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January 1, 2007
Headline News of January 1, 2007
Somali government soldier
Somali Islamists flee their last major stronghold as Ethiopian-backed government troops claim the port of Kismayo.

Bulgaria and Romania celebrate their entry into the European Union, 17 years after the fall of Communism.
Saddam Hussein watered weeds and saved bread for birds during his captivity, a US army nurse says.
December 30, 2006
Headline News on December 30, 2006
Saddam Hussein
Final arrangements are being made for the execution of Saddam Hussein, which now appears imminent.

Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamad Ghedi enters Mogadishu, a day after Islamist fighters fled the city.
South Korea's defence ministry says the North has become a "serious threat", in the wake of its nuclear test.


December 29, 2006
Headline News on December 29, 2006
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
December 28, 2006
Headline News on December 28, 2006
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein says his execution will be a "sacrifice" for Iraq, in a letter written from prison.

A state funeral is announced for former US President Gerald Ford, with services starting in California on Friday.
The US says it plans to list polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
December 27, 2006
Headline News on December 27, 2006
Firefighter tackling the blaze in Lagos, Nigeria
At least 260 people die in an oil pipeline explosion in Nigeria's commercial capital, Nigeria's Red Cross says.

An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hits off Taiwan, followed by a powerful aftershock.
Thousands in Bali, Indonesia, take part in a tsunami drill as the region marks the second anniversary of the disaster.


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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 1, 2007)

>> This is bbc news from bbc world. These are the headlines: Thailand's prime minister blames political rivals after bombs kill three peoples. Somalia's prime minister calls for African union peacekeepers as Islamic troops flee their last stronghold. Happy new year for Romania and Bulgaria as they join the e.U. Club. Welcome. The prime minister of Thailand has blamed ousted politicians for a series of bomb blast Bangkok. Nine explosions killed three people and injured 38 others on new year's eve. The prime minister, who was appointed after a military coup in September, refused to say what evidence the government had. Lawyers for the deposed prime minister, tasking shinawatra, said he's the victim of a smear campaign. Our correspondent, Jonathan head, gave us the latest from Bangkok.

>> The police claimed to have had some kind of warnings that there would be some kind of moves by supporters of the former prime minister before these bombings. The government isn't explaining why it believes this is not the work of Islamic militants in the south. It's worth remembering these kinds of small-scale scatter bombings are almost an everyday occurrence down in the deep south of thiecialtiond but they've never happened outside that region. It's a long way from Bangkok. I think most people observing the way people in the south operate, this doesn't look like the kind of attack they would carry out if they'd move to Bangkok. So circumstantially, the fingers are likely to point towards the former prime minister, but at this stage there's no hard evidence.

>> How worried is the government on the impact this will have on thiemd's reputation? This must be the height of the tourist season.

>> It is the height of the tourist season. Thankfully these bombs don't seem to have specifically targeted foreigners or areas where foreigners are otherwise the impact would have been far worse. They're not saying it, but I imagine they are extremely worried. This is a government that has an awful lot to movement it was installed bay military coup. It still isn't fully recognized by governments like the united states it's given itself a very short deadline to restore democracy. One of the main claims they had for mounting the coup is they said they would restore calm to Thailand. If there are bombing going off and they can't maintain security, it will damage their credibility. And there will be a real fear that tourists may panic and start the heave. They are very much a lifeline of this economy.

>> Small's prime minister ali mohamed ghedi has called for an urgent deployment of African peacekeepers in his country. The government has tiewferd pardon any islamist fighters who lay down there arms. There have been reports in the southern port of Kismayo that the Islamic militia have abandoned the city, their last major stronghold. Thousands of civilians have fled the area I asked our correspondent in Nairobi where the Islamic fighters were fleeing to.

>> Almost certainly they're fleeing towards the Kenyan border further south. That border has been fortified. Some will try and get over the border. Others may well simply disregard their uniforms and emerge into obscurity. Certainly the reports we're getting from Kismayo is they are no longer there, that it is forces that are loyal to the transitional government that are now in control. They're trying to calm the looting that is taking place in the offices, the former offices of the islamists in the port town of Kismayo. The reports are that there have been very, very few casualties, and apart from the looting in that key area, it is relatively calm.

>> Would it be unwise to say they have been defeated?

>> I think it's almost certain that is the case on the periphery of the town we have huge numbers of Ethiopian troops, very heavily fortified with planes and with tanks that are there working hand in hand with Somali forces. I think it's almost certain that the islamists have been defeated here, although commanders have said this isn't the end of the insurgency. They claim with t withdrawal from Kismayo was a tactical move to minute news the number of civilian casualties. They've said that they will continue to fight the war and that they see the presence of Ethiopian troops on Somali soil still something that prevents them from having any means of being able to negotiate with the smallly transitional government.

>> Huge celebrations have been held in Romania and Bulgaria to mark their entry into the European union 17 years after the federal of come anymore. Their accession brings the number of member states in Europe to 27. Both countries, however, are being subjected to unpress detd monitoring to ensure they meet targets in areas such as judicial reform and eliminating corruption. In a moment tristana moore reports from the Romanian capital buick rest, but first here -- from the Romanian capital buick rest, but first in Sophia...

>> 17 years after the collapse of come anymore, the crystalization of a dream. Equal partnership with the rest of capitalist europe. There was unrestrained join as the moment of accession passedment -- passed. Bulgaria delivered a show in pyrotechnics. The foreman communist party corner was once dominated by a red star. It look like an inferno dominated by so many fireworks. Just before midnight there was a message broadcast saying europe's culture and heritage would be richer as a result of bulgaria's membership and its accession would make the european union strongeR. Barroso's warm welcome was at odds with fears that a flood of cheap bulgarian labor is about to swamp western yiewrngs but bulgarians were not prepared to allow negative thoughts to dampen their enthusiasM. Long after midnight passed, the fireworks kept exploding. The hard work needed to achieve full european compliance could wait until the morning after. Bbc news, Sophia.

>> Celebrations at university square in buick -- back to you ca rest. It's an historic night as the former communist country is finally joining the european union. For many here it's a complete break with the past.

>> This is a moment of history for our country. We're out on the streets. We're very happy and full of hope.

>> ( Translated ): We are glad because although romania has many problems, I think we will not have trouble integrating with the E.U.

>> Well, this party is going to go on through the night. While some romanians are nervous about the changes that e.U. Membership will bring, the majority here are looking forward to the new year. But romania is entering the e.U. Under strict conditions. Although the country has been praised by brussels for making progress in tackling corruption, bribery is still often routine. E.U. Officials are worried that romania may go slow on reform commitments, and if that happens, there will be strict penalties. So what can romania offer the rest of the E.U.?

>> Economic power, excellent, well-trained and quite unexpensive working force, excellent expertise on some foreign policy issues which are important to europe when trying to play global, that is the black sea environment, the black sea region and southeastern europe, and besides a very, very european-minded country.

>> While the economy is now booming, there's still dire poverty, especially in rural areas. Salaries are well below existing member countries. This man is unemployeD. He told me he's hoping to go and work in spain. "I have nothing here," he says, "no proper job and no money." Most e.U. Countries have already imposed restrictions on romanian workers amid concerns the young people will look for work elsewhere. So while romanians may be celebrating E.U. Membership, the challenge will be to confront the scepticism outside their borders. Tristana moore, bbc news, bucharest.

>> And stay with uS. You're watching bbc world. And now in our next story in this bulletin, we go to india where hundreds of people have been protesting outside the home of a man accused of abusing and killing hundreds of children. Police discovered human remains of 17 people, mostly children. Several senior police officers have been suspended for "news edge"s in dealing with -- negligence in dealing with complaints about the missing children.

>> Anger and demands for justice. Parents and relatives of children who went missing gathered outside the house where the remains were found. The discovery was made after local residents complained of a smell in drains outside the house. After further excavations of the drains and the back garden on saturday, police found skulls, human remains and clothes. The homeowner and a servant were subsequently charged with rape, kidnapping and murder.

>> We're investigating further about other bodies and other missing children so that the case of the other missing children can be solved.

>> But the arrests have led to violent protests that justice is being done far too late. Relatives say 40 children have gone missing over the last two years but complaints to police were largely ignored. Now at least five senior officers have been suspended, accused of ignoring the complaints and fears of local people. Residents say they were ignored because they are poor. As hundreds of people converged in anger, police were forced to put up a barrier around the property. Protesters managed to break through and damage parts of the billing. They're now demanding a government inquiry into the police handling of the cases. Some of those reported missing are thought to be as young as three, and some of the remains are those of women. Police say investigations will continue to find more remains in a spate of killings which has shocked the country.

>> You're watching bbc world. Our main headlines this hour: Thailand's prime minister blames his political rivals after a bomb blast kills three people. Somalia's prime minister calls for african union peacekeepers to be deployed in the country as islamist troops flee their last strongholds. Rescuers are struggling to save survivors of the indonesian ferry which sank off the coast of java with more than 600 people on board. Rescue ships have collected scores of bodies and helicopters have been dropping food and water to the survivors still stuck at sea.

>> Dozens of survivors in life rafts have been spotted adrift in the java sea. Indonesian officials say food and water is being dropped by air while the search for more survivors continues. So far more than 150 people have been found alive, either clinging to life rafts and debris or on beaches after swimming ashore. Many bodies have also been seen floating in the water. About 400 people are still missing and many relatives are camped out at ports and local hospitals, desperate for news about their loved ones. The ferry sank during a violent storm shortly before midnight on friday. Survivors say it was pounded by waves for more than ten hours on a journey from the indonesian section of borneo island to the country's main island of java. The rescuers being hampered by poor communications and the fact that ships are bringing sure striefers shore at several ports. The ferry was built in japan in 1992, it had a capacity for 850 people, but the authorities claim it had just 638 people on board. Ferry travel is very popular in indonesia, but there are many accidents, especially in the rainy season when storms are common.

>> A new era begins today at the united nations as Ban ki-moon takes over as secretary-general. Many are waiting to see what changes the quietly spoken South Korean will make at the U.N.. Faces a year full of challenges.

>> The general assembly rise to their feet, a tribute to kofi annan after a decade of the U.N.'S charismatic secretary-general. His successor, ban kI-moon of South Korea. (Ode to joy playing) these are heart felt good-byes to a popular man, and for many it's the end of an era and what could be a dramatic change in leadership styles.

>> I'm making a list, checking it once, checking it twice...

>> Ban Ki-moon has been called more Secretary than General, a man too quiet for some but he's been quick to silence his critics.

Ban Ki-moon is coming to town

>> Ki-moon is yet to give much away about his intentions, but he has talked about restoring trust in the united nations and reforming what is seen by many as an aging institution.

>> He will be very good, as you say, on the secretary part of it in the administration. Where he will need help is dealing with the capitals because with the capitals you're dealing with powerful countries where you sometimes have to as secretary-general stand up and speak the truth, and that comes with a price. I think if he looks at the scars that Kopi Anon carries on his way out of this organization, he will realize that there is a price to pay.

>> One of the first things Ban Ki-moon will do is assemble a new team of senior officials. Many within the U.N. are hoping he'll be looking beyond the major powers.

>> If he can indeed denationalize and get more people in senior positions from the developing world, I think that would really help him establish himself as a formidable secretary-general.

>> He may be a fresh face at the U.N., But he's no stranger to its complexities. The 62-year-old is already exceeding quiet confidence at the task ahead. So it's all change at the united nations, but there's nothing new about the challenges the organization will face in 2007. Iran, Iraq, Darfur and the middle east are all immediate problems and perhaps more critical than ever. As Ban Ki-moon takes up his new post, many want to see him tackle those issues decisively and keep the united nations relevant. BBC news, the united nations in New York.

>> Let's return to one of our top stories this houR. Somalia's call for an urgent deployment of african union peacekeepers. The prime minister's spokesman joins us now on the linE. Welcome to bbc world. An urgent call for peacekeepers because how long will ethiopian troops remain in your country?

>> Absolutely, as you are aware, if we will control the whole country and then we will call african union peacekeepers to the border of somalia as soon as possible.

>> So how long will the ethiopians who are seen by some somalians as invaders remain in your country.

>> Absolutely. I think we are in the final stage of our mission, and absolutely i'm sorry at the bbc you misstate the international community because somali cooperation, all of them when they are entering the city, our forces and ethiopian allies are welcoming and cheering and absolutely they are happy. So ethiopia, they assist us to solve somali problemS. And already we are in the final stage so that they will withdraw when we finalize and clean our region.

>> And what will be the future then of the islamic courts militia?

>> The remnants of the forces have taken two roads, so they are dispersing into thin air, and absolutely most of them are near the border of somalia and kenyA. On behalf of our government, we would like to request the government of kenya to close their border in order to deny those terrorists access to kenya.

>> Thank you for joining us. Still to come on the program, we'll have all the sports news with sean fletcher, including what's happening in cricket. In britain the legal age for buying tobacco will rise from 16 to 18 this year under government plans to be announced today. The change in the law is designed to reduce the number of young people taking up smoking.

>> The legal age for buying tobacco has been 16 for almost a century, but it's a law that can be hard to enforce. The government says raising the age to 18 will make it easier for shopkeepers and the move has been welcomed by health campaigners.

>> The government is absolutely right to put up the age at which it will be legal to buy cigarettes, and we hope that shopkeepers and also children will take note of this and realize that it's a good thing and not something to try and get around.

>> The number of teenage smokers has fallen, but it's thought that around 9% of 11 to 15-year-olds still smoke, most of them buy cigarettes from smaller shops, and only 23% said they couldn't buy tobacco when they wanted. Meanwhile, tough new ads aimed to persuade all smokers to quit this year, it's all part of a big push to cut the number of smoking-related deaths.

>> Meanwhile, a ban on smoking in public has begun in hong kong. The ban covers many indoor spaces open to the public, such as restaurants and workplaceS. It came into force as hong kong celebrated the new yeaR. The ban also covers beach, swimming pools and most areas of public parks. Anyone caught breaking the smoking ban faces a maximum fine equivalent to more than $600. Americans have been paying their last respects to the former president gerald ford as his body lies in state at the capitol building in washington. Ahead of his state funeral on tuesday. He died on tuesday, age 93. Gerald ford became the 38th U.S. President in 1974 following richard nixon's resignation over the watergate scandal. And here's sean fletcher with all the international sport on day one of 2007.

>> Thanks very much indeed. 20 of ended as a rather dismal one for england's cricketers, but they do have the opportunity to put things right at the start of 2007. The fifth and final ashes teft starts in sydney on tuesday. Andrew flynn of the has admitted to underperforming in the series so far. He says his side have one last chance to avoid going down in history for the wrong reason, a first ashdz whitewash for an england team in 85 years. They pulled in quite a crowd at the s.C.G. As they try to avoid the same old. It's a final chance for the captain to make his mark on the series, and he'll have to lead by example.

>> We've got one game left for myself, from my point of view, I've not performed as well as I'd like to on this triP. I have one last chance to do something, make sure we take some wickets as a teaM. We have one more chance of beating australia. That's something we have to go into not with trepidation or nerves. We have to go there and show what we can do. We have to go out there and fight one last time. So we're going to five days of cricket and we have to finish five days of cricket and try to win every session when we're out there.

>> After a or the chewious two months on the road, you'd have thought exwould be battle hardened, but they've appeared shell-shocked, almost as if there's no fight lefT. Australia are marching towards the whitewash, and there has been another retirement to, shane warne and mcgrawed a justin langer.

>> I got to brisbane, i was ready for it, and that's what happened. In adelaide, how can it be better than adelaide, and then perth, home groid, i've never seen blokes so emotional. We'd won the ashes again. I just wonder how much bigger it can get than this that's why i think the time is right now.

>> Of course, england could still spoil the party that's being planned at the s.C.G. This helpeD. The fans waited hours to see them, signing off from the series it's time they gave something back. Ollie foster, bbc news, sydneY.

>> Meanwhile, in the english premiership, leaders manchester united take on newcastle knowing they could go nine points clear of the champions chelsea who play on tuesday. Fullham will be aiming for maximum points against wattford after holding chelsea to a draW. Liverpool can overtake bolton if they win at anfield. After a shock victory over arsenal on saturday, sheffield united can put further distance between themselves and the relegation zone if they can win away at middlesborough. Now the new york jets have clinched a place in the play-offs after beating the oakland raiders as they completed a memorable end to 2006, having endured a miserable season in 2005, the jets destroyed the oakland raiders 23-3 as they lost for the eighth time on the road this season, a new low for them. The jets were already 10-3 ahead when runningback leon washington took a pass from chad pennington. His drive into the end zone put them in the lead early in the fourth quarter. While the jets only grabbed another three points thanks to a field goal from mike nigh gent, they were rarely troubled by the raiders who will at least get first pick in the n.F.L. Draft next april. New york on the other hand can start preparing for the play-offs which get under way next weekend. Meanwhile, fans of the green bay packers may have seen the last of brett favre. He's thought to be on the brink of retirement after a career in which he's won the m.V.P. Three times. If he does go, he was at least victorious in his final game, 26-7 the score against the chicago bears. That's all the sport for me.

>> At the vatican, the pope has called for peace in the middle east, delivering his new year holy mass from sT. Peter's basilica. Within the hour he will deliver a prayer. At a new year's eve service, the pope prayed for peace and just disin the world in 2007. More detail about all the news stories in the program on our web site, bbcnews.Com. You'll find analysis and background on all the main stories, including those huge celebrations through the night in romania and bulgaria to mark their accession to the european union. This taking place 17 years after the fall of communism. Thousands attended concerts in the two capitals, bucharest and sophia. On the web site you'll also find pictures and stories of new year's celebrations from around the world. It's also a chance for you to share your views on the issues of the day. Click on the "have your say" link. All that and more on our web site, bbcnews.Com. <

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