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November 16, 2006
November 15, 2006
November 14 2006
November 14, 2006
November 13, 2006
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16 November 2006
Rape victim
Pakistan's parliament votes to amend strict Sharia laws on rape, amid warnings by religious parties.

George Bush and Hu Jintao Rise and fall?
China and US jockey for influence at regional summit
Republican Senator John McCain is to set up a committee to explore a White House bid in 2008.
15 November 2006
US President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush
George W Bush goes to Asia, on a tour seen as a test of his standing after last week's Republican election losses.

A small tsunami hits a Japanese island after an earthquake, and Russia's Pacific coast remains on alert.
Iran's president says that his country is willing to enter into a dialogue with the US - if it changes its attitude.


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