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February 6, 2007

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Headline News of February 6, 2007

Jakarta residents struggle through floodwaters
Indonesia fears disease could take hold in the severely flooded capital Jakarta, where 29 people have already died.

Italy's football stadiums will not re-open to fans until safety standards are met, the interior minister says.
The head of Hyundai Motor Company, Chung Mong-koo, is sentenced to three years in jail for embezzlement.


BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of February 6, 2007 (Beware of errors on this transcript.)

Indonesia's capital underwater. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. Youngsters with no childhood. How to give former childhood soldiers a future. And the Iraqi people protecting their children in the face of violence. This is bbc world in Washington. I'm Kathy Kay. 45C7D33F.JPG

>> I'm mike Embley in London. Also in the programme, a police officer murdered at a football game. The club warns to improve security or empty stadiums. And exclusive tour of Britain's new supermicroscope.

>> Almost 30 people are known to have died and hundreds of thousands homeless after days of torrential rain in Indonesia. Houses and thousands have sought treatment for disease. Our world affair is correspondent has a report.

>> So used to floods here but nothing like this.  Half of Indonesia's capital is under water as  days of torrential rain triggered a disaster. The slums near rivers are affected every year but this time rich and poor are suffering. Huge areas have no electricity or clean drinking water. Families are increasingly angry at the lack of the government strategy to prevent the flood problem. This woman said she had been in this situation many times before but this was much worse. The lurking fear is of diseases,   malaria and typhoid are a real threat where there is no clean water. This government doctor says that she is treating people with infection from living near dirt water. This is a city virtually paralyzed. Some are suggesting the capital should be relocated to higher ground. But for now, Jakarta citizens are bought thing in are bat thing in down the -- are battening down the hachts. 45C7D3DC.JPG

>> It was standing room only at the cathedral. The coffin of a 38-year-old police officer carried in by his colleagues. Some struggling to control their emotions. The sense of outrages at what has happened here evidenced by the thousands of fans who stood by "the cathedral to pay their respects. There were some who tried to help the roffe to escape but he was cornered.  His 15 years old daughter Cattiana paid her tribute.

>> Dad, i lost the will to live. Without you, there is no reason to live. You were the very best father.  

>> This is what the police have faced on Friday night. The 378s described it as guerrilla war. Fans armed with batons and homed made explosives. This afternoon the sports official met with other officials nine.  This violence within the Italian game has been festering for many years but in the pooft, legislation to tackle the problem have been ignored. There were many peer hoping that 24i7ks will gint to start 45C7D44D.JPG

20 change. Child soldiers are still being kent r sent into violence and used as sex slaves.

>> It plays a vital r ole in helping them adjust to normal life again. Thousands of children recruited toe fight in Liberia's civil constant remind irfor this young groups since age his forth were accused much r the of the children being drug carteled to get them to fight and kill. She remember remembers the mixture high was given. Countries have been called 307b to ensure upon that once free, children are given help to overcome their trauma.

>> A child who knows only war is a child lost forever. But we should have the means to defeat this and do better. It estimated that last year alone, a quarter of a million children were recruited to fight. 45C7D4B3.JPG

>> There are growing warnings about the effects of any many military action against Iran. More on that programme later in the programme. But first over to London. A science lab in brilts ar r an in sounds more like star trek. The size of five football fields. Biggest research goes life in an hour. Other medical correspondent fergus Walsh has the report.

>> This is an electron gun. They reach dizzying speed. To help understand the building from the air, it is sha ped like a giant doughnut. Because foons the pessimistic ever used, they spin round and round until they preyou go trois vie the and here ra. Guided by clog nets. The  y were loefrl flefrmd. He is the very first scientist to use light from i my troe tron. The x-ray beams fired on to them will reveal their details that could lead to practical benefits. We hope 20 learn hoy they are used and made so we can min tush ooiz them. The diamond sink tron cost $300 million pound. 45C7D54D.JPG

>> Professor Dave used this machine to find out about foot and mouth disease. It could be timely research:.

>> Until now we had to travel until France to give them the report. Now we can come here and work effectively and just produce better science business quickly . Ooilts like a giant torch producing light so light, it can ben frifrmd and began at dark. The power station has been out vr use since the Taliban forced people out of the area in,000. Three men and three women have been found shot dead in a Chinese vaunt near Hamburg. All the six were tide up. They were of Asian origin.

>> Stay be bbc world news. Still to come, a special report from Baghdad.  The president's proposals are the first of many months debate. And Apple has settled a long running trade dispute with the baements over the use of April beatles over use of apple. Win expert described the settlement as well over due. 45C7D5EB.JPG

>> Tacky, low based, malicious, nasty, now it's over and apple can move forward to change the world as I think they know they can in terms of consumer, electronics and entertainment. And I think that apple corps should rest enjoy the fact that it is something amazing quite a few years ago and rest into the 21st century. On the mafshths, one of the big movers this Monday was hughlet Packard  

z there are growing calls for the united states to hold direct talks with Iran with warnings that's any military action would have disastrous consequences. Iran shows no sign of curbing its nuclear enrichment Programme: Diplomats said it so the up more than three hundred fusions. A coalition of charities and groups is urging a film standoff to the standoff.  This report says military action against Iran would not have only disz as truss consequences for military buts for the refugee ron, too. It will be just about impossible to bri over lesh and we ask the 45C7D690.JPG

would diplomacy be able to break that standoff and if so how? Diplomacy is going to be the only things. I think European peen officials ever sthems cognizant of the factthe British thoems are cognizant.

>> How is it working?

>> A die long between the two parties. . Eventually we have to reach an accord whereby Iran and united states provide a face staving measure for both. Otherwise the military option is really catastrophic and difficult to see Hugh prolonged should. The report calls on Tony Blair to assert his influence. Who could talk to president bush and recommend direct talks? Whether the Iraqi war was prosecuted. Significant individuals like Henry Kissinger urges interest dialogue in the eyes and ears of president bush. . Thank you very much for joining us. 45C7D6F5.JPG

>> A new watershed in the Iraqi capital. A truck bomb at Baghdad market killed 130 people and wounded 300. Here is one man's story in Baghdad trying toe keep his true identity a secret. When he came in to speak to us, he described how almost everyone those who are supposed to protect them.  

>> Protect our area produce from police, military army militias

now comes the new security joined in Baghdad trying to build trust in the Iraqi security forces.

>> Do you think it will work?

>> I don't think so.

>> If that doesn't work, what could bring piece to an area like yours?

>> I believe it should be free begin from occupation forces and we need a real government. 45C7D76B.JPG

>> Baghdad is increasingly dividing on sectarian lines.

>> In these circumstances, this is a place where  young family like yours can live?

>> This is my home and my city but in this situation, this situation, I don't like to stay here.

>> One Iraqi's story it may be but his thoughts ever probably the thoughts of many as the bombers and death squads continue their work. Stress of daily life in Baghdad. Stay with us. Still to come, the super recycling centre in Berlin that is hungry for your rubbish.

>> Russia and Japan have banned the import of poultry from Britain: Officials are trying 20 figure out what caused the outbreak. 160,000 birds have been killed.

>> These workers with causing an enormous operation of destruction. So many sheds that need clearing of their birds. And as you move around up here, you see lots and lots of poultry farms. So important in this area, so many lives have been affected by this. Like this man working this after 2r507b foe clear his farm. He said the operation will take time, and he has had no official information or he there are so many birds kept outside here much. This place is run with wild birds. 800 million birth are reared each year, a 3.4 million pound industry. The staishgs are high 45C7D803.JPG

the stakes are high. The quick action to house birds and cull birds on affected land has helped to eradicate the sproed of this are the spread of this disease.

>> Hard to conserve the memory of Auschwitz, former Nazi death camps where more than a million Jews why killed in the holocaust. Some worry the restoration will destroy the Auschwitz will destroy the essence of Auschwitz' story.

>> One of the most horrific places on earth. Over the years, 25 million people from all over the world have come to visit the camp museum. An d now the effects of the crowd and angry are too easy to see. In a laboratory they're carefully preserving documents. It is a sensitive job.

Some holocaust survivors feeled who earnization could destroy the somberness of Auschwitz. This job tends to be difficult. It makes you think about life. 45C7D872.JPG

>> At the end of the railway lines are the ruins of the gas chambers. It was here that the nazI s built the infrastructure to carry out mass mird. The -- it was here that the Nazi ed built the structure to carry out murder. The management has no plans to radically alter Auschwitz. They only want to preserve it for future generations.  

With plastics in one bin, paper in another, the glass goes in here but what about the figurer stuff, things you might think are destined to litter the landscape? Even an old table and chair and battered printer and broken TV set can be given a new lease of life. This is  rubbish central. You name it, you can trash it: Instead being buried in a landfill, it is processed into something useful for the environment. There must be recycled into fuel. 45C7D8E4.JPG

>> We set up recycling point in Berlin to mass pike it very comfortable . Waste in landfills. It reit is stripped bare like lead and mercury. The good bits are saved: Proving what the Germans already know that rubbish realings really is too good to waste. Left-hand lane 30 people have died and 30 are though are homeless after days of torrential rain in indonesia.  People are trapped on the top floors of their houses and thousands have sought treatment for disease. Ask this is bbc world news. I'm Kathy Kay in Washington.

>> I'm mike Embley. Thanks for being with us.  

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