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December 14, 2006
December 13, 2006
December 12, 2006
December 11, 2006
December 8, 2006
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14 December 2006
US President George W Bush (centre) with defence officials
US President George W Bush says he will not be rushed into deciding how to change his Iraq policy.

British police investigating the murders of five young women are trying to establish the identity of two bodies.
Millions of disaster victims are missing out on vital aid despite record donations in 2005, a report says.
13 December 2006
US troops in Iraq (file picture)
The US president postpones his announcement of a new American strategy for Iraq until early next year.

The family and supporters of Chile's ex-military ruler pay their last tributes to his presidency at his funeral.
Two astronauts begin the first spacewalk of the latest shuttle mission to the International Space Station.


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