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January 20, 2007
Headline News on January 20, 2007
Computer-generated image of a weather satellite [photo credit: EUMETSAT® 2007]
Washington asks China to explain its intentions after Beijing reportedly carried out an arms test in space.

N Korea and the US call recent talks positive, as Washington's envoy prepares for more nuclear negotiations.
A Cambodian girl who disappeared aged eight is found after living in the jungle for 19 years, her father says.
January 19, 2007
Headline News of January 19, 2007
Smoke rises over western Baghdad
US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft clash with Sunni fighters in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders and based on credible intelligence, the Pentagon says.
Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone, pledging to revolutionise the mobile phone market.
January 18, 2007
Headline News of January 18, 2007
Senators Biden (left), Hagel and Levin (right) announce their resolution
Three top US senators agree on a resolution to oppose President Bush's plan to increase Iraq troop numbers.

Israeli opposition figures call on the PM to quit after the country's military chief resigns over the Lebanon conflict.
Bolivia's central government refuses to accept a parallel government set up by protesters in Cochabamba.
January 17, 2007
Headline News on January 17, 2007
Scene of blast outside Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad
Two bombs at a Baghdad university kill 70 people, as President Bush defends his decision to send more US troops.

Israel's military chief Dan Halutz resigns amid ongoing inquiries into the conflict with Hezbollah, the army says.
As winter snow becomes less reliable, environmentalists say high-altitude ski slopes will threaten fragile habitat.
January 16, 2007
Headline News on January 16, 2007
Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti (l) and Awad Hamad al-Bandar
Iraqi officials show a video of the hanging of two of Saddam Hussein's aides, during which one was decapitated.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrives in Saudi Arabia to rally support for US plans for Iraq.
A Russian policeman searches a suspected immigrant Targeting migrants
Russian police step up checks to enforce new migrant quotas
January 13, 2007
Headline News on January 13, 2007
Isabel Peron
Spanish police arrest Argentine ex-President Isabel Peron over the disappearance of a leftist activist in 1976.

The US secretary of state backs President Bush's plans for Iraq as she leaves on week-long Middle East visit.
Protestors hold portraits of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi Double veto for Burma resolution
China and Russia veto a draft UN resolution by the US calling for an end to human rights abuses in Burma.
January 12, 2007
Headline News on January 12, 2007
Condoleezza Rice at Senate committee hearing
The US secretary of state says the Iraqi PM is living "on borrowed time", but she trusts him to deliver security.

Bangladesh's president resigns as interim leader and declares a state of emergency as disputed polls are put back.
David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy at the end of the season.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 20, 2007)

>> Hello with welcome the prominent of turkey's armenian has been murdered. Dink spoke out turkey's mass killings of armenians. He was shot down in the street. In the past convicted of insulting turkishness, and had received death threats. It has raised deep alarm.

>> This march was a mass show of support for dink and principle of free speech he represented. . The crowds filament streets outside his newspaper. Unfortunately dark hands have chosen dink to achieve their felonious purposes.

>> It's very meaningful this murder happened when some countries that armenian genocide is at the top of the agenda.

>> Carried photographs of dink. They've lit candles in his memory and brought red and white carnations. But the mood was thunder. These people were angry at what happened and calling forgeus. They've been shouting down with fascism and silence or you'll be next.

>> In the last column he wrote he spoke of getting death threats from nationalists. People who thought he was a traitor for trying to discuss the fate of his cowrthis crowd has been shouting for dink we're all armenians.

>> News in brief from arned world the iraq shia fattah has done democred sy ineastern bag deed. He was a spokesman warned with E.Ests would have

effect on thecal process in iraq that rerael I will emil tree commander that his gro the he defense and presign.

>>Rn europe afters and claimed the lives of 41 people that widespread damages to homes and buildings in germany where at least 11.Oreurope.

Uniforms to symbol of faith. The airline ran into a storm of credit sis many a check in clerk ban from wearing a christian the jury in the trial of the men accused of attempting to bomb london in july of 2005 have been told that the alleged bombers bought so hydrogen peroxide that one manufacturer had to order an extra batch. The six a-accuse deny the charge. The home affairs correspondent daniel sanford was in cour of hydrogen peroxide. They ordered so much over 200 litres that the manufacturer had to make an extrbatch. Defendant's lawyers, and for hair bleach at 3 different wholesale urs he planned to be a fifth suicide bomber buteperoxide.Rs he planned to be a suicide bomber but lost his nerve he boughr he asked how quick I could get more in. He said he wanted to buy in bulk. Sally he tried to buy everything they had purchasing 219 litres in all. Over 200 bottle of hydrogen peroxide were found in a bins of block of flats in north london after the alleged attack that the defendant have set up a bomb factory in 58 kurtis house, and adding it to chautys facing strong international credit sus ballistic to destroy a satellitespace. The strike happened on january the 11thund based missileo destroy raw ne lunt weaer military space race. China is yet to comment. James rends has more. In secret without warning and explanation china no one has more than 20 years it's fired a missile out of this world and it sent a pretty clear message in space there is now a new military power.

>> China has just made the most dramatic military move in space for almost a generation. What does the high nahs state run news had to say about it.

>> Nothing.

>> Nothing at all.

>> Beijing is not inhabit of announcing or explaining its military actions to anyone.

>> So the outside world has had to piece it together. It thought which I think knees fired a medium ballistic missile from the base in southwest china. The missile was sent up to destroy an old weather satellite orbiting over 500 miles above the earth. America and soviet union did this in the 80s. So they stopped.

>> What china has done is a very aggressive move. We all know they have this capability and china knows that we know that they have this capability. But it's a whole different thing to tall go ahead and do to create just a politcan you tell but the mill they consequences will follow this of the other nations worry about their satellites that the worry may be felt closely on the island of Taiwan. The U.S. Has promised to help Taiwan if china invades to re-claim the islands. Now if there is war, china may be able to shoot down U.S. Spy satellites wiping out America's military advantage. No wonder that Washington is concerned.

>> Tests of this kind that produce eastbounding t stensive amounts of space debris have the potential for disturbing or accidentally disrupting communication satellites.

>> Here in beijing, one chinese official was allowed to speak. We are for the peaceful use of space and we are against an arms race in space.

>> But that may not convince the outside world. Every year china increases its military spending. It controls the ground soldiers walk on and dephou perhaps also insists that no one has anything to worry about becau it's rice is for beijing to consider. Firing a missile into space is a slightly un aushl of trying to persuade the rest of world it will be a peaceful super power.

>> Reasonable enough point. John pike he'she'S. Let's take that point when the chinese say they are against the militarization of space, we can't take that seriously anymore.

>> No, one of the reasons that this test was particular concern is what it says about chinese decision making. I mean for the last decade the chinese have been complaining about space weapons saying that they are against weapons in space. And so now their position that american space weapons are bad and chinese space weapons are good. Do they seriously expect anybody to believe this. Maybe the people who did the missile did and it didn't bother to tell the foreign ministry.

>> The silence almost if the chinese themselves have an internal discussion what went on.

>> There are tw things of concern the one of them obviously china is demonstrated a capability to destroy american spy satellites. The opening move of an attempt to reconquer taiwan. The other thing concern about it that they would do something that would be so manifestly provocative to utah. United states. It's mo secrete how to fight a war with each other. We're big economic partners. There's tacit overtly provocative or un big with us plea of we're to go which i these we don't worry it's more north korea. But the only is perfect because of the united states and you you have to wonder what is decision-making process and why now

>> Presumably some in the which I naus leadership are saying we're not in a powerful position. The united states needs us economically. We kee the american economic going. Well, maybe that's what they think. Out differently. Do you think they will.

>> There's going to be very interesting what the reaction of washington is.

>> What do you think?

>> Well, I think part of the challenge has been with the newsf slowly built over the last couple of days and it was only on the front page of the washington post today. The story had already been out for a couple of days and lot of people hadn't noticed.

>> I think that there's been a lot more attention to it today than there was yesterday. There's going to be more attention to it on sunday.

>> Thank you very much. Still to come on this programme. The top aids to the british prime minister to be is arrested in an investigation into allegations of political arms in exchange for loans.

>>Ew york withll of businessbusiness. Well to cut 3,500 jacques after it's profits plunge. Well or the motory law in the trading. The stock initiative after company reported a drop in nearly 50%. But the world's second largest mobile phone maker set it cut 3500 jobs.

>> Motorola hopes to save $(40) 000-0000 to help improve it's profit margin

>> The outlook for 2007 is quite good that will ultimately be the primary competition with the iphone of that was just introduced last week

>> But better newsel wres general electric profits more than doubled helped by growth across most units. You might a good news for the markets and worry about higher interest rates. So what else has been happening over the course of this day. Reports are for is going to be cutting more job. It is rumoured that the company will be for couple of million. Pfizer did embark on a job cuts only just recently. But over all concerns about high interest rates really dominated the markets together with the lackluster results from phone companies in recent days. It really as a mixed finish with the dow more or less flat. European markets managed to make some advances during the course of the day.

>> Now to one of bizarrely the biggest stories this the race row inside the big brother house. Millions in britain as jade goodie the and for the bullying of india shelt's has been evicted the latest audience vote. In the last few minutes jade has been speaking with the presenter of the show.

>> I have with my heart and apologize to anybody for including here that that was not meant in the way that it was showed. That was obviously the comments that I said and the way I said it first. I left that house while talking to shilpa and she told me a racist person and I get before i actually spoke to her and said I'm not a racist. I meant no actual hate or nasty -- I can't dignify myself in that respect.

>> I'm not going to sit here and try to say and try to justify myself and try and say i didn't mean. But no, yes I said those things and they were not but no, I'm not a racist and I've never ever been known as a racist. I don't judge people by colour of their skin where they come from and what that house has taught me before that today is that people try to come from different nationalities and cultures, scpand they are different. It doesn't mean -- let's to the big brother house outside london. Matt, international diplomatic enter eventuals inti the prime minister. This is a game show.

>> Yes it seems ludicrous doesn't it?

>> Let's go back to how it began just very briefly. What essentially happened was that you had somebody who is essentially just a winner of a previous big brother jade goodie up against a bollywood superstar shetty. Goodie didn't know her. And it wasn't just a people in southeast asia that went on in the how. It was not just british asians either it was the british public. That was reflected in 82% of the voters voting jade goodie out of the house tonight

>> I wonder how much a media story whipped by the media. These are two women that didn't get along. One was articulate. Privileged well-bred and the other was frankly ill educated, and foulmouthed and socially advantaged. Is that a surprise?

>> But that's the debate that's raging is that what happened in the house a reflection of the british racism and wider british society or is it simply the logical consequence of the big brother concept a put large of h other's nerves and they film the consequences. I think in fact the consequences were a little more explosive than channel 4 the broadcasters of the show and anyone had anticipated.

>> You're watching bbc world news. Thousands take to the streets of istanbul after the murder of turkey's best known journalists. The outside world asks why did which ichina destroy a satellite?


>> Now, what are we going to next. The ethiopian prime minister says his forces will gain a phased withdrawal from somalia over the next few days. In a bbc world news interview from the ethiopian capitol he said that american could have avoided it deadly air strike in somalia which failed to hit three leading al-qaeda suspects. They are very compobl in the presence of african troops in somalia. But it's nition that there it's nice that will be a withdrawal. And that there comploument of the african troops.

>> It sounds like you're guaranteeing that you will stay until the african union troops are in.

>> We withdraw independent organization withdraw independent to the african union to flou forces. This means if you a collapse in somalia.

>> What makes you imagine you defeated the islamic courts and they won't regroup and come back to mount the insurgent's that they threatened?

>> The only proof the only guarantee for us and for the somalis is if government if a government that includes all the clans is established. If that's the case, the political business for exists in somalia.

>> You've spoken about the involvement of foreign including britain. What kind of numbers are we speaking of now?

>> I believe we have this from every corner of the world.

>> Political aide to the british prime minister to be has been vaes. In claims of honours were returned in exchange for political loans.

>> Is the full fourth person to be detained by the police. She was released without charge and denies any wrongdoing. Bbc world news carol walker reports.

>> Ruth turner the director of the government relations was arrested at her home at 6:30 this morning and questioned for several hours before being released on police bail. She denied any wrongdoing of any nature and has not been charged.

>> The high profile founder of the big issue before she came to number 10 she was questioned bi bithe loans of investigation but also on suspicion of per vurting the course of justice. The police term under assistant john yates is signaling it further lines to pursue. Details of today's questioning of loans there have been suggestions that the police about the lack of access to e-mails and documents.

>> Understand this isn't a political move. This is a criminal justice, and it is respect and time and that not trying to undermine the political process

>> The investigation has cast a long shadow for to be's prime ministership.

>> In a city academy school project was arrested and bailed. In july came the arrest of lord levy the labour's chief razor and the for boston sir christopher evans was arrested and that ruth turner has been arrested too all deny any wrongdoing. Tony blair has not been arrested. He was questioned in december but not under caution. Unprecedented inquiry 1925 act banning the sale of honours had been criticized by close to downing street they friend of turner has her arrest the theatrical iks.

>> I think it's probably reached a point where it isn't smoking gun. The police have gone out anor nor enormous limb and possibly a need to genuine they they think it absolutely the wrong person. Tony blair is standing by ruth turner as a person of the highest integrity. It clearly hopes this would be over before he left office but tonight it's clear that the investigation has some way to go yet.


>> Now how about a cheek he was so fit he was run the london marathon. But at the same time paul apple bewas claiming government british aid for disability. Appearle behappy needed round-the-clock care and wheelchair now he's been sentenced to 10 months in prison for defrauding the british state out of 23,000 pounds.

>> Chavez day after parliament gave him initial approval to p some laws by decree. Mr. Chavez said that the changes were context. He calls for understanding from other regional leader. He set out the democrat sawatch dog to monitor elections in member states.

>> Disney animation film a cambodian who came out of the jungle to scafiage for food thought to have lived like a animal for 20 year. She disappeared 18 years ago in ratanakili. When she was 8 years old

>> Nobody knows what she has been through in the past two decades but her family confirms that she was the girl they lost. She was found in this raw molt area of cambodia caught by loggers after she apparently tried to steal some rice. A local police officer identified her as his daughter from a childhood scar. That will be several of children survival among wild animals. The wolf children after they were found in india in 1920. This six-year-old was found in the 1950s his parents he had been snatched by wolves as a baby. She made a remarkable after apparently surviving with a group of monkeys after being neby.

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