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January 12, 2007
Headline News on January 12, 2007
Condoleezza Rice at Senate committee hearing
The US secretary of state says the Iraqi PM is living "on borrowed time", but she trusts him to deliver security.

Bangladesh's president resigns as interim leader and declares a state of emergency as disputed polls are put back.
David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy at the end of the season.
January 11, 2007
Headline News on January 11, 2007
President Bush
US President George W Bush commits more than 20,000 extra troops to Iraq, as part of a broad new strategy.

Leftist Daniel Ortega is inaugurated as president of Nicaragua after a 17-year absence from power.
Cisco Systems is suing Apple for trademark infringement, for using the iPhone name for its new handheld device.
January 10, 2007
Headline News of January 10, 2007
Smoke rises over western Baghdad
US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft clash with Sunni fighters in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders and based on credible intelligence, the Pentagon says.
Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone, pledging to revolutionise the mobile phone market.
January 9, 2007
Headline News on January 9, 2007
Oil tanks connected to the Druzhba pipeline
Russia cuts oil supplies to Poland, Germany and Ukraine as a Moscow-Belarus trade row escalates.

Venezuela's President Chavez pledges to nationalize key companies, after swearing in his new cabinet.
Japan's PM urges international co-operation to stop a nuclear-armed North Korea, in a BBC interview.


January 6, 2007
Headline News on January 6, 2007
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 12, 2007)

He declared a state of emergency because of the deteriorating situation. He announced his resignation to the caretaker government ads said as president he would begin a process in lecss in which all parties felt able to take part. Has been leading an alliance of parties agitating to the president's resignation from h by believingwaal opponents. They were bell come his move to relinquish this particular position. He insisting the disorder would not be allowed to knock the election off.

>> United nations mission is heading for the border between somalia and kenya to see what humanitarianta roof islamist force involving al-qaeda suspects appears to be cornered on the other side. From the wore der our N.

>>Hurelative calm. Areas that have been sealed off

awith either yopwednesday. This is part of a offensive against islamists that have taken control. U.S. Naval vessels continue to coastline. Mean ill efforts to assess the damage after air strikes close to theyode dry and desolate on these somali side of border. We've heard the buzz of the fighter jets operations still under way. Kilometers from here villages have been the target of heavy air bombardment. It doesn't deter this somali family who face a six hour journey on foot. They are determined to go back.

>> Where are going to in somalia.

>> What do you know what is happening in the past few days?

>> Nothing. We're going to go back.

>> But it's dublai which has suffered heavy air bombardment. Aid agencies are still unable to get to casualties.

>> As heavily armed ethiopian troops the town the international committee of the red cross has appealed to all sides to limit casualties. Aid agencies unable to reach many who have been hurt.

>> Karen allen, bbc world news on the kenyon somali border.

>> Engineers in are now restart the engines of a 4 and a half thousand ton ship in the north sea. A coast guard that the engines have failed again. Vessel is perilously close to another unmanned ship with oil.

>> And still to come on this programme. An unhappy anniversary five years on the opening from the guantanamo bay. Protests around the world.


>> Let's get all the business news from new york.

>> Thank you very much kathy. Soccer hopes to financial league as l mls signs up david beckham. Numbers are just ahead. Well it was business of soccer as it's called here in U.S. Got a big boost on thursday but with an enormous price tag attached. David beckham one of the best players was reportedly whopping $250 million for a 5 year deal to play in los angeles. Payton manning that quarterback has an $16 million a year. But beckham's sport is not a big money spender in american. Soccer leagues draw a quarter of fan that nfl games do. Meanwhile shareholders in home depoe block payment to the severance payment.

>> The causes be in a temporary restraining order while a lawsuit over alleged excessive pay proceeds.

>> Apple laumble it's new super cell phone with a huge fanfare

san francisco. Gut netware cisco already markets an iphone a device voice-over enter in the protocol. It is a filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement. You're watching bvenl. A quick look at the headlines. The bush administration forces to defend its new iraq strategy as a tragic mist of emergency in bangladesh. Caretaker government and postpones elections.

>> The announcement of extra anbe welcomed by the iraqi government. Among sunni leaders the forces are needed but the iraqi forces have been so heavily infiltrated by shia militia.

>> The army on the march. Clerics.

Any chance of succes they have to bei in.

>> But it will beqi in the leadh providing support. There will be some targeted raids biased and iraqi special forces. This is what they're up against. Bands of shia gunman who're blamed for much of the sectarian car nauge. Sadir city has been hit hard too.Nage. Sadir city has been hit hard too. People look to the militia for protection.

>> The army is very important here. This man told me it provides security and services like cooking gas and fuel. So this is just as much about winning people as winning battles. Iraqi authorities will have to do more than the militia.

>> This is a heart of sadr city this huge area in baghdad that's home to shia iraqis. It's become a state within a state. It's under the control of the state but.

>> Sending large numbers of U.S. Troops into sadr city. Give us once last chance to fix things up.

>> If e don't demonstrate tangible progress we would lose credibility in the eyes of the people of iraq the constituents that have elected this government.

>> And it seems that the iraqi forces it hopes will do the jobs that there are real fears they're still not up to it.


>> The newni seet moon ha addedng for the U.S.

To be closed he was speaking on the anniversarya day of protests around the world.

>> January 11th. 2002. A plane arrives at the U.S. Naval base at guantanamo bay in cuba. On board, detainees from the U.S. Led war in afghanistan which followed the 9/11 since then hundreds of foreign nationals suspected by the united states of terrorism have been held in the camp. And this is the come the iconic image of guantanamo. Inmates in orange jump suits sometimes blindfolded and gagged detainees are mortal othstates. Too dangerous to be leased. Bu critics of the prison there and speak of incidents torture and from afghanistan where it all began a simple message guantanamo isn't helping. This is something that easily plays to the hands of taliban and al-qaeda against the war against terror

>> The united nations has led international calls to close the detention centre nearly 400 people are still in captivity. Some of them high profile prisoners limpinged to al-qaeda. They've been held in secret cia prison elsewhere until they were sent to guantanamo last year in a few months time military tribunals are due to begin to put some prisoners on trial. But this place remains perhaps the most controversial symbol of america's war on terror.

>> Still to come here on the bbc world news. California here he comes. Can british football star david beckham conquer los angelesangeles?

>> Nato forces in afghanistan they've killed up to 150 insurgents. The international forces they were taliban militants was monitored crossing the border from pack tan from the pack tee kaw of a joint ground and air assault from with afghan with the pakistani intelligence service.

>> The remote terrain of the gateway into afghanistan for the taliban from the basis across the mountains inside pakistan. It was here that according to nato the militants have suffered one of their heaviest defeats in months. They've been watched as they gathered on the pakistani side of border and once they made their move and crossed into afghanistan, a military operation against them was laumbleinged launched using air and ground strikes. So one assumes they have commanders. At the moment we have no idea whether there was any particular high level. They came over the border stcompherp attacked and high level of casualties in flick. There's no way to verify the casualties figures but clearly this was a carefully planned operation carried out jointly with the afghan army.

>> This operation is being hailed as a major success against militant forces. The head of taliban threatened spring campaign against international forces operating in afghanistan.

>> It's also significant that nato they had close cooperation in pakistan in monitoring this group. When the afghan authorities have called to pakistan to do more to crackdown on taliban militants operating in the border region. David beckham arguably the most famous footballer is leaving madrid to join the los angeles. One thousand season tickets have been sold for the coming season. Amongst the fans at gal galaxy stadium the president and general manager who is with me outside the stadium and clearly a very happy man today

>> Huge day. Huge day for our organization. The los angeles and huge day for american soccer to bring beckham not what he means to the spoth. We're excited and can't get him to play later this summer. The sums of money that you have paid for beckham. How amazing that you were talking earlier at the the news confers conference. You refused to confirm any of that.

>> I can't give you specifics in terms of the numbers that premier player in the world. I'm curious how much money is in the sport of soccer in the united states. A sport that its in infancy.

>> You know one other thing that interested when we david beckhams willingness to basically take on his challenge and look at as an adventure and not help the galaxy bin and also help the sport. We have come so far. We continue to qualify for world cups unlike some other nations that I know, and the fact that we have the individual players that are playing over in the premiership and all over the whirl many we have great individual talents and team talent. We have a great league. And I think that lot of people are interested and exposed for a first time what we feel is one of the premier leagues in the world

>> What will he bring to this team

>> He's 13 years old many he's played for two of the best leagues in the whirl. He's going to be coming to a team that's yoing gob viewed in the world view. He on the field his ability whether it's free kick or serving the ball. One thing that his an't to handle the physical part of the game which is a huge part of the game here in united states.

>> What sort of impact will the hollywood side of it have. He's coming to this town with his and his wife as well. Is that going to have any impact on the other players. What's the mood going to be in the locker room

>> Once you throw the ball out. And I know from doing this from many, many years. You play the game. Those 90 minutes he's playing the game. Ultimately that's what he wants the hollywood. That's all wonderful. If we get some people come out and come to our great stadium and watch david beckham and our team play.

>> It is going to be fascinating. The mood I've got to tell you stadium is ecstatic. There will be talking to the players they can't wait to get on the field with david beckham.

>> That's the bbc world news on the day that robert gates and rice found themselves having to defend the bush administration's new strategy on iraq in face of comparisons with vietnam. I'm kathy kay in washington. I'm mike embly. Thank you very much for being with us. That of course previously urse is bbcnews.Com. Bye-bye for now. <

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