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January 9, 2007
Headline News on January 9, 2007
Oil tanks connected to the Druzhba pipeline
Russia cuts oil supplies to Poland, Germany and Ukraine as a Moscow-Belarus trade row escalates.

Venezuela's President Chavez pledges to nationalize key companies, after swearing in his new cabinet.
Japan's PM urges international co-operation to stop a nuclear-armed North Korea, in a BBC interview.


January 6, 2007
Headline News on January 6, 2007
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
January 5, 2007
Headline News on January 5, 2007
Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Democrats take control of the US Congress, with a woman at the helm of the House for the first time.

China's Margaret Chan starts work as head of the WHO, warning that bird flu remains a global threat.
Parents of a severely disabled US girl defend treatment to stunt her growth, saying it will give her a better life.
January 3, 2007
Headline News on January 3, 2007
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein says his execution will be a "sacrifice" for Iraq, in a letter written from prison.

A state funeral is announced for former US President Gerald Ford, with services starting in California on Friday.
The US says it plans to list polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
January 2, 2007
Headline News on January 2, 2007
Saddam Hussein in court (file picture)
Iraq launches an inquiry into unofficial mobile phone footage showing Saddam Hussein's execution.

Ethiopian troops will stay on in Somalia to ensure stability after the defeat of Islamist militias, but splits emerge.
Indonesia's transport minister denies reports the wreckage of a plane carrying 102 people has been found on Sulawesi.
January 1, 2007
Headline News of January 1, 2007
Somali government soldier
Somali Islamists flee their last major stronghold as Ethiopian-backed government troops claim the port of Kismayo.

Bulgaria and Romania celebrate their entry into the European Union, 17 years after the fall of Communism.
Saddam Hussein watered weeds and saved bread for birds during his captivity, a US army nurse says.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 9, 2007)

>> This is bbc world news. I'm kathy kay in washington.

>> Europe commands an explanation after a are you between russia and to parts of the

>> Venezuela social president shafs up the ante newnew.

>> Mark embly a hearing in the nest of princess diana after nine years after a car crash. We take to the cutting edge of technology as vegas becomes gadget heaven.


>> A year from the gas supply drama with ukraine europe is threatened by a energy dispute by. Poland and germany from oil were cut-off suddenly overnight the russian pipeline monopoly it was forced to turn off the tap beth ruth has been illegally siphoning off gas from the pipeline pipeline. Pipeline hasud distinctly unfriendly dispute between russia and it's old soviet alley bela ruse.T the pipeline down without warning. The pipeline one that billing U.S. And most important in europe it carries 2 million of barrels of oil from the oil fields of siberia to markets of western europe in particular to germany. Is thises a serious incident. 20% of the german oil demand is going through this pipeline. And also the supply to poland is also endangered. Until recent rehe is one of the kremlin's closest allies.

>> As end been serious discussion of uniting the two countries into a single union. But in recent months relations between two allies have turned sour. For decades russia has provided oil and gas to the refineries of belarus at far below market prices. But the kremlin bull belarus, and sells it at western europe at a profit. Last week moscow decided toct hiking prices to minskas responded by according to the russians by siphoning tens of thousands oil from the friendship pipeline. Russia today said it has no choice but to shut the pipeline down. So one of the president putin his relations with europe and I'm joined in the studio boy dmitri he's director of carnegie moscow centre. Thank you for trenton. If you were in europe how worried would you be by this move

>> I wouldn't be terribly worried. I think the europeans have been saying trouble gathering in russian relations and they're thoughts of oil in both germany and poland. That were upgraded precisely with this in mine. I would be very worried about the general state of russia's relations with transit countries. In the bull russ have not been settled

>> This decision to turn off the oil supply is another sign that president muscu wants to.

>> It actually it's actually a very commercial decision. Actually makes it un profitable, makes economically senseless to continue to pump oil across belarus. So this is the result of russia turning off subsidies to germany

>> I think he sees that there's no way. I think that they are bracing for another pretty nasty relations with russia. Though believe setting the record straight is more important and than that.

>> Thank you very much for joining us here in another royal related story the turn towards socialism in south america grew stronger on monday as venezuelan president chavez called on congress to grant him special powers. He also announced plans to nationalize the electricity and telecommunications sectors. President chavez also said that crude oil in the belt region should pass under state control. The telecommunications company. What's behind this latest move and I'm joined one of the bbc world news south america correspondents daniel. Thank you so much for come to join us for that

>> It this shouldn't come too much of a surprise. This is what he said he would do in his reelection campaign

>> He did say. It's not a great surprise the sheer cope what he's promising he's going to do might have some taken some people by surprise. What he has mandate to go ahead having one elections convincingly a month ago this is part what he revolution named after one of the liberators of south america of vens wayezuela

>> When he says he going to do he usually gets his way

>> Is there any signify consistented opposition that might stop from going ahead with this.

>> I think it's going to happen now. I think that opposition before the elections they were spoken. They were convincing victory in december means that opposition is fragmented it's been cowed how convincing his victory was. He's going to ask congress to give him those powers and I inthereome voices of opposition. Most noteably from outside venezuela namely the united states.

>> I think he will be able to follow it through with the opposition in venezuela being so weak

>> Washington rates as president bush prepares to unveil his new strategy for iraq. I'll be more on that story in the programme. Let's go to mike. I thought on the principle sus diana's death had resolved the issue

>> You would have thought that but still not there yet. Nearly 10 years princess diana in a car crash inquest into her death is finally about to begin in london. Before we can get under way the judge under charge whether there should be jury and crushl's who should be on that jury. In a break the queen's lawyer panel of ordinary men and women.

>> So many te moved in decade since the princes sons who were children have grown into adulthood. Yet some of those closely involv still seeking closure.

>> Al-fayed came to the high court still bearing the burden of a bereaved father. Still trying to discover what he believed happened during the crash.

>> With her was jamie pink ton private secretary to princes william and harry. For murderly of england most senior judges with matters of procedure and jurisdiction before the inquest itself can proceed.

>> The hearing heard statements from pink ton on behalf of william and harry. It was the princes that not only be open and transparent but that it should move swiftly to a conclusion. Lady but lawyer slaws made two decisions. Mohammed al-fayed is a interested person in the in crest second there can be concurrent inquests. In other words one hearing dealing with both deaths. Again something that mr. Al if i yesterday has been pressing for.

>> Mr. Al-fayed has been pressing for.

>> That composed of members of the royal household. But counsel for the household accepted such an arrangement would not be in the public interest. She could decide without a jury at all. But counsel from mr. Al-fayed and parents of the driver and to the ritz hotel in paris for strongly through the procedures and to have a jury of ordinary members of the public.

>> Without such an arrangement they said there simply would not be public confidence in the verdict.

>> So it may be that the final verdict on the deaths of diana princess of whales and dodifayed. .

>> So for that interim of yusuf is in the capitol for mogadishu since the ethiopian force ousted the government.

>> President yusuf has ruled out talks with the islamists. He says they will be hunted down. More political in the bangladeshi be lecss be postponed. Riot police have been using rubber bullets and tear gas. It's hot that hundred people have been injured. 14 survivors from a ferry that sank in indonesia have been picked up by a passing cargo ship. They were found floating a life raft. About 250 have been picked up so far of an estimated 600 thought to be on board.

>> Scientist in the united states have found a new source of stem cells which does not involve human embryos. They're extracted the cells from the amniotic fluid which surrounds the fetus in the womb

>> Still to come on the bbc world news. A german court jails a maoroccan students for helping the 9/11 hijackers.

>> Let's get a business news from new york.

>> Well american car makers tried to clear from capturing the top at the detroit auto show. It's been a fairly goode markets. The race is on for major car makers at industry's biggest international gathering of the year. The detroit auto show is taking place this week against the backdrop of a struggling U.S. Car industry. Toyota is expected to pass general motors as the world's largest carmaker. Earlier gm unveiled a cadillac sedan and he hopes that 2007 would be a profitable one for the car giant. That'scc t he made a bit earlier. And europe and U.S. Have a special responsibility as the world trading house to world play talk. Commission he's in washington meeting president bush trying to kick start negotiations. He agriculture mounting as president bush special fast track authority to negotiate U.S. Trade deals expired later 24 year. Venezuela a majority stake in four multibillion dollar projects. Extra heavy crude from the oil heavy oil belt. That's according to government officials. For the major international oil companies of course. Keep you posted on what happens there. In the meantime this is what happened on the U.S. Markets over the course of the day.

>> Our lots of speculation about the gap. Lots of speculation that clothing company is getting ready to itself. We saw the dow up and nasdaq. European markets down just a touch.


>> A quick look at our a belarustecupp to germany and land. President bush will outline america's new strategy for the war in iraq on wednesday. But the plan expected to involve the mobilization of another 20,000 U.S. Troops has already

the military saying that ground wouldn't solve the crisis.

Wworld news adam brooks.

>> Flooded with relief soldiers of the virginia national guard came home from iraq yesterday but 25,000 americans have now been killed or wounded in this war. How much more of all this will americans accept?

>> Well, this week mr. Bush it seems will ask americans for more sacrifice. He wants more troops for iraq, more efforts, more time. His advisors are telling him thatder control thatra be won.

>> We have the baghdad. You're telling me that there's a capitol city in the world that the for most in the military when it applies cannot secure the population in a given city that's just rubbish. Of course we can do this. Securing baghdad will we're told be central to the president's new strategy for iraq and it will take perhaps 20,000 extra troops but that's a plan that both supporters detractors inside the military. But in congress we're skeptical angry democrats have taken control real opposition to the president's plan is taking shape

>> We now have a civil war all the king's horses and all the king's men will not put iraq together again. Absent maliki making some very hard decisions.

>> From the oval office on wednesday night george bush is going to address the nation and lay out his plan for iraq. Winning political support 4 that plan is going to be very difficult indeed. It will be the greatest and perhaps the final test of george bush's presidency.

>> Adam brooks, bbc world news, washington.

>> The government a german court I'm has given the maximum sentence 15 years in prison to ma moroccan convicted of accessory to murder for aiding 9/11 attackers. He's provided logistical support. Here's my correspondent in berlin. This is has been a marathon legal battle. According to al-motassadek.

>> And the prosecutors had claimed throughout this marathon legal battle that he provided crucial logistical support to the hijackers when they moved from germany to go to america where they took the classes of the flight schools there and he covered up their whereabouts as one judge put he covered their backs wheny germany so he was seen as a key member of this al-qaeda cell. But it's e very difficult for the prosecutors to prove his knowledge of the plans but last november an appeals court in germany finally convicted him of accessory to the murder of 246 people of representing the passengers and crew members on board of the aircraft we used in the 9/11 attacks as well as this other charge of being a member of a terrorist organization, and finally he has been sentenced to 15 years in prison which is the maximum penalty here in germany.

>> Still to come on this programme, it's a day at changing face of a global star.

>> Government in the nepal has agreed with the that communist will join an interim parliament. It's due to happen next monday. The un start to up rebel weapons. For the former out laws seats in this parliament at last beck un. Just a few of them have parliamentary experience.On. Just a few of them have parliamentary experience. The confinement of their weapons closely supervised by the un's new arms monitors. They have today staifrted visiting camps for the maoists to stay in. The first 14 monitors have begun their visits in two teams. Cat man do you and other in western nepal. Soon there will be more than a 150 after a un security council vote later this week. These are the men that will be temporarily help. Ger kaws that nepalese nationals that 7-day forecast in the armies. More than a ger cause cause.Herka. But the nepal's peace process is gradually moving forward. Police en masse don yeah for biggest drugs raid they seized around 400 kilos of cocaine. They found the drug smuggled in paint tins crossing in a truck across the border the vehicle of the truck has been arrested.


The big us gadget

>> It's the week when las vegas gamps on gadgets which are thousands make it to the shops capture the attention of the and handbag which turn to be a laptop computer for they're battling for business.

>> One big thing is the need to bring tolling all the digital devices and information people now have and to control the digital home. And here's this one example of the connected home. Everything controlled by the touch screen panels. I can press on the camera and check out what's happening at the front door through a camera. Everything is controlled by the new windows operating system and it's very clear that microsoft has huge ambitions in this area.

>> The company who's windows logo the world sees when it turns on that pc wants to move off to the desk in the study and into the living room where the tv is once again the focus of attention. A the new vista operating system launched to the public later this month is designed to bring the pc the tv and everything else together in a speech opening the conference microsoft founder sketched out the future. Our ambition is to get you connected experience 24 hours a day. We admit when you're sleeping we haven't figured what we're going to do for you there

>> Microsoft xbox games is leading its charge in the living room.

>> And new device from sony is designed to bring the digital hub to your home taking material from the internet to show on your tv.

>> This company too believes that the stakes are pretty high.

>> Humongous you are talking not only industry, money but you're talking end user lives. We want to basically impact that end user day-to-day existence by having connectivity within the home and outside the home as well

>> The one company hasn't been dazzled by paradise. Apple is holding its own event 500 miles away in san francisco. Where steve jobs will outline his version of the digital future.

>> Now some of you are a certain age might find this hard to believe. The rock star david bow's has turned 60. He's reinvented himself time and time again. He has 130 million records. He's not ready to retire yet.

>> Here's emma jones.

>> In first 5 daeds scper for that for reinventions. But for appealed to fans androgenous appeal to everybody.

>> This was much more glam rock. In 1973 the show at the in london he brought toglam his re reincarnation by rebel rebel and heroes. In 1983 let's dance was a worldwide success.

>> Combining music with appearance he's in the top 10 best-selling uk acts ever. He's a family man today

>> When you're young you think so much is important including one's self. As you get older you find less is important. One 7 themming a love that one's fellowman

>> He's the baby into murder. So is sir elton john. David bow's had glamie had glam he has a man is for fans his birthday another month and not the end of the bowie.

>> David bowie still going strong. Some news bbc world news that a republican senator who met president bush today says that the president has decided glam send about 20,000 more american troops glam iraq. Senator gordon smith said it was clear glam himto him that more troops were going to be sent to iraq. <

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