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Paul Tillich

The New Being

The New Being

These twenty-three meditations on key passages from the Bible were originally delivered as addresses at colleges and universities. They are short, powerful, and persuasive examinations of the effect of God’s love on the life of the believer and the challenges of living the New Creation—“the infinite passion of every human being.” Tillich scholar Mary Ann Stenger provides a new introduction for this edition.

Paul Tillich's book "The New Being" has delved very deep into Christianity to the point where just reading it once may not be enough. As Mary Ann Stegner states in her introduction to this volume, Tillich is far better known as a systematic theologian and philosopher than as a preacher. Indeed, he is the bane of the existence of many a seminary student who struggles through his magnum opus, the three-volume work entitled simply 'Systematic Theology'. However, Tillich always had the sense that this systematic theological and philosophical work was not an end in itself, but rather was a foundational task toward the greater Christian work, part of which is embodied most directly for most in the preaching and hearing of sermons and homilies.

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