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August 10, 2006
August 9, 2006
August 8, 2006
August 7, 2006
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August 09, 2006/ France plays key UN role for Cease-fire
August 08, 2006/ South Lebanese warned of strike
August 07, 2006/ Lebanon PM revises air raid toll
August 04, 2006/ Israel maintains Lebanon assault
August 03, 2006/ Israel resumes Beirut air strikes
July 28, 2006/ UN calls for aid truce in Lebanon
July 26, 2006/ Rice regrets Mid-East 'suffering'
July 24, 2006/ Rice Condoleezza holds key talks in Lebanon
July 21, 2006/ Evacuees from Lebanon speak of relief
July 20, 2006/ US marines aid evacuation from Lebanon
July 19, 2006/ North Korea halts inter-Korean family reunions
July 18, 2006/ Lebanon evacuation gathers pace
July 17, 2006/ N. Korea denounced UN resolution against missile tests
July 14, 2006/ Israel hits Hezbollah leader's headquarters
July 13, 2006/ Israel pursues strikes on Lebanon
July 12, 2006/ Israel in fresh Lebanon strikes
July 10, 2006/ UN delays N Korea sanctions vote
July 07, 2006/ Nation remembers the victims of the London attacks
July 06, 2006/ US sends envoy to discuss N Korea
July 06, 2006/ North Korea vows more missile tests
July 05, 2006/ North korea fired seven missiles
July 03, 2006/ Gaza militants' deadline expires

BBC World News broadcasted in June 2006

11 August 2006
Police in Walthamstow
Nineteen terror suspects in the airline plot investigation have their assets frozen under terror laws.

Key powers step up efforts to reach a deal on a UN resolution aimed at ending violence in Lebanon and Israel.
People who buy medicines over the internet could be unwittingly putting their health at risk, warn doctors.
9 August 2006
Israeli soldier on border looks at UN position - photo 9/8/06
Israeli ministers approve a plan to push deeper into Lebanon to try to remove the threat from Hezbollah rockets.

Four Iraqi men are arrested over the kidnap earlier this year of journalist Jill Carroll, the US military says.
UK police probing alleged phone-tapping of Prince Charles' staff are checking to see if others are affected.
8 August 2006
Israeli gunner with ammunition near Lebanese border - photo 7 August
Israel warns south Lebanon residents it will escalate operations and destroy moving vehicles.

At least 19 people die and scores are hurt in a series of blasts in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, officials say.
Spanish police arrest two suspected arsonists in Galicia, where forest fires threaten towns and villages.



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