u enough security council meeting to consider tougher punitive measures against khartoum and the meeting comes amid reports that the sudanese government is moving arms to darfur in aircraft disguised as ham tear 81 planes. 46280651.JPG

>> Well a short while ago i spoke to the un new humanitarian john's holmes and asked him if he was giving any positive signals from khartoum.

>> We had package of 300 troops and extra equipment to african union forcE. That was a good if belated sign certainly not enough. We need to make progress to hybrid force as soon as we possibly's can. There was a separate mediation, from the african union talking to the sudanese and to get the table to get a peaceful political solution in place. Those are the discussions we're continuing and I can't guarantee. No dhe humanitarian effort.

>> There hasn't been much sign over the four years that diplomacy has done very much for the people of darfur.Ht itg force in place you have the consent of the host government. And you can't do it frankly. 4628069F.JPG

>> The u.S. Imposes unilateral sanctions that could make the situation worse.

>> We need pressure on everybody to get around the tail and we need pressure to get the political solutiot itical veose one from tnment. Sanctions may have a role to play. That's for the individual governments to decide. Trying rapidly. It's not very acceptable situation they're playing their games progress from khart en disg per to ship arms into darfuR. Is this really a government you can deal with on credible basis

>> Certainly disguising planes putting un markings they're certainly had white planes and helicopters in ompletestop ims own staff in dangerous. If there's confusion between un and government operations. Nevertheless we have to keep on talking to the sudanese government. We have to keep on making progress with them. That's the only way they canse ctim's and there'souts.>> Isnd helicopters and ice breaking ships try to free seal hunting boats trped by ice off the coast of new fun lund. And new fund lun. 4628072F.JPG

>> A bitter on shore wind has ughe hull ofbeen inrunning dn by in case more hundred tons need to be winched away.

>> A last resort for many

>> When you're getting close to the land and of course ice is going to t yu you're going to end up losing your vessel.

>> The newfoundland and hunt. Unanimoused for seal blubber forhabannedro are fit to continue until tear rate further. Travis perry, bbc news.

>> A failure are wobility of cutting off their water supplies. John howard unless there's heavyallowed f

>> This parched landscape the supposed to be the food bowl of srt m naiovynfall by the et

an election year. John howard is to trying to assert his leadership. 462807BD.JPG

>> Unless there are very substantial in flows to are that he tome 2007 there have been in insufficient water available to allow any allocation of t0.Irer

>> Farmers are at their wits end. Victims of a worst drought in a hundred yearS. In many sectors agricultural has plummeted. The grape harvest down by a third. Without irrigation water there's little incentive to pay for seed. And many farmers understandably see no future.

>> Which is much gut-wrenchinG.

>> There will be enough water for catastrophic consequences if the land is starved of irrigation water.

>> Now, al ter and i had a row about who who had introduced this story. I lost so i have to do more work. It pains me to say this that recurringD. Search suggeststie workplace, men and women in wealthier countries pretty much share the load. R begin shop. And his wife runs a home and take care of their three children spl she also helps run the shop. And he does help out at home. So who does most? 46280843.JPG

>> I do.

>> No. Yes. I would have to agree that she works harder. But I'm not far behind.AlonE. That's what most people think.

>> But it seems they're wronG. Economicists have asked thousands of people to fill out diaries what they do on a minute by minute basis and it seems it's roughly equal

>> Most people believe that the women do more than meN. And the on the market exceeds that of men it turns out for rich countries in particular for the uk this is not true.

>> Even though we're about work. Women have o woman sleeps longer. Menus the extra time to watch

widon't believe a word of it. A tiny sea otter pup has been mesmerizing tourists and ifY. Deepeng cho shown of were posted to 462808AE.JPG

u.S. Television show. Experts say it helps understand his state of mind. I'm kathy kaY.

>> Thanks for being with us.I'm alistair yates here in london.

>> <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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