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January 13, 2007
Headline News on January 13, 2007
Isabel Peron
Spanish police arrest Argentine ex-President Isabel Peron over the disappearance of a leftist activist in 1976.

The US secretary of state backs President Bush's plans for Iraq as she leaves on week-long Middle East visit.
Protestors hold portraits of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi Double veto for Burma resolution
China and Russia veto a draft UN resolution by the US calling for an end to human rights abuses in Burma.
January 12, 2007
Headline News on January 12, 2007
Condoleezza Rice at Senate committee hearing
The US secretary of state says the Iraqi PM is living "on borrowed time", but she trusts him to deliver security.

Bangladesh's president resigns as interim leader and declares a state of emergency as disputed polls are put back.
David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy at the end of the season.
January 11, 2007
Headline News on January 11, 2007
President Bush
US President George W Bush commits more than 20,000 extra troops to Iraq, as part of a broad new strategy.

Leftist Daniel Ortega is inaugurated as president of Nicaragua after a 17-year absence from power.
Cisco Systems is suing Apple for trademark infringement, for using the iPhone name for its new handheld device.
January 10, 2007
Headline News of January 10, 2007
Smoke rises over western Baghdad
US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft clash with Sunni fighters in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders and based on credible intelligence, the Pentagon says.
Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone, pledging to revolutionise the mobile phone market.
January 9, 2007
Headline News on January 9, 2007
Oil tanks connected to the Druzhba pipeline
Russia cuts oil supplies to Poland, Germany and Ukraine as a Moscow-Belarus trade row escalates.

Venezuela's President Chavez pledges to nationalize key companies, after swearing in his new cabinet.
Japan's PM urges international co-operation to stop a nuclear-armed North Korea, in a BBC interview.


January 6, 2007
Headline News on January 6, 2007
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 13, 2007)

The head U.S. Intelligence is come out in public that al-qaeda leaders have found a safe h d to break al-qae.On the border between pakistan and aftaerful symbol al-qaeda. 

>> They are cultivating stronger operational connections and relationships that radiate outward prosecute their lhis es middle east, north africa, and europe.

>> Pakistanov disagrees. It says that al-qaeda has been crush. We don't see much tw presen of al in pakistan and al-qaeda elsewhere because we feel that we have taken very strong action against al-qaeda and we have actually helped the international community just to this organization, scpand this network. Both are right.Th kills and arrested repecluding key figures hiding in cities. Then for the first time in pakistan's history he says that the army into the lawless tribal areas to widen the hunt.

>> Pakistan's mountainous border is 1,400 miles long and extremely difficult to patrol.Y local tribes with a historylpght warsin afghanistan. They gave refuge to al-qaeda and taliban fugitives and they fought the army

>> They sent their army. They firstly there were too many casualties there were about 700 people soldiers who were killed, and that had a very bad both in the armys sthe population. At the same time the pop population and it was a counter counterproductive

>> Because of this failure the army backed off from the tribal areas.

>> It signed a peace agreement with pro taliban tribes must not. Now they are the dominant force and as parts of the resurgence al-qaeda has made a come back.

>> People here are not so sure that al-qaeda is making a comeback as a full-fledged movement. There is a growing number of pro al-qaeda fighters there. And they're involved in the insurgency across the border.

>> Well it's the largely autonomous tribal areas with afghanistan that are perhaps the most concern. Joining me in the studio. Afghanistan's ambassador. Thanks very much for coming in. Were you surprised by neglect pawn tee had to say

>> Not really. It is nato sources from un and many others

>> But the pakistani government in order to deal with this problem suggested recently that the border areas should be mined and your government objected to that.

>> Why do you do that

>> Of course, because the border is not where the problem lies. The problem is through the century. There are places where the terrorists are being trained and sent to afghanistan. End if we have the most secure border but if the terrorists continue to be trained this is not going to help. The solution of mining the borders is essential to the terrorists. Are you saying there are no al-qaeda remnants in pakistan as

>> There may be.

>> We need to see the cooperation of pakistan to close down the centre of idealogical, financial and military support for extremists for taliban and al-qaeda.

>> Whatever problem pakistanis problems they have becomes your problem as well

>> More importantly also we continue to be a victim of the taliban operations in afghanistan.

>> But in you've got the taliban resurgence. The future don't look rosy.

>> We have a commitment of the international communitnaeatant role in afghanistan. There's a nato foreign minister conference coming up next week so at the same time and also the capability of the afghan security institution is gradually increased. It is aghtime. It will be challenging. We would like to ask our friend in pakistan. We look for fact and taliban training for afghanistan, and lot of afghans will lose their life. And we deal with this issue right now.

>> Your government is pakistan isn't doing enough.

>> We're not saying that it's not a blame game. It doesn't helpment wef toef a constructive engagement. We have to say that yes, it is a problem.

>> The way that the international community is seeing it right now. We have to walk with pakistan. We are asking our international community to help pakistan close down the centres of training.

>> Thank you very much for joining us here.

>> A rare double veto to the security council against a U.S. Resolution involving burma

>> Standing up to the credit sis the tony blair has raw sounding justification of british military action overseas during his time in office. One of the series of rouzing speeches before he steps down, the british prime minister acknowledged that his foreign policy has been controversial. But he said for britain to retreat in the face of terrorism would be a kawcatastrophy.

>> Tony blair arriving at the devon port dockyard a major speech in his pocket and major question for the nation. What kind of military power do we want to be?

>> The prime minister was in no doubt british troops would be war fighters as well as peace keepers. In militant islam that face a opponent there could be no backing up

>> Yet to raw at that time in the face of this threat would be a catastrophy so from the perspective of our armed forces, how do we define this new situation?

>> The battle will be long. It has taken a generation for this global movement for the enemy to grow. It will all probability take a generation to defeat.

>> During his visit he made clear the public had to be prepared for long campaign. He took on us that armed forces relegated to peacekeeping. That was in his view exercising soft power. Britain had to be ready to use the hard power of fighting.

>> There are two nations similar to ours today. There are those who war fighting and peacekeeping, and then there are those who have effectively except in the most exceptional circumstances retreated to the peacekeeping task alone.

>> Bris undoes both. We should stay that way.

>> Tony blair has been shy going to war. Two years after he came to power the prime minister sent british force to kosovo to top ethnic cleansing. A year later they were sent to sierra leon. And in 2003 a large british force invaded iraq to find weapons of mass destruction. He pledged there would have to be a increase in spending not in the short run but for the long-term

>> We can't sustain the level that operations we've had s for the in if you nut future. We've already seen that we've been working beyond the planning assumptions of the ministry of defense had for the last 1 years.

>> Tony blair of cis making speeches knowing he has mont l the occup 11 is likely to be to number 10. What the prime minister was trying to do today was to insure that britain in the futu his words doesn't slide quietly

e graciously into becoming a soft power.

>> Three somali war lord's have to dis-army their militias and join a new national army. They followed a meeting between the president and war loreds. And for and for with government troops. The violence left at least 6 dead and 10 wounds. Spanish police have arrested the former argentine peron during her 20 month rule in 1970s. Deposed leader was arrested at her home in madrid where he's egg psychological evaluation since 1981. Spanish police acted on a international arrest warrant. Ms. Peron is accused of having links to right wing death squads which abducted and killed left wing people.

>> China is a gender im balas to social instability that the country would have 30 million more men of mayor knowledgeable age than women by 202020. China 119 boys born for 100 girls in imbalance of those grown since introduced one child policy more than 25 years ago to curb population growth. And still to come on this programme condoleezza rice heads to the middle east.

>> And all the business news from new york.

>> Thanks very much matt. Well apple ends the week on the soe a record finish for the dow once again. The numbers are just ahead. Well it started the week by launching that iphone but the company be ipod maybe be feeling a less euphoric now. Federal investigators whether accounting problems at apple is criminal behaviour. The company has cleared all executives of any wrongdoing including the chief skew oif steve jobs, and congress has voted for a new bill to force the government to negotiate the america pourl full pharmaceutical companies. The democrats is only way to lower the cost of prescription drug prices for america's medicare patients. President bush's republican party are against the proposal it has rattled pharmaceutical industry, and 2006 because a record setting year for the video game industry in america. Software and hardware and computer rose by 19%. But all the systems sold well too partly because of a scars tee of the new products. And now let's talk about an all company fair share of troubles. Bp lord brown was stand down at the end of july more than a year ahead of the sce. 58-year-old was due to be remain in thaurge until the end of he replaced by tony haywood. Over catalogue of problems at the oil giant including the deaths in a fire. As the dow the nasdaq dow finishing the record leveled. For the european markets they having a good finish to the week.

>> Our main headline. Pakistan hits back over claims that al-qaeda is highing in these hills. Tony blair he wants britain to be a war fighter as well as a peacekeeper.

>> China and russia have cast a double vo tea to the united nations to block a U.S. Res resolution criticizing to release all political prisoners speed up progress towards democracy and stop attacks against ethnic minorities. China's um ambassador and russia am abouts der said that the security council was not the proper place to did you say burma because it doesn't pose a threat to international peace and security.

>> Our correspondent laura trau very well 81. What is are they up to?

>> Well, china traditionally doesn't like anything on the security council which is to do with its neighbour. Burma is one of those, and russia also is a company which supports which I thank you and not wanting thing on the agenda on the security council which they don't belong there. That's what's happening in the burma is basically internal repression and it doesn't pose a clear and present danger to the international community. That they say is a threshold for action by the security council. Now human rights are being busily that china and russia sell arms to the burmese government. That's the reason for that.

The 15 countries security council supported this move to censure the burmese south africal opposed this move, and cata and congo did too. It doesn't match that new access to the security council where independent countries are lining up with china and russia against the traditional america and european influence. Was this resolution attached to any teeth or resolution.

>> It doesn't have sanctions. It's the burmese government doesn't release all political prisoners will be they'll be sanctions fwen the burmese government. It was by security council terms pretty gentle. It was just saying that burmese government should release political prisoner. It should allow political parties to operate. It didn't have consequences exactly. It was the first security council voted on burma. The U.S. Has been trying for a long time to get on the agenda. China and russia they don't believe this is a matter for the council to consider. The americans because it destabilizes the region that makes it a threat to a piece and security. That's something that the council should be considering. Is this the beginning of a new china russia double act?

>> Well, that double veto since 1970s and china is very reluctant to use the veto. It's only used it a handful since 1960. What it does show you that the china is growing asirtive diplomatically to match its economic boom and there's a new dynamic with new members south africa and indonesia who're prepared to challenge the traditional european and american action says. Still to beak um mania hit the united states or the british soccer star find it hard to make it big in la. Hard to believe. Now far left greek militants appear to have resumed it's activity. It's claiming for rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy innette uns. From mal

>> Greek police are describing this is an act of terrorism that a rocket was fired at the embassy from street level. The device penetrated the building close to the united states emblem and exploded on the third floor in the vicinity of the office of the ambassador charles rooes. Mr. He thought that the incident was very sierra tack.

>> As you know the embassy was hit by some attack from outside. There can be no justification for such a senseless act of violence.

>> Good news there is no injuries, no one was hurt. Minimal damage.

>> Three hours after the blast the left wing group calling it the revolutionary struggle called a newspaper to claim responsibility. Revolutionary struggle has cared aeed several bomb attacks in innette uns since the demise of november 17th a left wing group that terrorized greece for 25 years that dismantled in time for the 24 olympics. And for that to determine if there was a lapse in security. Islamic involved in a firefight with police had blueprints of foreign emby the way sees, and documents of foreign aun vous. Police killed 15 suspects and made 12 arrests and they seized some explosives. They said that the radical islamists who fill traded from algeria.

>> News just in a 15-year-old missing since 2002 has been found in a suburban part of st. Louis. For the 13-year-old missing boy since the beginning of the week a 41-year-old has not has been charged with first degree kidnapping.

>> Amid heavy credit sis many president bush's strategy for iraq secretary of state rice is on her way to iraq. If she was taken aback from the strength of criticism to new plan

>> I think it's a difficult time as the everybody knows that the stakes are high and the situation is in iraq is unacceptable and so passions are running high and people are concerned. I do think it's important to note that the only real alternative on the table is a the president's alternative. So i understand skepticism. I certainly understand that people wonder why we why it hasn't worked until now. President has given us a way forward

>> How convinced that it will work?

>> It's a difficult situation in iraq. But the president's plan first of all, very much puts iraqis at the centre of responsibility for dealing with what their most argent problem. And that is that the population has lost confidence, that the government of iraq can and will defend them in an even handed fashion or the fabric of the society is going to continue to tear, and that will make it difficult then to have the kind of political reconciliation they're working on at the centre. So the presidenveel on responsibility for the kind teni they don't yet have the capability to clear these neighborhoods of the extremists and then hold and build. So the augmentation of american forces would be to help the iraqis do that. If the plan works if the iraqis live up to their commitments, it will work, and we'll have very different circumstances in iraq

>> That the concern is that this is an escalation not because of just you're sending more troops to iraq because essentially you decided to confront both syria and iran, and ignore the advice of james baker. We decided we're not going to let them continue to engage in activities that are endangering our soldiers

>> But the situation

>> No no that's called good policy. I don't think there's a government in the world that would sit by and let the iranians in particular run networks inside iraq that are building explosive devices of a very high quality that are being used to kill our soldier. That's not escalation. That's just good policy. The president made very clear that's un absencing subpoena tubl.

>> It is an escalation. You're sending a battle group. You used raided an office iranian office in northern iraq. The president has said he's going to go over networks search and destroy. That sounds like an escalation.

>> Let's call it reaction to iranian policies that escalated some time ago the attacks to our forces the nature of those attacks and thely thal ats let's call it a reaction to iranian activities that are un akbsencing subpoena sep tubl.

>> End in the united states where multimillmultimillion contracts are commonplace. His contract has attracted global attention.


>> David beckham is leave his european team for the los angeles galaxy.

>> I am fired up. I don't live in la. I may move there just for that.

>> Do you know who these people are.

>> No.

>> I don't know how football out here.

>> You don't play soccer out here

>> I think it's great. I am a soccer fan. They're moving from uk to los angeles.

>> They are.

>> That's bad.

>> Schaeffers a spice girl. She's a star soccer player. Already they're larger than life. They just have to be themselves and that's enough.

>> The mega bucks move to tinseltown isn't about the money

>> I'm not saying me coming over to the states is going to make soccer the biggest sporlt in america that's going to be very difficult to achieve. I've nevertheless that would happen. There are major sports in the U.S. Like baseball and basketball like american football, it's hard sometimes to compete with some of those when they've been around and they've got the history they have. I think soccer has a huge huge potential. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't believe in this project. If i didn't believe that i could make a difference and take soccer to a different level then i wouldn't be doing this and i wouldn't be signing the contract for five years. This is something I believe in and I'm honoured to be ambassador of the mls and honoured to be part of galaxy. Hopefully this would create something that with all never seen before by taking it to a different level.

>> I think he's own $2,000 for programme just on-air. This is bbc world news I'm matt fry in washington.

>> I'm alistair yates in london. <

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