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December 7, 2006
December 6, 2006
December 5, 2006
December 4, 2006
December 1, 2006
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6 December 2006
US combat troops in central Baghdad this month
A major report on US policy in Iraq offer no "magic formula" to solve the crisis, the White House has said.

The UN evacuates all non-essential staff from El Fasher in North Darfur because of the risk of armed clashes.
Joseph Kabila is inaugurated in DR Congo, following one of Africa's most significant elections in recent years.
7 December 2006
Tony Blair and George W Bush (file photo)
US President Bush and Tony Blair are due to meet at the White House, a day after a damning report on Iraq.

The powerful Islamists in Somalia warn they will fight peacekeepers, after the UN backs a peace force.
Social networking website MySpace says it will release tools to identify and block US sex offenders from its site.


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