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Julian of Norwich

Revelations of Divine Love

Revelations of Divine Love (Dover Value Editions)

Julian of Norwich is among the most intriguing religious visionaries in Christian history. Without any special study of the literature of mysticism for purposes of comparison, in reading Julian's book one is struck by a few characteristics wherein it differs from many other mystical writings, as well as by qualities that belong to most or all of that general designation. Julian does not set out to teach methods of any kind for the gradual drawing near of man to God, but to record and show forth a revelation, granted once, of God's actual nearness to the soul, and for this revelation she herself had been prepared by the stirring of her conscience, her love and her understanding, in a word of her faith.

One of medieval mysticism's most original works, this book was written by a 14th-century anchoress whose fervent prayers triggered intense visions. Her message of God's love — written in immediate, compelling terms — continues to influence modern Christian thought. This edition features both the short text and a later, more complex rendering.

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The Works of Julian of Norwich

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