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August 16, 2006
August 15, 2006
August 14, 2006
August 11, 2006
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August 15, 2006/ Middle East Ceasefire/ Syria hails 'a new Middle East'

August 14, 2006/ Japan/ Koizumi defies war shrine protest
August 11, 2006/ Middle East/ UN vote backs Lebanon ceasefire
August 10, 2006/ Assets of 'plane plotters' frozen in England
August 09, 2006/ France plays key UN role for Cease-fire
August 08, 2006/ South Lebanese warned of strike
August 07, 2006/ Lebanon PM revises air raid toll
August 04, 2006/ Israel maintains Lebanon assault
August 03, 2006/ Israel resumes Beirut air strikes
July 28, 2006/ UN calls for aid truce in Lebanon
July 26, 2006/ Rice regrets Mid-East 'suffering'
July 24, 2006/ Rice Condoleezza holds key talks in Lebanon
July 21, 2006/ Evacuees from Lebanon speak of relief
July 20, 2006/ US marines aid evacuation from Lebanon
July 19, 2006/ North Korea halts inter-Korean family reunions
July 18, 2006/ Lebanon evacuation gathers pace
July 17, 2006/ N. Korea denounced UN resolution against missile tests
July 14, 2006/ Israel hits Hezbollah leader's headquarters
July 13, 2006/ Israel pursues strikes on Lebanon
July 12, 2006/ Israel in fresh Lebanon strikes
July 10, 2006/ UN delays N Korea sanctions vote
July 07, 2006/ Nation remembers the victims of the London attacks
July 06, 2006/ US sends envoy to discuss N Korea
July 06, 2006/ North Korea vows more missile tests
July 05, 2006/ North korea fired seven missiles
July 03, 2006/ Gaza militants' deadline expires

BBC World News broadcasted in June 2006

16 August 2006
Lebanese man clambers through rubble in village of Aaitaroun, southern Lebanon
Negotiations continue to find UN peacekeepers for Lebanon amid concern that no troops have yet been pledged.

UK Home Secretary John Reid says Europe faces a "persistent and very real" threat from terrorism.
Malicious programs have been found on the net that target the latest vulnerabilities in Microsoft programs.
14 August 2006
Israeli soldier
Israel's prime minister vows to pursue Hezbollah leaders, despite the truce taking hold in Lebanon.

Japan's PM prays at a controversial war shrine where several war criminals are honoured, despite protests.
Rising temperatures will raise the risk of wildfires, droughts and floods over the next 200 years, UK scientists warn.
12 August 2006
The United Nations Security Council
The UN Security Council unanimously backs a resolution calling for a truce in Lebanon and Israel.

The UK security threat level will stay "critical" after a suspected plot to blow up flights was disrupted.
Nobel Prize-winning German novelist Guenter Grass admits he was recruited into the Waffen-SS.



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