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December 30, 2006
Headline News on December 30, 2006
Saddam Hussein
Final arrangements are being made for the execution of Saddam Hussein, which now appears imminent.

Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamad Ghedi enters Mogadishu, a day after Islamist fighters fled the city.
South Korea's defence ministry says the North has become a "serious threat", in the wake of its nuclear test.


December 29, 2006
Headline News on December 29, 2006
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
December 28, 2006
Headline News on December 28, 2006
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein says his execution will be a "sacrifice" for Iraq, in a letter written from prison.

A state funeral is announced for former US President Gerald Ford, with services starting in California on Friday.
The US says it plans to list polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
December 27, 2006
Headline News on December 27, 2006
Firefighter tackling the blaze in Lagos, Nigeria
At least 260 people die in an oil pipeline explosion in Nigeria's commercial capital, Nigeria's Red Cross says.

An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hits off Taiwan, followed by a powerful aftershock.
Thousands in Bali, Indonesia, take part in a tsunami drill as the region marks the second anniversary of the disaster.


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Transcript of BBC News VOD on December 30, 2006

According to reports coming out of baghdad. Several news agencies are quoting senior iraqi officials as saying the hanging would be carried out before 6:00 578 local time. The it was thought the time was decide during a meeting between iraqind officials. Let's talk to matt frye who is in washing top. Matt, just picking up on that last point, the united states administration has been keen to maintain the idea that this is entirely an iraqi affair. And yet if that is what i just read is true, there have been collusion on the finest details between the iraqis and the americans think anyone is standing by. The only message we've had from the white house is a message of goodwill as they celebrate the hajj. Whatever we have had as a milestone as the route of saddam hussein to the gallon low -- gallos and how it might improve the situation on the ground some iraq followed by disappointment and depression because they know the execution of saddam hussein will probably have very little significance. It might create a spike in the violence but it won't reduce it.

>> It might provide some kind of punt punth pung punctuation as it were.

>> Pupth punctuation galore, then there is sometime later this weekee of th 3,000 american soldier killed in iraq since the beginning of the war. A very significant milestone. The innumber that people will remember for sometime to come, they might remember that. The nation isn't so much focussed on the execution of saddam hussein. The it is more focussed on trying to find out from its commander-in-chief what exactly he has in mind in his new approa t his new strategy that would actually work. How many troops are involved, how much would it cost and why does he think it will make the crucial difference.

>> Matt frye in washington, thank you very much i deed. For the latest from baghdad, our correspondent peter chris.

>> Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

>> Reporter: The moment that was supposed to be the beginning of forethe iraqins si. Pulled saddam hussein out of the fox hole. It took the authorities almost two years to finally bring saddam hussein to trial, a soap o attack the new iraqi administration and its american overlords. Now that long drawn out theatre is drawing to a close. They told me within an hour i should be ready.

>> How do you feel about having to watch?

>> Nothing. I am judge. It is my job.

>> And tonight the security services are said to be bracing for any violent backlash in response to saddam's happeninging, whenever it takes place. Secrecy surrounds the execution but the authorities are fully prepared to carry out the death accept tense: His brothers visited him in prison. At the time of execution, he will beed hooded with his hands behind his back. Government officials will be there and a lawyer and a doctor and it will be filmed to provide proof of his death. It will be the end of april era but not the end of their troubles. Now we have have a commentator on iraq. Does this timing surprise you? .

>> It's perfect really because it comes just before a long holiday. That means the government doesn't have to make it a holiday like decide that it is going to be a holiday as they

past, so it is a long holiday. People will be staying home in baghdad. They have got to deliver now. They have got to implement the sentence otherwise it will not look good for the government. Implementing this sentence will enhance and boost its

image there are things being done.

>> The iraqi people are divided. The sunnis in particular react to this. The iraqi people are divide evening the sunnis, they will be glad to see the back of saddam hussein. Heas wars, hardship, humiliation to iraq. Sunnis are not that happy about him, but of course he has got some supporters among, you know, the remnant of his regime and also some muslim fundamentalists. They're there to fight the americans who they think they are the infidels, and there are quite a few different organizations fighting the iraq government and fighting the americans on different agendas vm>> It is a divide insu as well. The country is almost united as far as saddam's fate and saddam's crimes are concerned. Nobody is saying he hasn't committed crimes.

>> The 38s of somali's transitional government has entered the capital a day after islamist forces withdrew. There have been demonstrations against the ethiopian troops.

>> Nearly 16 years after the collapse of somali's last functint, mogadishu is once again starting from scratch. And it's the powerful ethan fo w forefront of this operation to drive out the islamist militia from the city. Mogadishu has always been awash with weapons. But for the most part, tanks and heavy artillery have not been seen on the street since 1991 when the country descended into anarchy. Somali somali's weak transitional government which has never had control of mogadishu has been heavily dependent on ethiopia's air power and support. But now efforts must be made to stabilize the capital. Many somalis fear there could be a return the clan warfare. A declaration of martial law is likely but the somali government may struggle will to establish its control you less it engages with clans among the cities. Ethiopia said its troops won't stay in somalia longer a few weeks. Some the islamist source have been captured. Ors have promised to withdraw to have retreateded.

>> Five days of memorial service for the former president gerald ford are set to gip in a few hours. There will be a private funeral today and before the public funeral tomorrow. And a national oun on tuesday. Three million muslims have been praying on the slopes of mount arafat where the islamic was said to have visited. .

>> It is a sea in devotion. Preconception preconception has equalled the sexes who find men and women side by side and the world eats fastest growing religion is a rainbow faith.

>> Everybody can tolerate each other, male and female. You can tolerate one another.

>> Red people, black people, this is a very good feeling and very good pathering.

>> You can see what female, we got all that together.

>> The message of equality and humility hugh. Lawn images, it is no wonder it is conveyed here. .

>> Still to come on the programme, the rescue effort on sumatra a week after heavy rains made thousands homeless. Here in britain government is planning to increase the number of police officers train to deal with a chemical, biological or radiation dirty bomb. Manufacturer are bidding to supply 12,000 personal protection suits to the british protection minute to be are trained to deal with such attacks. This is the nightmare scenario the security services fear the most. A dirty bomb attack. In this exercise, police and other emergency workers are forced to dopf be using explosive and react amount. The government is stepping up its preparedness for the real thing. The fact that they used sarrin in 1995 killed thousands. And radioactive material could be more devastating than the 7,000 police officers. The home office confirmed 12,000 protective suits are on the way to protect that number.

>> It was part of an ongoing process and not the result of any spefshl any specific threat.

>> We fleed toneed to have every police officer fully trained in this subject and done verse. Al qaeda member was jaileded for 40 years after he admitted to plotting tacks on the U.K. And some they saddam hussein will be executed by 6:00 A.M. Saturday morning. His lawyers make a last ditch effort to save him. Sinn fein has gotti closer for developing a sits thome at that time. The secretary of state said it could represent a, the national executive held i deb is murray was there.

>> This is potentially one of the most dig. Sinn fein's dmn exist relinquishing relinquishingy. Finally on the verge of supporting policing and the live report mrt. He said he looking for a positive response from unionists.

>> Everybody else had moved from the destructive fears and not the fears that we are in for some long-term now the

>> The sinn fein says it's a secured profound changing in errorsing. I think this move is sides mick.

>> The huge decision taken by sinn fein but not a huge step required by unionists sharing par with reboundis.

>> Aid arriving at the temporary shelter, caused flooding and land skieds across north sue national with a more00 be kill and more than. There are certain thingshashouldn't be comednt but after a weeklane, rod very. Meals like this or keeping will polish will will mirm. In would take a september to get these boxes in under any other circumstance but live is still being lived day to day. A week since the wans moved in and forced the people out. The families here, the routines are the staple but it's not homeame but it's not home. Half the houses have been badly damaged. Most people here are not moving back in yet. But hundreds of thousands of people camping out in temporarily shelters creates another worry. Skin diseases have been appearing in the camp and other diseases.

>> Breathing injuries, injure case.

>> Emergency hygiene packs and medical supplies are being sent to the most.

>> One of the world's rich et countries but 5,000 children live below the poverty. The pressure on iceland's poor have been getting worse. We get this report from dominic.

>> They are growing up in a country that has income levels vast below the poverty line. Chairt workers say they can see the result on they're.

>> They don't have any winter clothes at all and they can't afford school meals.

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