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January 18, 2007
Headline News of January 18, 2007
Senators Biden (left), Hagel and Levin (right) announce their resolution
Three top US senators agree on a resolution to oppose President Bush's plan to increase Iraq troop numbers.

Israeli opposition figures call on the PM to quit after the country's military chief resigns over the Lebanon conflict.
Bolivia's central government refuses to accept a parallel government set up by protesters in Cochabamba.
January 17, 2007
Headline News on January 17, 2007
Scene of blast outside Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad
Two bombs at a Baghdad university kill 70 people, as President Bush defends his decision to send more US troops.

Israel's military chief Dan Halutz resigns amid ongoing inquiries into the conflict with Hezbollah, the army says.
As winter snow becomes less reliable, environmentalists say high-altitude ski slopes will threaten fragile habitat.
January 16, 2007
Headline News on January 16, 2007
Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti (l) and Awad Hamad al-Bandar
Iraqi officials show a video of the hanging of two of Saddam Hussein's aides, during which one was decapitated.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrives in Saudi Arabia to rally support for US plans for Iraq.
A Russian policeman searches a suspected immigrant Targeting migrants
Russian police step up checks to enforce new migrant quotas
January 13, 2007
Headline News on January 13, 2007
Isabel Peron
Spanish police arrest Argentine ex-President Isabel Peron over the disappearance of a leftist activist in 1976.

The US secretary of state backs President Bush's plans for Iraq as she leaves on week-long Middle East visit.
Protestors hold portraits of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi Double veto for Burma resolution
China and Russia veto a draft UN resolution by the US calling for an end to human rights abuses in Burma.
January 12, 2007
Headline News on January 12, 2007
Condoleezza Rice at Senate committee hearing
The US secretary of state says the Iraqi PM is living "on borrowed time", but she trusts him to deliver security.

Bangladesh's president resigns as interim leader and declares a state of emergency as disputed polls are put back.
David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy at the end of the season.
January 11, 2007
Headline News on January 11, 2007
President Bush
US President George W Bush commits more than 20,000 extra troops to Iraq, as part of a broad new strategy.

Leftist Daniel Ortega is inaugurated as president of Nicaragua after a 17-year absence from power.
Cisco Systems is suing Apple for trademark infringement, for using the iPhone name for its new handheld device.
January 10, 2007
Headline News of January 10, 2007
Smoke rises over western Baghdad
US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft clash with Sunni fighters in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders and based on credible intelligence, the Pentagon says.
Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone, pledging to revolutionise the mobile phone market.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 18, 2007)

This is bbc world news I'm kathy kay in washington.

>> Pressure on ir's prime minister after the armed forces chief resigned over the war in lebanon. A tough iraq shia that the U.S. Must talk with iran not confront it.

>> I'm mike embly in london. Europe's constitution remember that the french and dooch rejected. The racism on british tv. Celebrity relations tchl v is under under mining relations with india.


>> The war in lebanon last july claimed the lives of an estimated thousand lebanese and 160 israelis and it foper political careers of the israeli leadership.

>> The prime minister ohmert and his defense minister both face cause to step down. It follows that the resignation of the head of the israeli armed forces who said he was taking responsibility for mistakes made in the conflict. More on this on middle east jeremy bowen who's in jerusalem.

>> Ever since the war ended splal politics have been dominated to a large degree pair lyle of recriminations about the way that israel conducted its war. The resignation of the general is not going to put a stop to that.

>> Careers were beginning and ending.

>> General in the blue air force shirt has given under pressure to resign. In a civilian suit defense minister. End some of his own party colleagues want him to go too. Israel's newest officers celebrated. The top brass who're not expected to fail commiserated.

>> Israel's war aims were clear. It wanted to get back two soldiers who had been captured by hezbollah guerillas in a cross border raid. And it wanted to kill nasrallah to destroy thinks military power and stop firing rockets into israel. The israelis did not achieve their aims. The soldiers haven't been 4,300. Hezbollah became the heroes of the arab world for surviving the attack and fighting back. There were too slow to deploi ground troops true the lebanon and when he did as an air force man he couldn't command them. Letting gun soldiers who were badly prepared and badly supplied.


>> He was a little cocky, and he had his own vision how to do things. When this failed after a couple of days that hezbollah didn't stop firing on the contrary started firing and firing more and more short range rockets that's wrong.

>> Prime minister ohmert tried to look the part during the fighting last year. But losing his top soldier will increase the pressure ontoo. For many israelis leading the country in war is the most important task.

>> He failed it.

>> We have to understand that we saw thef

only a question of time until we will have to go back to elections

>> Mr. Ohmert soon the official inquiry into his conduct of the war comes out.

>> He's also being investigated rre licking their lips too.

>> This is more than just a domestic complit cull spat. If the

in office it might be wisely with other issues that really matter internationally like relations with the palestinians. Or the chances of another war in lebanon with hezbollah or even the prospect on an attack on iran i nuclear facilities.

>> It's dialogue with iran is needed not confrontation. That's the warning to washington from one of iraqi's most influential shia leaders. He leads the supreme council for the islamic revolution in iraq. He told the andrew north that last week iranian consulate in the north violated iraqi sovereignty.

>> There's an average of 900 attacks a week in iraq now. This was just one in the northern city of kur can you being.

>> He detonated his explosives outside killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens.

>>Northern city of kirkuk.

>> He detonated his explosives outside killing at least 10 people andinns.

>> Diplomats. Late last year 2 other iranians were arrested aftelaraid on ho tading iraqi politician. He's condemned these U.S. Actions.

>> Regardless of the iranian position because of these actions as incorrect. They are present the signed of attack on the iraq sovereignty and we hope these things are not repeated.

>> This is strong tough from one of iraq's leading politically kurs and interestingly to someone who has ties to U.S. And iraq. The americans though are staying firm. I would let the government the iraq itself speak to that. But the sovereignty issue for the government of iraq is one that means that neighbours don't interfere or meddle inside their neighbour's borders

>> Inside baghdad shias again under attack. The same muslim secretary that's a majority in iran. Yet again the sectarian reasons more than 15 people were killed. Many iraqis says that this newest push to stop the violence has come too late.

>> Meanwhile here in washington, three leading american senators an anti-republican and two democrats have agreed on a resolution opposing president bush's plan to send more than 20,000 extra troops to iraq. The democrats now controlling both houses of congress have begun a series of initiatives to block the deployment of new troops in iraq.

>> Resolution says that we in many of our colleagues democrats and republicans alike are in agreement on the deepening america's military involvement in iraq by escalating our true presence is a mistake. Just as important it says that we in many of our colleagues are what we're for. The strategy that can produce a political settlement in iraq. That's the only way to stop the shiites and sunnis from continuing to kill one each other and leave iraq without leaving chaos behind.

>> Jamie thanks for joining us jamie. This is a symbolic vote. Does it matter

>> It's a number un binding vote but politically it is important. It does increase the pressure to a certain extent on the president end though he essentially made up his mine. What it does give democrats and those republicans that are opposed to this troop increase something to co-less something to vote without incurring the criticism from the white house are unpatriotic and putting troops in danger.

>> You can't go into the senate these without pumping on presidential hopefuls everywhere. You were running for the presidency in 2008 you'd be looking very carefully which way to vote on this

>> You would. This is smoking the mount. People are having to take a position on that. Hilary clinton she hasn't declared she's calling perhaps fors money to be cut-off from the iraqi security deporss if certain standards are not met with. We heard barack obama making his position and him side swipes at clinton who're in the senate when to the vote to authorize the war was made. This is a consequence of decisions taken in 2002. John edwards another frontrunner for democrats he of course no longer in the senate. He's turned around and antiwar democrat if you like. They're all taking positions all very important

>> I think we're going to see a lot more of this replayed in the presidential campaign.

>> I'll be back later with doomsday clock that's heading to midnight. I thought that the european constitution had died a death

>> I r it may may not be truth. Germany want to revive the european constitution. Two years aby voters in france and the netherlands. This is significant germ dephae holds the presidency of the eu and cannesler wants a new constitutional treaty end by 2009. He european foreign minister must be europe yub nations. Europe should lead the way in climate control.

>> After the stalemate a way out. Also angle hopes she's a strong supporter of the eu constitution stalled since it was rejected by french and dutch voters 18 months ago. Now she's looking to restart the process.

>> This is in the interest of europe it's member state's and their sit vuns to end this process successfully by 2009 elections and any failure could be a historic failure.

>> Europe needs new rules. It's own foreign minister. Lumbering democratic divided such an eu can't take the decisions it faces on climate change in largement or cutting red tape.

>> Most mep's applauded. They like constitution not laetion it would strengthen their powers but euro skeptics. It's been killed off and they raw psis attempts to revive it.

>> With a change of the top imminent in britain and deprans she is arguably the eu's most influential leader. She's led the way. But she'll need all her powers of persuasion to get the other 26 member states to follow her lead.


Pictures of them on the camping trip running through feels with ruck sacks on your backs.

>> In greece violence's represented as thousands of students protested a government to allow private universities. Demonstrators in theette uns through pet recall bombs and rocks. Opponents ending the state monopoly on universities will make it more difficult fore to go to college.

>> On the looming climax to kosovo's future is roll and serbia's weekend elections.

>> Let's get a business new from new york.

>> Thanks very much kathy. Sweet music to apple ears as it unveils record profits. Numbers are just ek it unveiled the iphone. This week apple unveiled a record quartly profits and in the last 3 it made $100 billion that's in the back on of strong sales of ipod up by 50% on the year ago and that of course is during the holiday season but apple now faces a criminal probe over allegations of stock options which will made investors about the outlook for the companycompany. The apple wasn't the only company reporting. With the small fourth quarter profit. Unlike some of ift rivals american has manage to avoid filing for bankruptcy over the past five years

>> They improved their processes and union relations to make a go of it. They're the biggest in health healthiest of the carriers it looks like there in pretty good shape

>> Several days of frost in california have deaf sedated the state oh kit russ crops. California ranks as the world's fifth largest in agricultural. And america's biggest source of fresh oranges and lemons a single could now reach $1.50 in supermarkets. You're watching bbc world news. A quick look de headline. Pressure mounts on israel's prime minister after the chief armed forces officer resign. The U.S. Must talk with iran not confront it.

>> It's nearly eight years since nato went to war with serbia over kosovo. For the most of world it's a forgotten conflict over shadowed by subsequent events in middle east and iraq it's unresolved one. This weekend they vote in elections.

>> Western military intervention and in kosovo their grate full. In 1999 nato bombed and moved to run this serbian province. Eight years albanians who make up 90% of two million people hope they'll get full independence while the minority serbs appear reluctant but resigned to it.

>> I can't remember when serbia was running itself. I was too young.

>> No one is asking the serbs or the albanians the town and this has been a troubled bridge over the years serbs to the north, and albanians to the south. But now there's only a lip service of the checkpoint. The days of violence fueled by mainstream politicians it seems have ended. We can hope in the next couple years we'll have stop talking about the history and stop talking about the goals like independence or dependency.

>> That tone of reconciliation is eastboundingchoed in the al bane 81 leader who could end up the at prime minister in the world's newest nation.Banian leader who could end up the at prime minister in the world's newest nation.

>> Our forced have been forced to leave or they sense they have to leave. My message to them is kosovo is going to be place for everyone who wants to live in kosovo. It will be home for the all the citizens of kosovo. We're not promising kosovo all the

>> Few years ago this was a military checkpoint manned by nato troops separating the sush community there to the albanians over there. Now traffic is moving freely backwards and forwards. Whatever the bitterness from the past a new reality has set in.

>> Ethnic conflict is out, joining europe is in. And as for foreign troops, they all stay until the job is done which could be another 10 years.

>> Until just a depu hours ago it showed 7 minutes to midnight it now shows 5 minutes before midnight on a world famous clock that scientists are urging to pay more attention for our survival the bulletin of atomic sign is the minute hand of the doomsday clock has gone forward two minutes it reflects the perils humanity faces from nuclear weapons and for the first time environmental threats and still to come in this programme.

>> The british tv that's we'll ooh have the latest on big brother.

>> The firefighters have been battle is the contain toun to bush fires destroying homes and cutting off powers in southern australia. The area hit by drought has seen a huge swath gone up in flames. This is the fire season in memory. The burning bush is a feature of the southern summer. But a severe drought and soaring temperatures above 40 sellscelsius have combined to make these blazes particularly extreme.

>> Million hectares of bushes have beening blackened in victoria alone. And the fear is worst is to come. Another seven communities face an immediate threat by ember fires forces by winds. Firefighters face an almost impossible task prevent the loss of homes. For our crews it's very difficult working in that area, it's a difficult you cans did you say and it's and the access all much more difficult for our crews. Some good work was done overnight. The fires are causing massive disruption on tuesday there was a huge power outage affecting some 200,000 customers. When electricity transmission line was cut due to an approaching fire. The residents in these fire affected areas they can't get here soon enough.

>> The british tv company currently showing celebrity big brother is insisting that the ball wood has suffered no overt racial abuse on the show. Well this despite complaints from the record 19,000 viewers to britain's regulatory broadcast authority all saying the opposite. The indian has condemned her treatment. The big story on times that the government is taken a serious note of the racist slur against.

>> The british tv programme causing protests in india. The treatment of one of ball wood has led to demonstrations on the street.

>> Bollywood has led to demonstrations on the street.


>> India's foreign minister has stepped into the are you saying that the government condemns racism.

>> And the centre of all this is the rich celebrity who's appeared in dozens of films. For few weeks she's turned her weeks she's turned her back on this to spend with other. The chancellor brown has come to india to talk about trade and jobs instead he's going to reassure that britain is not a racist country.

>> I think there is a legitimate concern. And when hs they're 10,000 complains by british people I think we understand the the issue. We want send the message I know most british we are a nation of fairness and tolerance. I think that is how most of the world sees it.

>> It complained about the tv programmes ever. The celebrities taking part have no idea what's going on in the outside world. Some of concluded she is being picked on because she's indian.


>> Issue has been raised with tony blair in the house of commons. Forecasters need to take great care before they publish any such prejudices to millions of people throughout the country.

>> I have not from the particular programming in question that will comment on it but of course i would agree entirely with the principal of he has outlined we should oppose racism.

>> Other ministers are protested too

>> This big brother episode was extremely grubby. Very offensive and racism being racist antics appearing on a major broadcast programme which is viewed by millions and millions across the country is frankly unacceptable. Some believe it's ignorance and cultural difference that have caused problems in the big brother house.

>> They got to her. There were a certain turn of events which were a probably hurt her feelings which got her to sob on national television. Watching her cry on television saddened us.

>> Channel 4 says that the actress has made no complaints about bullying or racism and all the publicity has done wonders for the programme's viewing figures.

>> Big brother make it into the houses of parliament. Quite a bitting reminder of main story. Our politicians in israel have called on the prime minister and his defense minister to resign after the head of the armed forces stood down over the lebanon conflict. The armed forces chief lieutenant said he was taking responsibility for the mistakes that were made. The war in lebanon last july claimed the lives of thousand lebanese and 160 israelis. This is bbc world news. I'm kathy kay in washington.

>> Embly. More for you on bbcnews.Com. <

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