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January 31, 2007

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Headline News of January 31, 2007

A man makes his way to queue for heating oil in Baghdad
A huge unused swimming pool is one example of the US reconstruction funds being wasted in Iraq, auditors say.

Eight people are arrested in Birmingham after anti-terror raids targeting what sources say was a kidnap plot.
Germany orders the arrest of 13 suspected CIA agents over the alleged kidnapping of one of its citizens.


BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of January 31, 2007

>> British police arrest eight people in a counter-terror operation. Was it a kidnap plot? Sydney's climate crisis: A doomsday scenario for the Australian city. A field deal. India wins the multibillion dollar sale. This is bbc world. Also in this programme, tension between Palestinian factions spreads to the west bank. And the wrong partners. Hollywood pulls the plug on a deal with claymation creators.

>> Terrorists may have been planning to kidnap someone in Britain. That's the word from British security sources following the arrest of eight people in a series of raids across the English city of Birmingham. The arrests were part of an operation by the midlands counter-terrorism unit, and a number of areas have been sealed off. They still are sealed off. Detectives say the arrests follow an investigation which lasted about six months. The majority of the people detained are thought to be British. Well, with me now in the studio is bbc security correspondent Gordon Carrera. Thanks for joining us. Perhaps you can explain what it is that we understand the police believe may be going on. 45C09346.JPG

>> Intelligence have been coming in to the security services for a number of weeks maybe months, regarding something which they feared could be a kidnapping attempt. They've made clear there wasn't a bombing attempt. It wasn't an attempt to create mass casualty. The concern was -- and that concern is yet to be backed up by the evidence, that's what they're looking for through the raids -- the group may have been trying to kidnap a particular individual, a particular person and then possibly even film that kidnap and possibly more. Le aluguc indeed moving to t

>> Is there something cle they have that ultimate goal? Kidnapping is one thing. It could be a lot more grisly than that. 45C0937C.JPG

>> That's what we're waiting to find out really. It was quite clear talking and some intelligence made them feel this could be imminent. They felt they had to conduct these raids and arrests. The question is will they find that hard ede from the srcmputers, anywhere else, that backs up the sense of what the plan exactly was, who they were targeting and how imminent it was. That's what we may find later today after we get more evidence and more information from the police regarding the searches and questions. We've seen arrests like this large-scale publicity drive with it which has come to nought in tany

>> Absolutely. Example was a r year in which a police were

c advice in a house. Man was shot accidentally in the and no one was charged. There's a lot of work to explain what's going on to the community. These are very high-profile a lot of public attention and whether there i anyehind the intelligence, the information that led to this action. 45C093BF.JPG

>> O I think we're some more from the police for now. Go indeed we'll bring you the latest comes e on bbcrl moving on forent. Climate change make life in Australia's biggest city unsustainable by

reached by Australia's own scientists.  D fires will rage around the outskirts, permanent drought batte res. Oomsday scenario but one confront. The commonwealth scientific industrial reseaisation says residents must cut waterption by 50% over 50 years. Temperatures five degrees above the predicted sea le could 20 centimeters Heat related death will soar to 1,300 every year.

>>H its beautiful beaches and spectacular harbour side location, Sydney hasarde af the world's most desirelas live. The report commissioned by the new south Wales government paints an armg almost catastrophical future. 45C09410.JPG

Surges threatening the coastline to a 75% rise in t heat-related deaths amongst the elderl 2070 l Sydney would be completely transformed if climate change goes it would comeemhe harsh, dry and inheitions of remote inland towns. Kiushfires which een ravaging the state of Victoria are already a staple of hey'll become much more frequent, doubling in . Severeugs meor common, bleaching the landscape, devmer incomes. Presently on average two y in the future they come nine years in ten.

>> I guess largely drought, semidrout fairly t part of life out has been wms any how in more recentrs, the last 20 years I suppose. By 2070 rainfall could fall by 40%, erbg an already chronic water crisis. The scin warn that Sydney will become unsustainable byminless resid th consumption by 50% he new sthes government has ladies and gentlemenned the -- new south Wales government has labeled threomsday report and called for drastic action. Pretty grisly pictures there already, but keoas to what it's like at the moment in Sydney. If you have any pictures giving an indication perhaps as t climate change already t effect there, well, we'd be vy keen the see them ee you can send them e-mail your picks at bbc

ipia it remains conf t the African union will start to deploy peacekeeping troops in Somalia within three weeks. That ces the at the African union summit to secure the full number of soldiers for the pnn stageization force. Looking for 8,000 troops. Only half that number wastually ple the international dion to cas is ais that is the view of com of

members of parliament. In the report they y is simply pushing Hamas closer to Iran. This comesa fragile ceasefire between hamas and htn Gaza moves io its second day Venezuela's national assemblyer today whether extend president's Chavez's powers to make laws by decree. He is alre m by presidential decree in ten areas, inomy and defense. This second bill would enable him to do more of the same, also now, youT. You may at but the pompidou once described as an oil refineryaris, is 30 years old now. The f capital's huge a house with its famous coloured wrapping of service pipes on the outside aused quite a lot controversy when it was built originally. If you want to s I today, you it's close the pub for a day of celebration. That's a shame. No, it's not. 45C094E2.JPG

>> You didn't like it.

>> I love it.

>> I'mut thaT. Tol us

>> I like old buildings. Ink greeks and the romknew whay were so do the I. India's set to become tworld's fifth biggest producer of steal. Di between brazil and rival, the news was agreed night and it's paying more than $12lion, more than it origal are. The deal is causing a lot excitement I l lobals been a aggresalf o the er it's a huge company in India. It's a houlE.

And commerceister has already said now this is a two-way street where attracting foreign investors, als aggressively going out there and inveg companies. That's exactly what this company ia's biggest acquisition to date. 45C09530.JPG

>> Is there a growing confidence in India now tts taken ity on the rl economic perspective? W, tarter today said that India is the next tiger o move after china, and hi a similar balance of that growing clout. A great deal of excitement. Really somhi

weren't really sure whether wo successful at the auction, and it now has emerged ty have done tha is ai it's a huge company here i i it has investms hotels, British companies all know of it because of its investments in tetley tea over six years ago. It also produced iia f indiusar, thehad been, criticsai would be lout been one of i successful for the tarter car group.

>>Nd corus causing a lot of excitement.

Vote on Wednesday to crack down and payment card compa competition. Half billion shoppers across the European union are getting a raw deal from their banks and credit 45C09578.JPG

c the finding in a new rep geng calls for lower charges on credit car transactions. So-called interchange fees are charged der time a transaction is handled somewhere along the payment chain. Brussels wants to cut preferablely to zero. I think t mel, thank you very much.

>> I'm another O. Thanks very much. Bbc w still to come: Ecuador's President islogetic for parliament. I was saying Ecuador's president has expressed deep regret after hundreds of his supporters meament, fngt to suspend a constitutional r a spokesman said the president condemned all political violence st.Ave thisor 45C095B6.JPG

>> This is rafae correa's fir major clth competi took over ae of Ecuador earlier this month. Thousands of his supporters gathered outside the capital, as the cror and some fought their way di authorities decided to evacuate the politicians. E protesters then clashed with lice,nes and the police responded with tear gas torowd. The grsidering whether to allow a referendum onular assemblne of president correa's major promises during his election campaign. It would be made up of regionalioiv could make laws bypassing congress move that according to opinion polls

70% support. ( Translated ): We've ded to participate in all the demonstrations to support the national constitutional asse. We've come to the congress to tell the congressmen that they should resp will of the people. 45C095F9.JPG

>>Pnt correa us congssg the peopleuador andy ing in intereshe buses elitE. His party didn't put up any candidates in the last election and as a result he doesn't haveingle representativ law-making body. Many in the congress say president ce moves are unco and that he's copying similar radicalres being mpmented in Venezuela and bol. The new president isng futaange in Ecuador and o ou t battle. Bbc news, buenos aries. You're watching bbc the main niewd news for you: Ish security forces say eight arrests inir linked to aerrorist kidnapping plot. Well, let's get more now on those terror the bbc's been following the or we've put togeport. 45C09635.JPG

>> Paperrered over and guarded, one of a strin addresses in birmingham linked to what's ded major anti-terrorist investigation. Ehicles were being removed from the scene, treets cordoned tooing on.

>> Tot of problem the enough intelligeo o this... such a large operation. E still need to find out beforean make any further comment on exactly wha t operation is about.

>> It b 4:00 a.m.. Eight people were reare now being held under an-ts for allegedly commissi instigating f teme midpolice said a number of addresses have ecured and sealed off and are currently being searched by ofrom westm pondunter-terrorism units. It adds tlst operation poses sci thre a precautionary measure we will 45C09674.JPG

enhanced pe as the ocations. This may have been a plot unlike any tho far. A security source has told the bbc it allegedly involved a new approach, not a leading to mass casualties, but perhaps an attempt an di. The home office is describing this as a major nationwide opion. Officials have told e arrests follow a six-month investigation involving mI5. The yests are a reminder of what they describe io of the terrorist threat. Benghan, bbc newS.

>> Okay. Well, our reporter iroad birmingham, other of the scenes being investigated by det anthony, we've had more details out the nurfloT. Have eny there as to what they've heard? 45C096AB.JPG

>> Well, i think g they're emused in area. This particular part of stratford road is v aetail centre, loads of shops up aly busy doinrwn thing.Sount t people i've spoken so farowp behind me. We know it'sam the first thing most people sawisorning were the police heite area seale o and the shutters N. So they are still trying to find out what's going on. Now, as far as thned, well, we're t get r ement of some kind fmest midlasolice ar 11:30 today and a press conference a0eround the city t rock area, a more residential area, we have a similar sizeable police pre h e a much involved in a containme exercise. Offs shop for the antI-terrorism officers to do their job. A few minutes up the r anial premisesas sead police vans, some equipped wh cctv camased there, though officersn inside and do appear to be removing items from that shop. He the city we know that a number of vehicles have been removed, as well. So as i say, as you've heard, as b 45C096FF.JPG

midsterrorism u mi5, a west police. Dozens of o told, involved in those raids this involved the arrests of eig

>> OkaY. Anthony, for n,s very much indeed. An uneasy p gazA.Nts from t fought andas fs haun releasing hosta,his days of fierceng that has 6eople dead and many mnd. E has been tension on the west bank with the bitter rivals involved in a whole spate of shootings.Hris morri nablus.

>> How to divide the political spoils in nabluS. These aref days in the palestinian territories. The f has been on thellut on the west bank, too, there's and mutual in aeousef the al-aqsa martyrs' brigade, affiliated to fatah. They're want massings because they're wanted by righ the this room is 45C0974F.JPG

>> We respect the truce, but if hamas launches attacks, they have to know we can strike back on their people here. Allsas' security force the death force. They never implementments here's oneperationt by the al aqsartyr's in nablus, the of an official onnday, ed live on cam tra. Was eventually releaseD. Street office he sayss things."T with fought is -- the troublehah isne day they had everything and then nothing. Mas was chosen by people in an election but we still wanttional unity." It never rains but it pours. The polit is as grim aweer. The struggl fatah and hamas is far from over. In the sho tout power, money, who is rll conthere is aer-term conflict about

kind of palestine this should be, the secular vision of fatah and the iamion of hamas really aren't that compatible, all of which m independent observers here rathstic. 45C097AB.JPG

>> It's very difficult because there is soh, h so many gunmen roaming around. Tions, thty of hatred and a mentality of cancelling the others.

>>Nian political leaders are stil src an illusive unity government.

Could be the rulee bc news, nabluS.

>> Stay with b world becausel to come in this me, the wrong Hollywood pulls the p a deal with claymation creators den are to investigate whether the operator of a nuclep broke

responding maio o reactors at the had to sas now the Swedish nuclear power wa says managers at the plant acted too slowlY. Gation intety at this nuclear power plant has come to some g conclusions. Details of the secret report y Swedish nuclear power in speck now been revealed. It finds there h b long-standing weakening of the security culture the the crimson unpin a numeral including f dropped equipment. But most alarming is the accusation that manner failed to shut down a reactor quickly 45C0980A.JPG

failure. That has now been passed to Swedish prosecutors who will have to decide if they bro nuclear safety the incident has shocked Swedish ear experts.

>> ( Translated ): Of course. Th i totally unacceptable. Imagine somethis could happen. Is could hash nuclear pl

>> Theo a number of sweden'ss being closed for safety inspections. Of the thort and have already put in place new safety measures, but in a country that of its electricity from nuclear power, the incident has adds fears. Dominic hughes, bbc news.

>>News for you. Bestselling author sydne shdo 89.He extraordinary career over eight decades. He started off winning awards for his broadway play, Hollywood film scripts. Then he turned his hand to writing novs age of his second book, "the other side midnight," toppetscord 52 weeks. We've been saying, either love it thep whichasescribed as an oil refinery right in the middle of paris, 30 years old, the French capital's art house with its famous coloured wrappinpipes on the outside 45C09862.JPG

controversy when it in 1977. It's closed to the public just for th said private celebration. That's because specialsthesident, jacquesac, and e minister,lepin. Ng in for that. The Hollywood studioams animation is ending its partnership wie creators of wallace and gromiT. Speculation over the future of

fivee in since dreamworks is on its latest film, " from los angeles, here's dave wi>> It was this film, "chk run," whi the partnership between ardman and dreamworks. A huge hit at the box office, it marked the coming of age of what was known as claymation, a form of animation involving characters madeuty. 45C09894.JPG

>> Thank you, ladiesnd gentlemen. You've been a wo auen

>>O marked t a distinctly British style f humour.

>> Buying wholesa orican slang for so many years, we t di give culture.

>> Among the characters theyre wallace and gromit.

>> We ith brainwash the bu

>> The naive invhe smart-but-silent dog won ardmanamworks an oscar two years ago.

>> That's more like how can we possibly faow

>> Yet for all the awards and critical acclaim, the partnership didn't fare so well financially. "Flushed away," the second of five fil made under a formal arrangement between the two studios, cost dreamworks thann to make and took just? million at the box office. A little over a year agan's storage wehouse caught fire, destroying or years of tops and it wasn't longt that reports of creative dnces he bristol-based company andam circulate. Drocus is on computer-ged an mated films rather thannd tw simply havembitions. Ardman plans to annou alternative production and distribution dealsly one, what could ppy story. More details for you onhe si bs we have on our stories, including the tsts possibnni that's the word from British security forces. <

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