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December 28, 2006
Headline News on December 28, 2006
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein says his execution will be a "sacrifice" for Iraq, in a letter written from prison.

A state funeral is announced for former US President Gerald Ford, with services starting in California on Friday.
The US says it plans to list polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
December 27, 2006
Headline News on December 27, 2006
Firefighter tackling the blaze in Lagos, Nigeria
At least 260 people die in an oil pipeline explosion in Nigeria's commercial capital, Nigeria's Red Cross says.

An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hits off Taiwan, followed by a powerful aftershock.
Thousands in Bali, Indonesia, take part in a tsunami drill as the region marks the second anniversary of the disaster.


December 25, 2006
Headline News on December 25, 2006
Pope Benedict XVI greets worshippers in Rome, 25 Dec 06
Pope Benedict XVI deplores the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa in his Christmas message.

Russian forces storm an apartment in the southern town of Cherkessk where gunmen were holed up.
President Saparmurat Niyazov (file image) Uncertain times
Instability fears for Turkmenistan after president's death


December 23, 2006
December 22, 2006
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Transcript of BBC News VOD on December 27, 2006

>> In terms of positive, what can it do and the islamists seemed determine not to hand over any kind of power. And the islamists have withdrawn but they're promising a long and protracted war so anything the united nations at this point may not have much effect given how much the feeling within the two sides are so far apart.

>> And in terms of the humanitarian problems, if anything, the U.N. Can do, again effectively effectively.

>> Many of the refugees are pouring over the borders to neighbouring countries so the united nationses could well dispatch peacekeeping troops and put money and medical supplies into those areas. Some of the reports a 35,000 people have left somali somalia so this is a humanitarian crisis it could be something they have to act on quickly.

>> Hundreds people have died following an oil pipeline explosion in nigeria. The blast shook the city in the early hours of the morning. The red cross said 269 people are confirmed dead.

>> The sea of blazing oil, burned out vehicles and hous explosion. Underneath the wreckage are the bodies of hundreds of people. They were taught in a massive blast officials had to cut off the oil at source. Oil poip lines in nigeria run overground, a temptation to people who find it difficult to afford the high cost of fuel. This is not the first time. More than 150 people died in may and more than a thousand eight years ago when hundreds of people rushed to siphon off fuel from another punctured pipe. No matter how high the price, many are prepared to take the risk.

>> Pakistan said it's building a huge fence and plans to lay mine fields along sections of the border with afghanistan halt cross border militaryed militancy. In september pakistan said it was ending major military operations along the border following a peace agreement with local tribesmen. Japanese and chinese experts have begun two days of talks in beijing in an attempt to resolve arguments over their shared pasts. Trying to reconcile differences in their history. Thousands of people have attended the funeral of long time leader of burma's longest rebel group. He was buried with full military honours. He essentially became the face of the national union fighting for the autonomy of the people. Still ahead on the programme, two years today after the indian ocean seam and there is a similar disaster.

>>> Presidential elections will take place in turkmenistan in february. We get this report.

>> Reporter: An emergency gathering like no other. They came together to find a replacement for their absolute ruler. He likes to call himself the father of all turkmen, and in 1999, he was elected the president for life. To his five million countrymen, his fatal heart failure came as a shock. The nation is still in official mourning but preparations for the future have begun. The fresh election date has been set. People's assembly have nominated six candidates. The this is unquestionably their favourite. A dentist by profession, he is already the acting president. He became health minister in 1997 and he he is a rare survivor of many cabinet shuffles and purges. His nomination comes in violation of the constitution which bans the active president from running you the but they are flexible and the assembly has the power to amend the constitution. He promised to follow in the footsteps of the late leader. This is easier said than done. For more than 20 years, his personality cult was all that kept this country together. .

>> This is bbc's headlines. Saddam hussein will be sentenced to death within 30 days at least 269 people are confirmed dead after an oil pipeline explosion. The, and remembering the victims of the devastating tsunami in 2004. In thailand, the princess joined the memorial. She had a son who died: In aceh, there has been complaints about the pace of reconstruction. Andrew harding was there. The tsunami triggered a revolution if you like, ending abruptly three decades of civil war. We have just seen democratic elections here which appear to have been won by a former rebel. I of speaking to the man and asked him if his election signals the end to the final conflict here.

>> Yes. It is over for good. Even before i step into the power. And by voting for you, what are the people saying?

>> They want change. .

>> The other candidates offer the same thing, but what people want, they want more. The commitment to fulfill. .

>> Is this a vote against corruption or a vote for independence, perhaps in the future for Aceh? .

>> A vote against corruption and for continuing of peaceful. Right now we have millions, billions of dollars poured in here. Has that money been well spent and spent fast enough? .

>> I don't know if the money is properly spent or timely because you see all the many will people still living in the barracks and not in the house. And those living in the house. So it is a big problem in the immediate future.

>> And whose fault is that? The reconstruction hasn't gone well. This is a huge reconstruction effort. How are you going to make it go better and faster?

>> People are still working in some kind of pace, but this pace needs to be speeded up but I'm afraid its being the victims of the tsunami receiving aid and also being fed by other people, by the ngo. The mentality.

>> People are going to be dependent?

>> I think free fish. It's difficult.

>> Fears of another tsunami in Asia after a big earthquake under the sea between Taiwan and the Philippines. It emerged.2 on the richter scale. One person was reported killed and dozens injured but seismologists say the threat has passed

>> Reporter: These were powerful quakes that interrupt the entire island but it was closest to the epicenter of the quake that was the hardest hit and bore the brunt of the damage. Trains were cranes were needed to help clear away heavy debris and many were taken to the hospital. A number of fires had broken out triggered by falling power cables. Phone lines went down and there were electricity blackouts. One of the island's worst quakes took place seven years two years ago resulting in so many deaths

>> A nepal ooedz-- a nepalese boy thought to be the rekarnation of buddha has been found. He was found near a holy site. .

>> He is 16 years old. In a few years, he has become something of an icon for hundreds of thousands of Buddhist followers. These pictures show him in the village where he began meditating last year and continued for ten months. He didn't eat. He didn't drink. At least that's the story. We can't verify it. But he attracted so much attention attention, too many noisy crowds, he said, that he slipped off to the jungle. Said it was part of a six year service of devotion.

>> It

>> (Voice of translator): It is fortunate you met me now. I have been here for three days. Somebody spotted me. I was deep in meditation and didhere were peopleund.

>> Reporter: Many think he is the latest

lived over he is not but he continues to attract great interest. The authorities in nepal are keen to find out more about him and find out if his miraculous fasting true. But they have been diligent in helping the boy maintain his personal space. Some people people have not been able to get close enough to find on it more. .

>> And still to come on the programme, the perfect tent. We explore the obsession. Global global warming is affecting the world. And the reindeer have nothing to graze on now. This report.

>> This is the peninsula, a vast Siberia, covered by a thin crust of brilliant white thinually withhey move their animals from the central region of the peninsula to the slaughter houses in the south. The journey is long, bitterly cold and tough. This year they had to deal with another problem: Climate change.

>> Last month on their way to the slaughterhouse, there was a sudden warming wind which resulted in 24 hours rainfall and then a sudden freezing event where the temperature dropped down to-20 and didn't warm up again. That led to an icing over of pastures which, as a result, became almost in accessible for the reindeer to get through.

>> The tundra is covered by sod and grass, the basic diet of reindeer. When the temperature plummeted so quickly, their food became covered by a thick layer of ice making some of the animals to get weak and not be able to make the trek. Environmentalists worry the nomadic life of these people already altered by the problems they now face during migration; adapting to the changing climate will be key to the survival of these people.

>> The best selling novel, "perfume" now brought to the big screen tells the story of a man so obsessed with creating the scent that he turns to murder. Real life fragrance creators would turn up their noses at the thought. Caroline wyatt has been sniffing out the secrets behind some of france's great scents.

>> In the film, he is born with an acute sense of smell. Amid the stem cell research of 18th century paris, he becomes a monster to capture the perfect scent. Paris is still the home of the perfect scent but perfume itself dates back further to 4,000 bc.

>> The first perfumes were made by a priest in the temple because

the perfume was burned in the temple to be a gift to the gods. .

>> In a tiny laboratory in Paris, they're busy dreaming up new scents for the perfume house. Their master, the alchemy who turns raw chemicals into gold captures the hearts of women across the world.

>> And when it's a good one for you, you know, it's like that. You can't live without it.

>> Isabelle is helping train the al chemists of the future. One of the top perfume schools. She is a nose, who has memorized and distinguishes between thousands of different smells. Each student is asked to cop jury up memories for the smells of each to help remember.

>> When you want to make a perfume, you open a little drawer in your head in which it is written seaside and you take the ingredients you think would fit in the smell. If you want it with flowers, you open the drawer of flower. .

>> There are hundreds of new scents on the market every year but most go on to lose money and just a handful become timeless classics because making perfume, the smell is one of of our most powerful senses and the least understood. We can recognize up to 10,000 different smells. Scientists are not sure why molecules that look alike can smell so different and delight some and repulse others. And we even choose our partners subconsciously by smells. So select your scent with care.

>> And you can sniff out more stories at our web site bbcnews.Com. You can see more about saddam hussein's death sentence. The appeal has been rejected.

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