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January 11, 2007
Headline News on January 11, 2007
President Bush
US President George W Bush commits more than 20,000 extra troops to Iraq, as part of a broad new strategy.

Leftist Daniel Ortega is inaugurated as president of Nicaragua after a 17-year absence from power.
Cisco Systems is suing Apple for trademark infringement, for using the iPhone name for its new handheld device.
January 10, 2007
Headline News of January 10, 2007
Smoke rises over western Baghdad
US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft clash with Sunni fighters in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders and based on credible intelligence, the Pentagon says.
Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone, pledging to revolutionise the mobile phone market.
January 9, 2007
Headline News on January 9, 2007
Oil tanks connected to the Druzhba pipeline
Russia cuts oil supplies to Poland, Germany and Ukraine as a Moscow-Belarus trade row escalates.

Venezuela's President Chavez pledges to nationalize key companies, after swearing in his new cabinet.
Japan's PM urges international co-operation to stop a nuclear-armed North Korea, in a BBC interview.


January 6, 2007
Headline News on January 6, 2007
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
January 5, 2007
Headline News on January 5, 2007
Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Democrats take control of the US Congress, with a woman at the helm of the House for the first time.

China's Margaret Chan starts work as head of the WHO, warning that bird flu remains a global threat.
Parents of a severely disabled US girl defend treatment to stunt her growth, saying it will give her a better life.
January 3, 2007
Headline News on January 3, 2007
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein says his execution will be a "sacrifice" for Iraq, in a letter written from prison.

A state funeral is announced for former US President Gerald Ford, with services starting in California on Friday.
The US says it plans to list polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 11, 2007)

It's not democracy or iraq into a battle country. It's makes for interesting conversations and listen to it on the tv.


>> It's like my life walking out the door and I don't know when it's coming back a the mood in the burn's family is somber. He leaves for iraq asy his wife blames the commander in chief.

>> They just got home last year. And they're going back again this year. Why?

>> And say anything, and more troops over there after my husband comes. No, come on give us a break

>> You're saying it's necessary for victory to send more troops

>> Who's victory, his or ours?

>> The officer in charge he too is packing for iraq the top of the list the picture of his sons. The colonel will 4,000 freshest troop. Does he want them

>> I want it tok iraq

>> You don't feel you are understaffed as open civil war

>> Well, I don't feel I'm understaffed. We're fully ready to do the mission we're going to do.

>> I'm not asking for them. The same question on every soldiers mind will we finally control baghdad or plant more trees? A bloody gamble in the war that has been given a second wind. Matt fry. Our defense correspondent paul wood has been lookinging at the arguments for and against the strategy as sending. Troops to a country embroiled in sectarian violence.

>> This year may be the blood yes yet in iraq. End the white house admits there will be more violence if the troops go in at least at first. What is the case for reenforcing iraq

>> We must bring the violence in baghdad and around iraq in order to have any prospect of economical development and reconciliation. You can't have those things with the sectarian violence.

>> Iraq sectarian pob faultline runs through baghdad. It sunni in belushi yeah. Flooding the capitol with troops will its hoped palestinian the december frut flight of thousands of iraq's from these mixed areas. More troops are being used and last summer's failed offensive when the iraqis much better trained. Crucially the iraqi government once accused of tolerating the death squads says it will tackle the shiite militias. Last e year that was off-limits

>> What about the case against?

>> Take this week's bitter fighting for highaifa street. 50 insurgents were killed. But it was hard going for the american. High tech weaponry isn't much good. One U.S. Bay talion took 160 injured on this mile stretch of road.

>> More troops make more targets and more casualties and haifa street has been cleaned up half a dozen times. A coalition search simply displaces the insurgents. They return later. This is too little too late. You need troops after the initial invasion. They're not going to be able to lockdown the areas and end if they do they the iraqis won't be able to hold them.

>> The risks are huge. This deployment could provoke a shiite backlash affecting british troops. Failure could mean full-scale civil war and then a e are journal war. Whichever is borne out by events president bush is going against the advice of many of his generals. More than ever this is bush's war a final immense gamble with the highest of stakes. Paul wood bbc world news.

>> So can the plan succeed and joined in the studio by tom donnelly a military scholar. Thanks very much for joining us. The white house has tried surges before. How do you rate the chances for this plan?

>> Let's hope there's a change that mission as well as an increase in the size of the force. The 63 to the clear hold and build strategy by the administration about a year oh so ago is a hold part. Nobody is going no iraqi force no element in iraq going to toe-to-toe with a western force an american force. The question is who's in neighbourhood after the clearing has been done. And I think that the key this time is going to be will american and working together hold what they clear?

>> The plan does seem to rely to a huge extent on the willingness of prime minister maliki to take on the shia militias. Do you get any indications from the administration that mr. 3458 key is prepared to do that?

>> I think that the american and iraqi are going to work be dovetailed very nicely here and it's much better for the government to confront the shia militias and in particular the army of aal-sadir rather than the americans and occupier versus iraqi conflict

>> So why might they change their strategy?

>> We will see whether in fact they will. But I think the iraqi government understands this is essential for them because the army has moved into the space that should be occupied by the iraqi government but is to secure the iraqi people and in particular be the defender of the shia community

>> We've exerts serpts from the american commitment is not open-minded but holding baghdad alone creating the security to have a political solution could take years.

>> I think that's correct. One hopes that as a military proposition that will take perhaps I mean take a year at least to know whether we've actually succeeded. And one hopes too that will provide an opportunity for iraqi forces to have gained that confidence to see how american forces operate, to operate in a legitimate fatings and not as a precursor to sectarian can cleansing. But this gives them a chance to succeed.

>> Thanks you for joining us that with that let's go to mike in london. And mike a challenge to europeans to stop global warming. It sounds like an eastbounding stra emily ambitious goal

>> It is presented as ambitious. Some environment lists are more of a good start. According to the european commission nothing less than a new industrial revolution is needed to create a low carbon economy. It's in latest policy a climate change the commission commits all member states to cut gas emissions by 20 percent by 20-20.

>> For turning to may not sound like a nightmare in the middle of the winter britain warms up climate change will turn southern europe into the saw hara. Some of eu has been too timid

>> We have to be ambitious if you want to deep the lights on. We've got to lead the world than the commission suggested today

>> It's not just car free zones where cycles to the school. Resolve is house that follows the sun which re-tats produces five times as electricity as it uses. There are plants turning garbage into gas and waste like wood chips to heat for 4000 people. It's new industrial revolution. The commission wants countries to promise that 2020% of eu's energy needs will come from roue nubl sources by 202020. It warns on cutting back on nuclear power

>>. Europu union all learn from places like this they say that there has to be a massive increase in renewable energy but don't runaway with the idea that the germans all green goodie goodies. In fact they're in trouble with the commission. This is a steel plant. It's 7,000 tons of coke in smoke every day. They want to cutback its emissions that push up their prices. New the european union wants new targets a 20% in greenhouse gases in eu by 202020, and 30% in the developed world. But still in left than impressed.

>> Reduction of steel emissions in europe is only a very, very small amount one% of the glonl emissions. There is no effect on climate change believe it.

>> But the commission is determined to press their head these are the blueprints for industrial revolution a cold powered power station that that pumps out no carbon gases and it's built in germany in 7 years and cost more than a $1 billion. Cutting back emissions also has a price tag

>> You can do a lot if you want to pay the price. The politicians have to decide what is their target. On the other hand we have to secure that the european german and european energy industries are further able to compete in international markets. But from the european union do have an energy policy. Soon there will be eu rules to prevent climate change.

>> Miscellaneous co-has welcomed the decision by belarus to can cancel a transit tax on russian oil.

>> Full pipeline operations it's have resumed. Now belarus has agreed to return 80,000 tons of oil bought by europe which was diverted during the dispute the united states has denied its made any new air raids in somalia since sunday. The somali government 4 villages in the south have been hit in new strike. It's thought that ethiopian forces may have called in their own air support.

>> Still to come on bbc world news.

>> The tragedy of the architect of ancient persia which is threatened with destruction.

>> Let's get all the business news.



>> Also the weakness in the U.S. Dollar appear to have helped boost eastbounding supports. The bush administration held the $58 billion deficit at a sign that it's efforts to open foreign markets are are actually working. And booming are for we gained control of for the year. Japanese expects profits double. The dow up rally confirmed about the and nasdaq closed up. European market was down by the end of trading.

>> A quick look at our main head sep that american officials have been giving details of the new pale see on iraq decided by president bush. He's sending thousands more soldiers there. And the europeup union announced its taking the lead in cutting greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 20 2020.

>> Once a place of dazzling beauty compa raw noun across the muslim for buildings of iranin is suffering from the march of progress. The need for development land means of heritage is bulldozed our correspondent france harrison sent us this report


>> There's rapid destruction here. Iran second biggest city. Land prices are sigh rocketing and there are profits to be made in construction.

>> Everywhere 400-year-old buildings are being destroyed to make way for new roads for shopping centres.

>> Being you destroyed what remains a tiny tiny piece of the puzzle that glimpse of the whole. Historical that doesn't in the real sense. We can't that is in danger. We've already passed that point. I don't think this much left to destroy. Building a new metro system the only problem the line under bun of the most historic streets in the iran. It's being built under these gardens that date back more than a hundred years. The worry that vibrations from the train will damage the building on either side of the street. Among the precious which some are the most religious school in iraq. The fear that the tile work will literally fall off the walls when it's shaken on a daily basis. It's not a kind way to treat old buildings. When the government is doing it, why should individuals be different?

>> The wall of 18th century house collapsed last year. It's only a matter of time before it's demolished like many others. What local shop keepers why the government doesn't do more to protect their heritage.

>> If an ordinary man has a house and is forced to knock it. There are compwor justice in attract tourists. We have to save them.

>> One heritage expert it's nothing is done to halt the progress very few houses will remain. All that the main historic sites like this. And end they he said are in a state of disrepair.


>> It is called a museum city. It appears that it's destroyed in the name of progress and energy.


>> As a person who has a spend most of my life trying to preserve iran's national heritage, I can say not only here but iran generally I believe destruction is under way. When facinging the iranian people no generation can be as shameful as ours. For the century has not been kind to this city. This iranian was equal to half the world.

>> Still to come on this programme. Found after 73 years, an earring said to have belonged to marley noddy trick.

>> And for that for that defor no for been sworn in president 17 years after he last held the office. Chafeds has been sworn in for a third term.

>> It was not the kind of swearing in ceremony people here are accustomed to. Instead of the usual promises to uphold on and defend the law president chavez who won a landslide victory went further. I swear by my people and my country I will not rest my arm or my soul as we build a new political system a new social system a new economic system. I swear by christ the greatest socialist in history i swear the pain, the love and the hope.

>> These words mr. Chavez began another six years in power. A third success saysive term which promises to be full of changes.

>> His inaugural speech he repeated his promise to carry out a sweep reform of constitution. The changes include scrapping any limits as how many times he can be reelected.

>> Parliament is unlikely to stand in his way it's entirely made up of pro chavez lawmakers. Venezuela's left wing leader has asked for special powers to rush through a bunch of laws. He's been given assurances by the speaker in parliament that he won't face any obstacles at least not here.

>> He's opposition critics including the catholic church here are deeply concerned that mr. Chavez will try to perpetuate himself in power that his president chavez remind of his inauguration he still is a strong democratic mandate from the people.

>> An antique earring thought to be absencing tremendouses marlene dietrich has been discovered as a british airpark. They are un laurned for to roller coaster where she lost it 73 years ago.

>> 1934 at the height of her fame in hollywood, marlene dietrich visited. By all accounts she had a terrific time on the big dipper which had just opened.

>> Dietrich was the highest paid actress at the time. The film star left with happy memory but without her pearl earring that she left behind. It was said to have been lost on one of the rides. Now all these years later it seems to have turned up.

>> She went on the big dipper which is a ride you can see behind me, and there was a always been a lake here, and that's where it must have fallen off into the lake

>> Tell me what you make of it

>> How could the owners that the earring found was dietrich'S. We asked a jeweler to take a look

>> From a time point of view it could be 74 years old. I couldn't be more specific than that. It may be well be her earring

>> Marlene dietrich died in 1992 in the belief that her earring was lost forever. They can't return to it her it will stay on the pleasure beach to the thrill seekers of blackball.

>> Briefly some football for you david beckham remains uncertain. In the spain england captain of possible move to the united states. But an offer from madrid is still on the table and discussions we're told are going on.

>> And before we go a quick look at the main. White house officials here in washington have outlined some of details of president bush's new strategy for iraq which is due to announce in a few hours time. The plan involves send an extra 21,000 soldiers to iraq. I'm kathy kay. I'm mike embly. You can get much more information on our web site, bbcnews.Com. <

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